George Weah May Have A Walk In The Park If…….

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

Barely two years after the commencement of a popular call for opposition conglomeration to democratically oust the Weah regime in the 2023 polls, the recent incidence of violence that attended the CPP primary in Nimba and utterances from some members of the four collaborating political parties, especially the ANC of Alexander B. Cummings may undermine the unity of the collaboration and give George Weah a walk in the park.

The Liberian people are looking up to you in the CPP to show responsible and responsive leadership that will add dignity and value to their lives when you shall have taken over the country in 2023, but from the form and manner in which you are trying to unravel your trademark of violence and mayhem reminiscent of the history of CDC and its Sabu Unit have green-lighted our people to think twice. You cannot condemn the CDC for her consistent pattern of violence marked as politics and you too are engaging in the same act of savagery and thuggery against your people in Nimba.

What happened in Nimba during the primary is a woeful manifestation of the intent on the part of some members of the CPP to throwback the democratic gains and recreate fertile grounds for disharmony and bloodbath.

In the aftermath, you, the opposition, to whom our people have found fate in, have been unchallengeably entrusted, and that is why you must now rise above these petty differences and shall remain unitedly standing to confront and defeat the state-created obstacles to national development, the fight against corruption, and good governance. But if you cannot do, you will ultimately qualify yourself as accomplices to the corruption and misrule of our country.

I see personal egos deeply rooted in some members of the CPP green-lighting us that you are not different from those thuggish militants of the CDC who are looting and plundering the state.

In consonance with the people’s DEMAND FOR CHANGE to save lives and properties being mortgaged by criminal bureaucrats, and to liberate Liberia from the economic wasteland it has transformed into, you must hold together for the good of our country and its citizenry.

Regrettably, I found the ANC press conference issued Monday, September 7, 2020, cracking apart the spirit of unity that has kept the four parties together almost three years. Why it is true that you feel bitterly hurt with the way your partisan, Taa Wongbe, was treated, but there are ways in which that concern of yours can be addressed responsibly than the approach taken that would only leverage good the chances of Weah getting re-elected in the 2023 polls if the CPP can’t hold together.

We in the opposition will have to unite to radically and democratically oust the rottenness of the Weah’s regime. We must not fight among ourselves and inadvertently lend our approbation to the corruption and abuse of our country!

We can see as the Weah’s regime traverses its last quarter of selective empowerment, the rush to allocate valuable natural resource sectors and equity in our oil concessions to few elite entrepreneurs connected to the government led by Nathaniel McGill, Albert Tugbeh Chie and Samuel Tweh, and absent development for the ordinary communities is on high speed. Therefore, we owe a duty and responsibility to rescue the soul and spirit of our country.

My brethren in the CPP, we must not sit absentmindedly and do nothing to fight for our country by putting aside our personal egos for the good of our country. These ruffians and hoodlums polluting the political scheme of things are remnants of the neo-colonial order. They are taught to feed on the fat of a dying republic until the carcass of the poor is left for their proverbial dogs, resident within the confines of classy gated communities.





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