Gbo-yo Enterprise Live -But Will The Human Parts Industry Massively Boom Overpoweringly As 2023 Elections Soon To Step In?

The alarming echo in the Grebo Vernacular in Maryland County that states Popo-whle-o… which is a town crier’s call for all dwellers in a town or village, meanly able-body men to brace themselves with some unpleasant happening obtaining in the terrain, is once again being sounded for the nation, government and people to be on the alert, mainly in the wake of the impending general and presidential elections in 2023.

Already, amazing stories are filling the air as the human parts industry and its operational chief executive officers are scheming fantastically to load their shelves for the most attractive big sale for the season (elections) long craved for, wherein the human parts industry as precious commodity become most needed by those urgently and desperately jogging for elective positions in the public domains. Even though the private sector is not excluded in any manner, form and style.

Equally, the precious commodity is not only resigned to those hustling in the political realm, but also needed by others to perform sacrifice as an antidote to quell any obstacle with the propensity of disgracing and damaging their hooked characters, and to bury flatly without ever being thought of regarding troubles potentially ripe to rain havoc on their bothered characters well besieged to face grave punishment for unscrupulous actions and activities performed.

The uniqueness of this human parts industry is deeply rooted in the secret cult of Gboyoism with the southeastern segment of the country being the arrowhead for the human parts industry; then others counties later rushed in heavily and bought their full commanding shares, thereafter, it has now been a very perpetual underground popular venture with all counties holding tight to their shared investment at the expense of human parts that are used for ritual purposes.

While it is true and very obvious that the craft of Gboyoism made a significant headway, and ranking that county-Maryland very famous for such practice, the very county went under roll when high profile personalities including politicians, educator and others, were lynched for kidnapping, and later murdered a choir director, and his body parts divided among the various shareholders with each possessing which body parts that would serve their individual’s needs to propel them to comfortable success without hindrance.

This investment in Gboyoism, considering the immense achievements accrued by the beneficiaries; and in spite of the diabolical and Satanically-inspired ritual conducted with human parts, and besides some lowly dark-minded-spineless creeps who laid so deep into the human parts industry, many well-placed individuals subscribe to the operations of Gboyoism to accumulate their needs and wants-be it for political, economic, social, cultural and personal reasons, which of cause most of them pursue under the cover of darkness; fashioned in the Necodimus outfit; while some run surrogates to have their missions accomplished  without even being seen in the process; and interestingly so, the members and users of the package from the human parts industry indeed cut across the personality clout; meaning, they are found in high places, running from top, middle and bottom; and until their night turns to broad day light, all the nation will hear about such practices and attached recipients will be expensive noise.

Of late, the nation was shockingly entertained with a startling revelation clothed with the Gboyoistic narrative involving some highly placed and renowned personalities emanating from a secret recording done by Ellen Corkron wherein she vehemently rejected the ardent requirement to perform the ritual that would bury whatever prevailing obstacle weighing her down, and while caving in to what she would do could only be animal (cow) sacrifice than trading the heads of three virgins as reflectively portrayed, and despite damning allegations levied against some heavyweights currently in very high public places, although a key player has vaguely denied such levied allegation rather brought in a different story as what has existed between him and recorder provider; one salient message sent out to all Liberians specifically parents, is for all to watch out for virgins snatchers and by extension, ladies in general as the elections’ storm begins to unleash all of its full force, and graciously to the booming spree of the human part industry enshrined in the cult of Gboyoism.

Moreover, some places (counties) while amassing benefiting from the products of the human parts industry in line with Gboyoism, few counties hold cardinally another forms of Gboyoism wherein the precious commodity of human parts are extracted to serve similar cause.

In those places, they deal into Nee-gee (water leopard) and the science could be referred to as Nee-gee-ology and the other is Kpa-ya those involved with flying without wing like those who perform during the old days of Halloween; and the science could be referred to as Kpa-ya-ology and this is also practiced mostly in the southeast.

This isymbolic drama of Kpa-ya is being exhibited by kids when swimming in the water, be it creek or what have you. All swimmers (kids) will dive, as one person will come after anyone, and whoever he  (the seeker) touches, the Kpa-ya is transferred onto that person until he can find someone else to touch and leave the Kpa-ya on. It’s a beautiful game and only those who can swim well and travel wide can most often survive being touched; again it’s an added advantage if the seeker is a very good swimmer, because he will obviously find someone to touch.

-Writes GDJ     

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