Grotesque Greed

Tell me not in mournful tears; as
For life is nothing but an empty dream Tide Rises and tide falls
Tide Rises and tide falls
When you stand in the way of your blessing then make no mistake that it is bound to become a gloomy and trouble-driven burden. Having said that, when this Pro-Poor government was told and being critically reminded about its badly poor infamous corruption credential and how it was narrowly, but profoundly eroding trust, hope and credibility at a rapidly uncontrollable velocity now, and the future, still, it didn’t pause for a cause rather continues to callously cling and claim the attended corresponding consequences, believing time after time to equally and always find fantastic pleasure in scapegoating, while using scourge to demarcate the grimly marred haven of the elite, as opposed to the status of the totally denied and vehemently suppressed.
Now, pundits are overly convinced for blaming the government for presiding over an economy that is not people-centered, despite his loud vibration on his inaugural day, that Liberians will no longer be spectators in their own economy rather become the custodians.
However, five years down the road, with Liberians being not just spectators in their own economy, but have become total beggars in their own country based on government’s inability to create jobs- the first and most significant challenge of the “bread and butter” obligation without second thought; the total lack of the honesty and sincerity coupled with the moral content and ingredient to attract foreign investments into the country which could alleviate the massive suffering and alarming abject poverty now very glaring in every little place one looks, with over majority of the people wearing pitiful, disappointed and despised faces while pathetically crying out with hands stretched out for a drop of something to bite on.
This pathetic scenario is obtaining every day in a country graciously endowed with multiple most needed rich mineral and natural resources coupled with rich soil, beautifully timely and correct climate as well as reliable rain forests and dependable Marine blessings-like the Atlantic Ocean including many water outlets that could generate more revenues if taken very serious commercial interest into and handled unflinchingly with pride and care
The attached credo of not honestly applying integrity and accountability uncompromisingly teamed up with transparency imbued with patriotic and nationalistic devotion and commitment in the face of national critical issues over the doomed party mandate syndrome is a sound and rewarding recipe of impressed growth and development which cannot and must not be placed on the back burner; thereby creating master planners for distasteful and chronic destabilization of people’s hope, trust and aspirations to excel.
When President George M. Weah declared that he will beat his opponents like baby in the 2023 presidential election at celebration of his 55th birthday on October 1, 2021, little did he know that the very election will also be heavily weaponized from the arsenals of governance, transparency, accountability, competence and respecters of the constitution along with the due process of the law; are gallantly, without compromise, heading the substance of the frontline reflective as cardinal political spectrum where the current leadership has performed very gloomily for almost closed to five years running, without thoroughly, and honest politico-leadership stocking taken.
With, in the background, the long chain of unaccountable funds recklessly spent from the coffers of the taxpayers wherein the government serves as the custodian beginning with the quizzical US$25 million mop up exercise which today remains chaotically troubling as the government cannot give a comprehensive report coupled with legitimate result, is unacceptable and full accountability is demanded; the over US$30 million sustainable lockdown Coronavirus package for the citizens which sadly short landed, thereby denying vast segment of the population of such benefit from the resources of the state without proper transparency and accountability, is mind-wrecking to say the least; the printing of LD4 billion all in 500 banknotes which became eclipsed and did not resolve some of the most sticky and painful economic crunch, is also disturbing ; the scar engraved on the image of the government and country regarding the absolute disappearance of the LD16 billion today still serves as a mystical jamboree- devastation and leadership style of ground swell for cronies sycophantic praise-singers;, the breaching of the law by meting out selective justice and showered impunity on presidential henchmen including other vicious odds against the people, have transformed them into total over looked casualty of their own achievements; all these have built the political death bed of this leadership at the ballot box in 2023 ,if the electorates wholeheartedly with a set mind, surely want to see the back of this problems-saddled leadership.
Additionally,, the massive and uncontrolled wave of mysterious deaths of citizens throughout the country with government appears to be caught on the back foot with nothing substantively being demonstrated to calm the storm and curtail the troubling amazing human tragedy that has overwhelmed the country and the citizens’ security. Now, everyone is living in perpetual fear with no one to trust or depend on for safety in the state, as the government spearheaded by its team of leadership seems to be caught in a tight corner and cannot vividly and clearly account for the unwholesome happenings involving people losing their precious lives pathetically instituted by some unscrupulous individuals operating a cartel to recklessly kill people and sell their extracted human parts as being reported in the media which is barbaric in nature and scope that cannot, and must not be tolerated any longer.
Meanwhile. from the strike of any imagination, no nation, has ever obtained fruitful glory and praiseworthiness for its growth and envious development, when it proudly accommodates impunity to all who engaged in criminality, wanton killing of professionals as well as innocent and defenseless citizens; insecurity, whose leaders from top to bottom are accused openly, of allegedly being major shareholders of stealing from state coffers, gross violations of human rights including unseriousness in the art of leadership and craft of good governance.
Moreover, in a nation where the citizens take great pride in building a country based on the respect for the rule of law, wherein no one is absolutely in the truest sense and meaning of the word, is above the law; where the leadership is entrenched in cronyism, sycophantic belly-driven glee club and the perpetual blind loyalists who see nothing wrong with the rapid nose-dive sinking posture of the country and people are pathetically strapped into, due to the bad leadership being imposed on them in any form, manner and style, the entire environment becomes very acidic, worrisome and bleak.
