Harder They Come, Harder They Fall

At long last, December 8, 2020 senatorial election nationwide does not just provide a gist of dog-eats-dog before the cat’s face, when only the strong, fearless truth talkers against the for-too-long, chronically insincere habits and nefarious practices that kept the First Branch of Government steamed with internal wrangling and capped by self-aggrandizement, which has not only made it very passive in its functions robustly; and is now the widest talks of making and  cutting deals against the interest of the people and states as evident by the many bad and unwarranted concession agreements signed coupled with a chain of dishonorable abuse of power like the Sable Mining saga; including games played to  block or confirm nominees from the Executive; make no mistake the smooth operators dubbed lone rangers will be the real forces to brace against and the toughest nuts to crack.


Considering the attending political velocity and the management of the attached radical gravity to do everything humanly possible plus more, for some people to be retained or get booted out like a day in the life of the ‘class of 13’ in the 2014 senatorial election when the same number (15) went to renew their chances, but only two returned successfully; indeed, similar bell is sounding all over the country as the traditional question remains the same today as was in 2014:

Who will stay and who will go?

While massive preparations are drastically on going, there is a real force and a no-none sense political lone ranger who is vigorously sought and without compromise targeted for inflicting such an indelible scar on what they endlessly proclaimed their strong hold and a no-go-zone for any aspirant, and the tough-talk-and-do progressive lone ranger is Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, yes indeed, the man who broke the camel’s back named and styled the mighty Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) by unleashing some political bruises and captured the  Montserrado County’s Senatorial seat in the 2019 by-election supposedly owned since the mighty CDC was the incumbent until the by-election ejected it out of ownership.


Today, the CDC remains ever more bitter, mean, tough and rough, and a grass-root party that did not need the magic of struggle for campaign which came to it on silver platter; had not even experienced to weight of spending heavily at campaign rallies to obtain the required votes for victory can be seen now doing all of these things vehemently, to not only regain, but to convincingly re-capture its dearest lost precious political trophy (Montserrado County Senatorial Seat) while the Camel-back-breaker Se. Dillon has not only drilled a wedge in the body, heart, mind and soul of the mammoth voters of Montserrado County, but his political claws are deeply embedded in the greatest numbers; despite the worn-out strategy of overcrowding the playing field; spending huge sum of unaccountable  and questionable money; lest you forget, all the failed popularity of the first partisan alone with his hen henchmen who will be out there doing the same thing the same way, are bound to get the same results as reflective in the past.


As men will be moving, providing wide angel gifts, presenting false and unachievable promises including political stunts and chicanery born out of treacherous maneuverings; for standing in the lion den, raising to the highest tone his  voice of redemption, real hope for change, moving against the syndicated odds and then finally turning on the light in a  catacomb, thereby openly, clearly and freely looking inside from outside will continue to glow in the satisfied hearts and minds of the close-up people, and take it leave it, the harder they  come, the harder they will fall.


-Write GDJ          

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