Governance Power In Turmoil

Despite the damage being inflicted on global population by the dreadful roaring COVID-19 that respects no color, border, gender, affluent and subsistence societies,  status as well as fame including big and small, the Pro-Poor has for close to three years has been battling a very serious and chronic infectious germ before the arrival of the crusading Coronavirus, and this germ has been rapidly eroding the ability of the regime to stamp its indelible print on attracting credible and reliable  foreign investments that could in partnership, lubricate the wheels, bolts and other very essential aspects of the economy; the result, it is on a wide goose chase to establish at least one.

As this uphill fray continues to heavily be grimly lumbered on the Pro-Poor government much more than it can take or withstand, while it is in the same vein profoundly in hurry to make name for itself and show to the already confused citizens its capacity and capability in negotiating and realizing investments without being spoon fed by critics and detractors on how to move around and progressively get along with accrued positive result in the theater of foreign investors.

The miserable failure of this administration to quell the negative reflection of this infectious germ that that happily survives on anti-transparency and accountability has discouragingly scared the image of the government to win over respected, trustworthy  and widely acclaimed investors besides what has been inherited, has slammed the governance’s power in turmoil.

As the heat of pressure and frustration ganged up to consistently and persistently sweep away the attraction of such most craved investments done and established by and in the time of the Pro-Poor leadership, it quickly brought in two half-baked quizzical and very much questioned investment windows.

Upon receiving several lashes and bruises from the public, the government with a swelling chest of pride that badly short lived as the table was sooner than later massively turned on them, the Eton PTE US$536.4 million Loan Agreement and the US$420.8 million EBOMAF SA Loan Agreement were on a “4G” speed, endorsed, ratified and passed but never saw the light of day in reality.

In the “4G” ETON and EBOMAF toxic loans did the officials ever learn any lesson from such fiasco upon clamoring all over the place with over-salty expression like ‘even if the loans come from the devil or the belly of the devil’, what we need is the money to enhance our development’s agenda; and the issues of due diligence or the entity does not have any website cannot stop us.

From one bad deal to another, it is pathetically glaring that the Pro-Poor government is far from landing on the ground its own fruitful result of investments emanating from its skillful and its up-to-the-task negotiation imbued with absolute respect for the regime (Pro-Poor) by would-be investors coupled with purchasable credibility without second thought.

As the COVID-19 keeps raging, make no mistake that the current government is equally and very deeply struggling in a quagmire of obtaining and displaying credits of achievements at every cause and cost which still appeared to be far from vivid reality-so then what’s the problem or who is the problem? Moreover, can it be time to fully institute crisis management and damage control?

Now than ever before, besides the many flaws in the governance system, the Pro-Poor government championed by President George M. Weah is being challenged to provide a leadership that will avoid unnecessary activities in its performance grossly eclipsed by controversies, and must admit flaws as a sign of democratic strength and not considered as weakness, as recklessly used power is rapidly and drastically slipping into turmoil, and while 2023 will soon begin to knock on your second term political door in keeping with your political appetite; don’t forget also that time after time, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely…..a hint to the wise.

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