Failure To Lead By Example
As corruption pierces the brains, kidneys of the state and punches up the lungs and livers including all inner organs of the state by the governing elites, which was of late, re-emphasized as justification the beauty of those who steal the money of the country and spent it right in the county; as opposed to those who steal the same state’s money and take it out of the country, buy and establish properties in strange lands are, according to the privileged elite, the ones who robbed and stripped the people and state naked without exercising the sense of belonging.
This has been the twisted justification that Minister of State Nathaniel Farlo McGill has been craving on bended knees to push through and have the citizens of Bong County to be indoctrinated into that the money he is accused of stealing is spent right here in the country; houses from the spoils are built here;; unlike those who steal, take everything out of the country and build ivory towers, palaces, mansions, villas and organize business empires at the detriment of the growth and development of the people and state; despite God ordained Holy Book(Bible) clearly stressed that thou shall not steal.
In the same vein, the Head of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC), Dr. Samuel Reeves has lashed out that the Pro-Poor Agenda unleashed by the current government as its working political philosophy and working roadmap, has been hijacked by extreme poverty is badly heartbreaking and rings an alarming bell that the leadership’s failure to lead by example. is not leading
Also, report simmering in the public that what supposed to be the safest, protected and secure haven in the country experienced robbery, then President George M. Weah made no mistake when he publicly declared that to guarantee self-protection, everyone should secure and install at home, a close circuit television camera, inspire of the spreading debilitating poverty upon conceding that everyone must be his or her own security; people are seriously wondering upon hearing report that one of President Weah’s home was broken into with some items stolen. Whether dubbed inside-job or not, there’s signal sent out there that is very troubling.
‘Brutalizing’ Students
As the disturbing wave and the very shaky fracas that unfortunately marred July 26 is very far from losing its steam and rapidly gathering massive clouds of criticisms, condemnations, full-fledged investigation and those culpable must face the harsh music of justice, a robust presidential aspirant Tiawon Gongloe has in no nonsense posture threatened Incumbent Weah’s Gov’t, who, himself is also gravely struggling to save his political soul and to win his second term bid with lawsuit for ‘brutalizing’ unarmed Students, could be a very political bitter pill for the incumbent to freely and smoothly swallow without incurring some deep-seated political lacerations.
Being one of Liberia’s renowned Human Rights lawyers, Cllr. Gongloe has publicly vowed to enforce his lawsuit against President George M. Weah and his Coalition for Democratic Change government for allowing CDC-COP protestors to brutalized dozens of members of the University of Liberia students-based group of the Students Unification Party (SUP) as what Was labeled as a counter-protest on Liberia’s 175th Independence Day, July 26, 2022.
During the row, one of the students, Christopher Sivili became badly maltreated by the pro-government militias which went viral with a speed much faster than Mercury (known to be the fastest planet in the solar system).
“We will institute the appropriate legal action to hold accountable those responsible for this mindless display of such a devilish force against the peaceful and law-abiding students of the University of Liberia.” In the release issued, the presidential aspirant called on President Weah to not only condemn this act of savagery, but to take the appropriate steps to bring to justice those responsible for the crimes committed against these peaceful citizens.
Addressing reporters at the Roberts International Airport on Sunday, August 7, 2022, Cllr. Gongloe a 2023 presidential candidate scored the day as ‘Black July 26’ adding that the Weah-led government has globally disgraced the country’s Independence Day.
Gongloe Rates Weah As ‘Domestic Terrorist’
Keeping the incumbent’s feet close to the fire, presidential candidate Gongloe also branded President Weah as a “domestic terrorist” who violates the rights of his own people and has vowed to lobby the American Government to withdraw the visiting invitation extended to him (Weah the President).
He reminded the American Government that the United States is a country that is a champion of democracy and respect for human rights and as such, it can’t be inviting someone who has started on the path of engaging in domestic terrorism against his own citizens.
He intimated that the students are going to file a legal action against the government and his law office is going to represent them. “The State will not go with impunity; we will take the necessary legal action against them. While I was abroad, I promised the students and we will certainly do it,” Gongloe intoned.
According to him, the first priority of any state is to protect the lives and properties of its people. “But unfortunately,” he added, “the government that was popularly elected by young people, is now introducing domestic terrorism and the first victim is the young people.”
Moreover, Cllr Gongloe, indicated that the trip to the USA was very successful beyond his expectation. He pointed out that “Liberians are ready for a transformation. The citizens want the country to be transformed into a better nation (not the change CDC has absolutely failed to progressively usher in). That is the message that is resonating in the United States and because of that, I was able to visit 12 states based on the calls of Liberians. I was not paying my way to go to those states; they were calling me.”
“People who used to be CDCians have changed; they are regretting supporting the President (Weah). He noted that there is a high level of hunger because the country does not produce its own food, medical facilities lack vital pieces of equipment and medical supplies, while a lot of children are out of school. “That is why I have this broom as a symbol to sweep corruption and other vices out of government. That’s my mission.”
-Writes GDJ

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