Fertilizing Calamity? –Who Are Those Craving Investment In ‘Past War’ Reality?

There is a serious leadership ‘crack’ debilitating every ounce of the political realm grimly infused with debacle serving as the butcher of democracy and the vicious scourge of disabling the tents of a  free society; imbued with the anti-good governance system and totally portraying absolute attack on security, freedom to associate politically, poorly exhibited human rights coupled with the wanton disregard for the Constitution and the rule of law; while sycophants clamoring  and craving on bended knees to shower useless and long pseudo-praises to their politically failed leaders and masters whose regime is badly fertilizing calamity deeply rooted in  shameful scandals, practically reflective of the pathetic past 14 years of the senseless war; a catastrophic no one has any  no expectation nor appetite of seeing around anymore; no matter whatsoever form, manner, fashion or style it may struggle to bounce back.

  Take for example, the Unity Party’s (UP) lawmakers march on Wednesday, April 27, 20222 with screaming banner stating that “No UP, No Election” is not only a clear and early warning shot; but a gross attack on democracy,  that doers  not only also flash questionable mud on the already tarnished image of the government; refusing to, be stamped  with criticisms for laying the bed  that will bar UP from feeding its senatorial candidate in the pending Lofa By-Election, and tactically, by extension, freezing Dr. Joseph N. Boakai’s participation in the 2023 presidential election of while he is the Standard Bearer of UP, although broke away  from the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP); yet every attempt is being made to close it up from feeding candidate or participating in the 2023 elections based on a clause that’s enshrined in the framework of  fractured CPP; something the UP rejected and denied ever signing onto such clause and moreover, the UP and All Liberia Party (ALP that walked away from the handicapped CPP, claimed that their signatures were forged an the CPP’s framework sent to the National Elections Commission (NEC) by THE Alexander B. Cummings’ administration at the time of his rotational leadership of the CPP with the controversial clause embedded with their alleged signatures affixed, was not furnished them, let alone signed on it. This has become a very challenging litmus test.

Moreover, the UP lawmakers’ march took them to the US Embassy, the United Nations’ Agencies, European Union, ECOWAS and most of the institutional missions accredited near the Capital, the attending motive is the political stunt , and strictly politically motivated which to them upon being exposed, will not see the light of day; adding “No UP, No Election”.

The Musa H. Bility’s plot is  really under immense strain and severe pressure which is wielded to no UP feeding  candidate and no participation of UP in the 2023 which, if goes through, could eclipse Dr. Boakai’s engaging the 2023 election in the presidential race.  It would appear that the game unleashed by Bility could end out putting a mark on his political soul; because all eyes are now critically on him. Let Biliy known soberly that if one wants to know all about himself from all quarters, one just has to cause or stir up something unfavorably. Additionally, the nation seems to be wallowing in an atmosphere of abnormacy best known to the President of the country a manner unusual and should’ve been the opposite; with Bility’s high hope in the Supreme Court to get his way through, in denying UP from feeding candidate or participating in the 2023 elections, it still remains obvious that Bility’s quest is still in the wood.

Also, with the Solicitor General S. S. Cephas’ leaked text to SPOON TALK’s CEO regarding the “cold war”   existing between him and Justice Minister Musa Dean in the discharge of his duty and where he (S/G) reportedly receives his order to function, leaves a dark cloud looming over the nation.

      “CDC Gov’t Is After My Life”

At the same time,      Montserrado County District four Lawmaker, Rustonlyn Suacoco Dennis has alleged that the government is after her life and if she gets killed reportedly by the government, there should be no autopsy performed over her remains as she holds the feet of the Liberian Government over the fire.

District Number 4 Representative Dennis early Tuesday, April 26, 2022 morning posted on her officially Facebook page stating that her life is being threatened by the government of President George M. Weah, former Peace Ambassador under former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

The female lawmaker in her post stated, “I believe CDC is after my life. I strong believe they want to kill me there.”

She is making the allegation at the time fingers are also being pointed at operatives of the Liberian Government for allegedly killing four auditors and the mysterious death of Princess Cooper [a case that autopsies are still being done on]

The Lawmaker said, “Remember these words as I speak! If I go missing no [know] it’s because of my believe [belief].”

                               People’s Security

Since President George M. Weah remarked, and little did he realize the far reaching impact and negative consequences it would paste on the troubled-image of the government concerning the people securing Television Camera (CCTV), to buttes their individual security and protection; besides reports about the ongoing numerous  gruesome murders and ritual killings throughout the country, wherein, some unknown perpetrators have now elected to open an avenue where wave of murdering people in their own homes or residences is becoming the latest fashion as police struggle to arrest would-be suspects, and bring them in for investigation, and if found culpable, sent to court for prosecution, to allay the rapidly growing and alarming fear and threat currently overwhelming the country some diehard supporters of the government see such development differently and totally contrary to existing reality.

