Governance Must Be About The People, The People, and The People

There is and has always been a missing link in the governance of Liberia, which is ZERO EMPHASIS ON THE PEOPLE. It has been a marauding specter of brazen evil where the ruling governors and their cohorts get richer and gleefully live a garish lifestyle while the people on whose backs they accentuate to power are subjected to extreme poverty year in, year out. You may describe such sprawling degeneracy as a Vicious Cycle or a Pendulum of despair and trauma. Government, as we know, is established primarily to service the citizenry and standardize the socioeconomic conditions of individual citizens (the people), and consequently, the relevance and efficacy of government is the prosperous and happy citizenry that would emerge as a manifest product of good governance.

Sadly and shamefully, that has never been the mentality in Liberia. Rather than a pious national agenda that puts the people and their wellbeing front and center in the policy formation process and the strategic roadmap that is to be envisioned by a sitting government, politics in Liberia is mostly premised on the preposterous and parochial mindset of savaging vested interest, the scramble, ramble, and jumble to grab political power and fame, and so does the plaguing governing system that enriches public officials and impoverishes the people. It is a circus of spell that disenfranchises and dehumanizes the masses as mere subjects wallowing, wailing, and reeling on the wayside as wretched sore victims. Barbaric. Condescending. Disgraceful. Unwarranted. Reprehensible. Obnoxious. Egregious. Absurdity. This perennial scourge MUST STOP! The mass of our people cannot be subjugated in such a callous fashion and yet we claim to be a civilized and Godly nation. What a paradox! It is no gainsaying to postulate that after 173 years of existence, Africa’s oldest republic, Liberia, is on the wrong side of history. 173 years of grinding and stinging depravity, travesty, and injustice spitefully meted against THE PEOPLE MUST STOP and STOP NOW!!! We must, with exigency, right this long haul of historical contradiction and infamy sooner than later, for such trails of excesses do not define and reflect the “Glorious Land of Liberty” we claim we are.

Happy New Year to the wailing and swiveling masses of my homeland and all the daring patriots and revolutionaries who struggle alongside them to the peril of their lives. To you all, I offer Salute!

Indeed, it is not Uhuru yet!

Writes Robert Moncio Kpadeh (Sage)

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