Ganta Suffocates Under Criminal Den -As Short-lived Relief Now Turns Frustratingly Sour

Crime does not pay and sealing others’ hard earned belongings is morally unacceptable and widely condemned by all decent people including societies that uphold high meted-out torch of justice indiscriminately without fear, favor or being middle-of-the-road-implementers.

In view of the above mentioned, report reaching this medium from the commercial hub of Gant has been troubling since the  court recently released  a notorious criminal called Rufus Gongloe from prison after  consistently instilling total fear in the dwellers of the City for some time.

A local radio station reported on Friday, October 30, 2020 that for the brief time Rufus was arrested and jailed, there was massive celebrating with merrymaking for the inhabitants because they could move around freely and sleep sound, but such relief has completely short-lived sine his (Rufus’) released from detention.

The report stated that some marketers mainly women were robbed out of their business money amount to several hundred thousand Liberian Dollars when they stopped over in Ganta on their way to purchase goods, while another businessman  explaining his ordeal said, he was confronted with Rufus and his gang who entered his business center, armed with cutlasses and asked him to show them where he keeps his business money, and when he responded that he had no money, they made away with several goods, his money and wounded him with their cutlasses.

According to the report, crime is suffocating Ganta City under the criminal den, and as one woman squarely puts it, Ganta is now becoming a criminal city.

Ganta, a city in Nimba County and bordering the Republic of Guinea, for some years has been rapidly transformed into a fast growing and developing city with the luxuries of well-structured business and entertainment centers coupled with constant electricity, and as dwellers and travelers brand the city a day-break city that never sleeps, is now reportedly under the pressure of crime busters.

The business community in particular and the citizenry in general is appealing to the government to protect them and their investments from the dangerous and roaring criminals with emphasis on  the renowned Rufus the notorious operative and other armed robbers masquerading the city stealing and wounding people for their hard earned properties.

-Write GDJ

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