Greatest Fear Not War Crime Court Rather Economic Court -Pundits Envisage


In the midst of shivering and extreme fear-shocked Liberian warlords as the people, without compromise, alarming the establishment of the war crime court, which is a serious threat to the elements who also committed heinous crimes against humanity, but the greatest fear which is bound to drag much more people into the docket, is the economic crime court.

Despite excessive attempts and massive efforts to thwart the establishment of the war crime court by Warlord Prince Y. Johnson and his likes in Liberia or for Liberia, pundits maintained that the greatest fear harbored by so many past and present government officials for accumulating questionable wealth they find very difficult to defend honestly without raising more questions than answers .

According to the pundits, while the creation of the war crime court is very serious, important and a healthy excurse to put on the national pedestal that will remind any would-be potential lawlessly blood-thirsty individuals, determined to terrorize and shatter the peace, comfort, security and safety of the nation and people, wherein walk away freely with impunity, will have no room to settle;  most critically, those who have amassed ill-gotten wealth, and due to absolute fear of being drag to court, are in the background fervently applying the brake while tirelessly undermining the existence of the war crime court from seeing the light of day.

The pundits pointed out that no matter how the frightened backbenchers may advance a deeply watered down recommendation as alternative enshrined in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)   to suit their game plan which will then ease the gravity on the operations of the economic crime court; the voice of the people for the establishment of the war crime court will not fall silent, instead, will remain even much louder than ever before until the people receive their due process, adding that peace without justice is fragile, vulnerable,  unreliable and undependable.

The creation of the both war crime court and the economic court respectively will also send an uncompromising signal to troublemakers that Liberia is not a fertile ground for gambling with precious lives for self-centeredness at the expense of national and collective security, and for the long range, portray an unedited message that the law will always be the vehicle to weed out all the anti-peace and all the woes that keep and bring a nation and people down perpetually.

Soon and very soon, the pundits noted, the will of the people will prevail and not to be dictated to by con people who have committed grave atrocity, mayhem and massive destructions of stability, the rule of law including the factors of production and shooting their way to state power upon dislodging thousands, thereby ballooning the refugees’ population while successfully depopulating Liberia as was done during the horrible and terrifying 14 years of grim nightmare so very difficult to live with coupled  with vicious and nefarious memories inflicted by gangsters.

Let no one fool you and pretend to place pseudo-ice cube on your heart which, in reality, is a hot blazing coal, because what goes up must come down, as “green leaf will turn to brown, you lose whatever you steal like a spinning wheel,” then you’ll know that this world goes round and round. Time to be very serious and erect the platform of genuine unweaving justice for now, and the future, allowing no sad stories about being the defender of your people who were near being extinct while committing grotesque crime against humanity in the process, indeed, justice is blind because it does not side with any wrong doing no matter what, how, where and when, and moreover, for whom.

If Liberia will be safe and saved to become a better place for all, then genuine justice must not be tampered with nor encroached on to appease anyone, anytime and anywhere; time and again, let’s always remember that truth crushed to the ground shall surely rise again, and maybe it may not be the day of your power, influence and authority rather the era of your leadership would then be in the docket.

-Writes GDJ





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