For Whom The Bell Tolls?

With December 8, still far away, already the songs that will take river of tears from flunkies’ eyes are gradually stuffing the air, while so many people are equally positioned pathetically for very cold icy water to be wasted on them as a temperature stabilizer because their side of the song is that they know votes and not people. Apart from that the interesting melody that has been cracking ears here, there and yonder is the slippery ‘vacation senator’ whose vacation stay took the ruling establishment by a breezy surprise, but this is not all to the song, as most people are now projecting the brand new song dubbed: one term president is actually gaining ground swell. There indeed will be the gnawing of teeth.

If anything goes wrong at the poll in December, 2020 and truly by extension 2023 wherein the echo of one term president will be a vivid reality, make no mistake  just how you make up your bed, that’s how you’ll sleep on it; knowing well enough that elephant will never born worm and that snake cannot give birth to ant. The one term president solo has its unbending roots in the ill-preparedness of the first term to show its juice, substance, tactful enough to truly spearhead the culture of unweaving  dynamism, transparency, accountability, leadership by example, respecter, defender and protector of the Constitution coupled with proving to be capable and worthy of decent performance directly in the supreme interest of the state and people without compromise; and totally far apart from the worthless, torn-out and meaninglessly overused cliché of “this man has the  country at heart.”

The one term president will be may very real if plunder, pillages of state resources, disregard for the unique and purposeful usage of content of state coffers, uncontrolled, unrestraint and uncontained corruption, entrenched culture of appeasement of the chemistry of all sycophantic glee clubs and the absolute backwardness of all dimensions with serious emphasis on governance will be the trump cards angrily being displayed at the poll of 2023 when all the political saints will come marching in, let it not be ask politically…for whom the bell tolls?


Writes GDJ   


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