Fmr. VP Boakai Not Tribalist -Urey Declares

Amidst the hue and cry of critics and detractors painting former Vice President and Standard Bearer of the Unity Party (UP), Dr. Joseph N. Boakai of being only concerned about the citizens of Lofa County, the Political Leader of the All Liberia Party (ALP), Mr. Benoni W. Urey has rubbished such notion and made it crystal clear that Dr. Boakai is not a tribalist.

Mr. Urey, cautioning all Liberians not to stoop so low, further explains that the ALP will always stand by Dr. Boakai in his political quest while others would elect to let him down.

Speaking on several crucial national issues at his Lonestar office on June 17, 2021, the ALP Political Leader noted that what was held was selection and not election and that the election was rigged; knew that the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, Dr. Boakai was tangent to winning the race, he told him to take to the streets and registered the cheating meted out against him, he (Dr. Boakai) refused and pointed out that he will not allow any Liberian blood to be spilled and by extension, get wounded and killed just for him to become president.

Mr. Urey conceded that he became very furious with Dr. Boakai for throwing away such a glorious  opportunity having come so close to capturing the presidential race.

According to him , Dr. Boakai intoned that he does not want  to be a president with blood on his hands, children getting hurt and and killed.  “I’ll not get on the streets just to be president”.

Mr. Urey maintains that he is a traditionalist and will never disrespect his elders and norms governing the traditional setting.

-Writes GDJ 

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