George Weah, The Real Squanderer-In-Chief

Little did the badly tainted and questionable characters of the leaders of the ruling establishment of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) know, beginning with President George M. Weah, when they maliciously and vaguely elected to hide their ineptitude behind former Vice President Joseph N. Boakai’s statement, that during their 12 years in power, they squandered some opportunities that did come their way which could have further enhanced the development of the country.

While it is expedient as a true mark of sincerity and a reflection of good governance by speaking the truth to the governed, former Vice President was only doing just that, as the world knows that he was just a vice president and not the president proper to make any binding decision in such a political arrangement.

So it is very preposterous  and gravely foolhardy for tainted elements to keep using the expression as a defense shield to keep pillaging and plundering the state’s coffers, resources and grim leadership, without being cognizant just who is the real squanderer in the country.

The real Squanderer-In-Chief is President Geroge M. Weah who made millions of dollars abroad as a very successful soccer legend  who won a;; soccer’s accolades including the world best,  and decided to venture into the business arena where he dismally performed based on squandering the proceeds from the investments which practically turned him miserably bankrupt.

True to his inability and incapacitated managerial skill, he squandered the resources from his Restaurant in Queens, New York; Old School Nigh Club, the Weah Sports Store, had it been managed well and not squandered, could have by now be suppling the entire country with all of its sporting needs and by extension, Africa; the Junior Professionals and the King Lodge, all were massively squandered by Weah thus leaving them to disappear in thin air. The record is vivid that no business has Weah managed without being squandering; and as pundits throw out the challenge for anyone to show or point to any business Weah has managed that he did not squander, adding, one does not have to look too far as evident of the country he is heading, total mess and in complete shamble, according to them, is an open secret.

Not being able to live within the scope of his earning, he came home bankrupt, and because the people felt very sorry for him, elected him Senator for Montserrado County just to keep his nose above the water, and there he got struck until ascending to the presidency under where his almost four years of leadership has made Liberians much more poorer than before his inception.

Without concentrating on the art and craft of governance and service to the people the Squanderer-In-Chief has actively commissioned his gang of thieves who are mercilessly and heartlessly milking the entire country to the bare bone and out of existence. The volume of overnight properties accumulated coupled with the ill-gotten wealth acquired in a very short period of his leadership, is so troubling that the people have become mere and cheap beggars in their own country as Weah and his cronies preside over state power, resources contracts at their dubious will and pleasure.

Weah’s regime is no longer respected both at home and abroad for several disturbing reasons, and being the Squanderer-In-Chief, the administration goes under roll for telling blatant lies,  and besides transforming his once shabby and crumbling King Lodge into a transformed  structure of envy with space for the landing of helicopter; awarding lucrative contracts to individuals close to him with a vested secured and reserved kickbacks; the squandering of the US$25m mopping up package in a drive to resuscitate the dying economy, the squandering of the LD5bn printed banknotes; to squandering of the US$30m COVID-19 stimulus package, the squandering of the US$3m loan intended for Liberian local business people reportedly deposited at the Redlight Branch of the LBDI coupled with the boldface lie told concerning the over US$71,000 spent on the Coronavirus which was earlier stated by the government that it was a gift from the government and people of Madagascar, until a General Auditing Commission’s (GAC) conducted audit exposed that the government did pay for the consignment.

In the environment of total uneasiness, when citizens’ livelihood has speedily shrunk discouragingly, the Squanderer-In-Chief entertains fleet of very expensive vehicles including bulletproof jeeps while a multitudes of families nationwide go to bed completely with absolutely nothing in their stomachs, let alone to at least bite on; while the Squanderer-In-Chief wallows in maximum expensive pleasures with pleasure units.

Being unconcerned about honor and disgrace, his government has lost all hope and credibility because it has squandered the essence of being trusted, the wanton demonstration of lackadaisical attitude towards the security of the citizens and the mortgaging of the country’s image on the home front, remains even troubling; driven by gross incompetence; and the shielding of cronies, supporters and blind loyalists from facing justice after carrying out day light stealing, have also eclipsed the Squanderer-In-Chief’s political will power to permit the law to take its full course.

In the words of the political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings said it is hard to stop stealing in government when the people who should be stopping the stealing, and setting the good examples by not stealing, are actually the rogues. It is also hard to punish anyone for crimes, however bad, when the leaders are looking for special favors from the criminals, or are themselves, benefiting from the crimes.

Whether it is done by Presidents or Ministers – whether it is done by a friend, opposition, or relative – stealing from the people is wrong. We cannot continue to pretend that one day, stealing in government will stop by itself. We have to stop it ourselves, because as we continue to see, it is keeping too many of our people poor, Cummings intones.

According to him, whether it is done by warlords or presidents, killing innocent people, mysteriously or in the name of war, is also wrong. To stop it, we must investigate seriously and punish anyone involved.

The ANC’s Political Leader also maintains that “we must stop the stealing in government. We must stop the looting of our country. We must stop the killing of innocent people. We must end impunity for crimes. We must become a more just and safer society”, adding, “I feel very strongly about this, and I know that we can do it”.

He noted that placing individuals above the law, and not holding each other fully accountable for crimes, are practices that have kept us backward for far too long. This is why I support the establishment of a war crimes court, and a court on economic crimes.

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