Hold Me Responsible For These Promises Made -Declares Pres. Weah; Regarding Projects Initiated On His Nationwide Tour.

In the wake of several promises made to build this and that followed by series of groundbreaking ceremonies on the President’s nationwide tour, and despite previous promises made of which over half had not been materialized; pundits are also asking that what would happen to the many additional declared promises in the embodiment of projects attended by ground breaking ceremonies, if President George M. Weah fails to win the 2023 presidential election?

Already, it has been reported that since the inception of President Weah, he has made over 130 promises with at least less than half has ever been fulfilled; yet he continues to use the current nationwide tour tactically hinged on camouflaged campaign operations wherein millions of dollars siphoned from the state’s coffers being wasted all over the places under the canopy of providing transportation for the people to facilitate their travel.

Obviously, Weah’s administration is in no mood of submitting to the tenets of transparency and accountability in his governing authority reflective of evident on the huge amount of dollars being wasted without firstly informing the public of the budgetary allotment to foot the bill of the President’s nationwide tour.

Wisely, it is expedient that the batch of promises made earlier be rendered full attention as pundits clearly noted, it is possible to aim for what is possible and ensure that you have same accomplished. Moreover, the promises can see the face of day light if the resources are possible to lay hands, already available or the money to make real such promises is budgeted  based on the process of transparency which will add credibility to the transformed promises into projects.

To politically ensure reliable services from campaign promises, it pays meaningfully if the already established service-provider-entities are kept vibrantly in good form, shape and supplied with all most required necessities to keep them functioning in line with standard, performance and widely acclaimed results; instead of adding onto the established facilities, chronically in ruin and unable to live up to the tasks for which they were established, based on political abonnement and lack of political will- power rather than building more structures  without the requisite tools and items to function.

For example, the various hospitals and healthcare facilities built years back are being rendered insignificant to providing the most needed services required; today, they are completely national disgrace, and instead of propping them up at least with maximum support and care to bring them up to standard imbued with the needed drugs, equipment, hired and staffed with professional doctors and trained medical practitioners, first and foremost before breaking grounds for new structures, the erection of the, specifically the 14 Hospital still struggling to keep its nose above the water by virtue of services adequately in term of  genuinely and professionally catering to the many for whom it was built, has not even realized its worth and widespread service due to starving from cash, is indeed pathetically still very troubling.

If the President doesn’t win his second term bid, then what will become of those long chain of promises made and the massive groundbreaking? And if the next government comes up with a more unique and different designs earmarked in the same location, but not on the vey spot, so then what becomes of all the broken grounds, let alone the so-called white elephant would-be campaign promises by extension projects?

Besides being pretty positioned with asset to the meager resources including the quest to commandeer and utilize where it may be pleasing to the President, and is vigorously, without second thought the least, campaigning under the cover of presidential nationwide tour which is (the nationwide tour)  proper and a traditionally accepted norm; however, pundits see the timing being intentionally  and profoundly over flowing  with the flavor of diluted  campaign to advance President Weah’s most challenged second term bid, which also spells a silent rigging of the elections in advance to the delayed of other political archrivals, but added that be as it may, and with the National Elections Commission’s (NEC) inability to wave the red flag, due to the so-called political quasi-explanation the incumbent would quickly hide behind which is to his added advantage; one thing is surely certain, the race is not to the swift rather to those who endured to the end and therein lies the cutting edge.

It can be recalled that the Daily Observer reported that  Gbapolu County Senator, Daniel Naatehn, has condemned President Weah’s recent presidential county tour to Western region of the country, mainly Gbapolu county.

Senator Naatehn said President Weah’s tour does not have social and economic benefits on the lives of the people of the region and particularly of Gbapolu County, terming the installations of the solar panel light in Bopolu as total waste of National resources.

According to him, the Ministry of Education recently retired about eighty teachers in Gbarpolu County thus forcing about thirty schools in county to be shut down, affecting hundreds of students in the county.

Senator Naatehn noted that such things should be the President’s concern, but he has rather chosen to allegedly go on his campaign trail.

He noted that most of the students in the county are out of schools due to lack of teachers in the class room. “These are some of the challenges confronting the citizens of Gbapolu County; President Weah chose to carry few lights poles which cannot provide lights to the city thus leaving the entire city into total darkness.

Senator Naatehn said the citizens of Bopolu City will bring their mattresses in the street because of few poles, saying the few light poles do not have an economic impact on the lives of the citizens.

He revealed that the two million Liberian dollars given by President George Weah to the People of Gbarpolu County has created serious confusion amongst the people of the county, stressing that the money cannot serve all the towns and villages in the county.

According him, the hundred bed-room hospital construction in the county is untimely saying there are lots of communities’ clinic in the county which need improvement instead of building hospital which may not serve the people for the intended purpose.

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