Former Veep Boakai Eulogizes Fallen Statesman Emmanuel Bowier

The Rev. J. Emmanuel Bowier, my friend and brother

Ernest Hemmingway wrote “For Whom THE BELL TOLLS”, The bell tolls for a man whose knowledge of Liberia, and a historian, is gone to the great beyond, but will continue to be remembered for who he was.

Emmanuel and I attended the University of Liberia and he even once disagreed with me as regards to my stance on the issue of student party politics at the University of Liberia.
My open letter on campus had argued against student party politics, and of course, Emmanuel saw it differently, but refused to write against it. It was only a few years ago that he told me his father had advised him not to challenge me openly.

Emmanuel was not only a reliable friend, but a Liberian of a different breed. He was willing to sacrifice the comfort of employment and personal satisfaction for what he believed. He was a man of integrity and one with outstanding knowledge on the Liberian history.

In his very calm manner, Emmanuel would discuss any historical event on Liberia. A fine son of Rivercess County, Liberia will miss him. I had the most respect for his final judgment on any historical issue on Liberia.

Rest in peace, Rev. Bowier
By Amb. Joseph N. Boakai, Sr.
Former Vice President of the Republic of Liberia

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