Health: An Inalienable Component OF Human Rights

Many people, institutions, governments and even organizations have in many frantic ways and classifications been struggling with minimum success to fully equate HEALTH as a cardinal component of human rights. Most often, for some governments, specifically in Africa and most third world countries, to do so by equating Health with human rights; considering all the political ramifications well attended by the implied implications,; they would prefer to stop at certain limit in awarding the latter a full blown human rights status.

Quite frankly, the politico-driven harbored fear including other deep-rooted impediments still hunting some countries in the world regarding rating health as human right, is often reflective in the weaknesses found in the characters of such governance systems. Yet in the same vein, such leaders are among those with the loudest pitch chanting that health is wealth; a nation with healthy people  has the golden opportunities to excel; whereas is nation with people saddled with poor health is soon doomed as aliens and skilled individuals will dance and play at the helm of  its leaderships. So then, what makes a nation great in the first place if all of its citizens are victims of very bad and poor health?

The obvious and very entrenched cause for most countries with such grimly challenged healthcare delivery systems including every inch of their health facilities that are just structured to preside over the deaths of the people dying by the drones, are those who find it very difficult to integrate the health system as a full-fledged human right establishment in their respective governance systems. For the most part, they are among the anxious descendants of foreign medical seekers, even if they are down with just a mere cold. Does such conduct contain any motive? Well, it’s left with the revolutionary minds of such leaders; but to some extent, it surely does have some political motive that serves the clandestine objective of such ‘white- teeth-black heart’ rulers.

Moreover, based on so many reasons, why the rights to free speech and expressions, freedom of movement, education, religion/worship, association and economic growth and development based on the endowed rich and variety of natural and mineral resources, just to numerate a few basic services as constitutional rights; indeed, so must health be granted without second thought, a human right status for all without pick and choose.

For example, now, we find ourselves from one epidemic to another pandemic. When Ebola overran the country and killed so many of our people massively, and overwhelmed all our fragile, dilapidated and deplorable health facilities in the country of which the haves including the very leaders who are under constitutional obligation and mandate to ensure that these health facilities are available, very serviceable and equipped with all medical supplies, trained and professional nurses, doctors and practitioners, with attractively well-paid salaries, including the modern tools of the art to function credibly; that all will use without a red line being drawn; except for a medical obstacles that would require oversea treatments or attentions, again, we are under  dangerously serious attack by the crusading coronavirus, smashing the little hope and chance of survivability as we cannot save ourselves from this scourge, instead waiting for handout- When we are not around with hats in our hands stretching out our hands for food,  then we are today craving on bended knees to reach out for another handout-vaccines to battle COVID.

We are a nation that has clocked 173 years yet for those years, we have squandered all of our golden opportunities; now don’t get it wrong, we are not a poor country; immensely blessed by the Most High with meaningfully rich resources both natural and mineral coupled with promising rain forests, adequate marine endowment including fertile soils, very good climate with enough rain and sunshine most needed; what more can a people and a nation ask for again from the Father of creation-without eating crab with shame, in the words of one of the profound spoilers in this country, former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that Liberia is not poor but poorly managed by all of her predecessors, including her very self along with the current leadership (Weah’s). They have heartlessly milked this country at the detriment of generations born and unborn are the great spoilers of the land whose leaderships have stalled the accomplishments of Liberia.

The world is speaking to us and our incompetence and greed for power, wealth and dignity ghastly, nature whether inspired by motive-prone individuals is sending us badly confused and mixed-signals and it is now that we make sure; for those leaders who don’t believe in their own home-based health facilities to turn the corner and begin to do so rigorously; and without the slightest delay anymore, make Heath an inalienable component of human rights.

