January 28, 2022

Former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai Thursday Presided over a Prayer  Vigil Service for those that died in a recent stampede that claimed the Lives of 29 persons in New Kru Town.

The Unity Party Leadership, Religious and Community Leaders and UP/CPP Partisans were in attendance as well as eight (8) Pastors from the Borough of New Kru Town.

He made the first stop after the Service at the Redemption Hospital where three of the remaining four victims are receiving treatment and went on to a local clinic near the Redemption Hospital where one victim is being treated.

Earlier Former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai extended deep condolence to families of those who lost their lives in the stampede  during a Crusade in that Borough, saying” Our hearts are with you during this very difficult period.”

The Former Vice President said, every time one life is lost, the nation suffers a setback not to talk about scores of loss of lives which include innocent children and prayed that the Lord Almighty will restore the peace and happiness of the affected families in his own time.

Ambassador Boakai called on the Government to get to the bottom of the cause of the issues that led to the stampede by launching a thorough investigation so that the families affected will understand the circumstances that led to the chaos. Vice President Boakai recall that many of such incidents have been swept under the carpet in recent times, with no findings reported to the Liberian people.29 people including eleven children are reported dead in New Kru Town, D. Tweh High School resulting from the stampede.

Vice President Boakai has also extended his sympathy to the people of the Borough of New Kru Town and surrounding areas where many may have come from and caught up in a tragic incident.

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