Would it cost the sort of leaderships with no believe and faith to ensuring that health becomes an inalienable component of human rights; obviously there’s always some price to pay be it for the better or the worse. Firstly, the better aspect is the political declaration of the fullness of the existence of an individual with every inclusive right to be healthy and or the right to seek medical facilities well prepared to treat human being not just structures to occupying precious space. Structures whose medically professional services will be proudly utilized by all instead of cherry-picking due to class, clout, status, fame and achievements; only because of lack of faith, believe, trust and confidence in the home-structured medical facilities with the exercise of personal choice to seek treatment or medication abroad could form part of the exceptions of specific cases that cannot be handled medically by the home-grown facilities. All must be done and nationalistically imbued to have explicit confidence in the medical operations and praiseworthy result-oriented home-structures. This will absolutely and totally build in the citizens’ DNA the sense of belonging medically on the home front.

The other negative phase is simple and clear. Inclusive of the leaders’ quest to see themselves living in a world of utopia, wherein almost all things must, about, and for them, be done abroad including only their families, cronies and praise-singers sycophantically branded as blind loyalists; and also, sometime emanating out of conspiracy theory, basically hinged on fear of being medically exposed of their health problems; despite the professional norm  which governs that others’ medical records are strictly considered complete private and not for public consumption, they  must still live far and above the establishment of a widely acclaimed home-based health facilities without similar abroad mentality of care, devotion, and confidence being accorded the home establishments. By the same token, such leaders cannot afford the luxury of applying the theory of total inclusiveness regarding the availability of every facility with emphasis on healthcare delivery system for all citizens; and for some suffocated with dictatorial tendency barricaded with most often perceived potential archrivals due to badly poor governance policies, would quite frankly implement such grotesque stunt with vested political spin to keep the radically-driven activities and vocal opposition community under lock and key.

Why as a citizen, must be provided or given, and by extension, only two paracetamol tablets because that all the shabby medical home facilities can afford, when by far, I deserve the best medical service as a citizen, based on my citizenship and the abundant resources of my country which are politically apportioned to the leadership to manage, that maximum benefits must be realized by me without being liked or favored by some well-placed individuals or an associate of a hegemony. That is wrong and must stop being a governing policy for any regime of this nation. There must be a leader with all due attentions and opportunities for all even those who may not have voted for him or her.

Today, we are at a terrifying war with a vicious and nefarious invisible enemy whose weapon of defeat we have not completely accomplished as we are dying pathetically with our hands stretched out to western capitals and other medically advanced nations to drop-in the hats to battle the current coronavirus pandemic that knows no colors, race, creed, status, big, small sizes, young, old, notwithstanding, rich and poor. It is heartlessly and without fear or favor ravaging and tormenting our population discouragingly.

The West African Ebola epidemic has demonstrated that the existing range of medical and epidemiological responses to emerging disease outbreaks is insufficient, especially in post-conflict contexts with exceedingly poor healthcare infrastructures.

In a study was conducted in September 2014 in 15 communities in Monrovia and Montserrado County, Liberia – one of the epicenters of the Ebola outbreak; 15 focus group discussions with 386 community leaders identified strategies being undertaken and recommendations for what a community-based response to Ebola should look like under then-existing conditions.

Data were collected on the following topics: prevention, surveillance, care-giving, community-based treatment and support, networks and hotlines, response teams, Ebola treatment units (ETUs) and hospitals, the management of corpses, quarantine and isolation, orphans, memorialization, and the need for community-based training and education.

Findings were presented as community-based strategies and recommendations for (1) prevention, (2) treatment and response, and (3) community sequelae and recovery.

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported that more than 1,900 people died in West Africa’s Ebola outbreak, the World Health Organization (WHO) says, with 3,500 confirmed or probable cases in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia during the Ebola rage.

When the country and people are gravely catching real hell from the third wave of the coronavirus; pathetically piercing their lives at the mercy of a profoundly challenged healthcare delivery system; wherein the urgent need for the leader to be at home and gallantly spearheading, with the most required leadership imbued with confidence and hope cannot be overemphasized; yet unfortunately, the President of Liberia, Dr. George M. Weah amidst the COVID’s horror and misery devastating at home, has departed the country early Monday, June 28, 2021 for Paris, France to participate in the 2021 Generation Equality Forum.


-Writes GDJ




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