However, while it is stated that he who keeps his tongue, saves his life; the President’s statement some time ago; when crimes could not permit the people the comfort of safety and the beauty of protection about citizens owning CCTV, was not only an affront to them (people) who are craving very hard on bended knees to  just breathe in a country  where the economy is  irresponsive to the accommodation of their(citizens’) wellbeing; with no jobs and available opportunities to make ends meet, despite the constitution gives the citizens the right to seek happiness, which must be provided for the governed, from the governors (leaders) predicated on mutual contract of obligation enshrined in the organic law of the land;  did not go down well at all with them (people), as pundits concluded that it (President’s statement for citizens to own CCTV in their respective homes)  was tantamount to putting more gasoline in an already blazing flame, when in fact, it is the bounding constitutional obligation of the government to provide maximum security  or avenues for its citizens and to equally create the enabling environment wherein all can enjoy the fruits of  safety, security and protection.

Moreover, political observers have, for now, translated the President’s statement for people to purchase CCTV to beef up their respective security as throwing jab at them (citizens/people), when in fact they have not the means to purchase even a transistor radio, let alone have asset to electricity to power the CCTV gadget besides the elites and the privileged few, who can overly afford the latter while still enjoying the luxury of assigned bodyguards to them and their respective residences 24/7,  providing maximum protection which covers their entire house-holds, would not  and do not feel the desperate security obstacles and grave pains and pinches the people endured always.

Make no mistake, the people are currently going through difficult times in their own country; with so many going to bed on empty stomach all because there is just no ways and means to lay their hands on something to at least bite on, and in the same vein, most common and defendless citizens in the country, cannot afford to sleep soundly as criminals are all over, rampaging and   inflicting death, terror, mayhem and uneasiness for them, while making away with their hard earned belongings.

While seriously worrying about the unnecessary and wanton killings throughout the country with the added dimension of being brutally murdered at homes, many people, appearing very confused, disillusioned and disturbed, are nervously wondering why murder all over the place, and who are the kingpin entrepreneurs behind such gruesome and mysterious killings  causing the police profound sleepless night without  tracking down any suspects to restore hope, trust, confidence and a moment of peaceful calm and relief to the overly frightened people, in the security networks.

        US Pres Biden’s Warning On Corruption

Meanwhile, President Joseph R. Biden said, in his June 2021 action establishing the fight against corruption as a core national security interest, that “Corruption corrodes public trust; hobbles effective governance; distorts markets and equitable access to services; undercuts development efforts; contributes to national fragility, extremism, and migration; and provides authoritarian leaders a means to undermine democracies worldwide.

When leaders steal from their nations’ citizens or oligarchs flout the rule of law, economic growth slows, inequality widens, and trust in government plummets.” The U.S. Mission in Liberia has long reported on the pervasiveness of corruption within the Government of Liberia, including in the annual Human Rights Report.

Organizations such as Transparency International also score Liberia very poorly in terms of corruption. But more than that, Liberian Government officials and citizens themselves regularly report on corrupt government activities that reach across all sectors of governance and society.

No government is free from corruption, but no government can improve its democracy without simultaneously attacking corruption, and that effort must start at the very top, both in word and in deed, the release added.

On this International Anti-Corruption Day, we call on all three branches of the Government of Liberia to acknowledge that public officials should not receive financial benefit from their positions other than their salary and should take all necessary measures to stand up to the corruption that continues to erode the trust between the government and its people.


       Liberia is in the storm of mistrust, disappointments, sadness, selfishness, misery, frustration, applied lackadaisical concept towards the essence of genuine governance in which the governed can see and feel things pathetically happening in manner and form most often very backwardly, contrary to the standard norms of society; wherein honesty, credibility, trust and credibility are savagely being decapitated on the altar to appease opportunism and criminality.

The storm that Liberia finds itself being caught up in is one propelled by long standing leadership crisis;, and this crisis runs very deep that it clearly defines the quality of leadership this nation has been forced to live with; but equally so, in total acquiescence with the very governed, who in their hands rest the power, honor and glory to firstly employ and then empower the governors who in return subjugate them to all sorts of bad leadership toxin that places them in complete quandary.

The governed soon begin to pay so high and so much for their own whistle, but interestingly though, compared them to blow it to produce the sound that only pleases the governors; as the governed not knowing that they are the elephant, but do not know or recognize their constitutional strength with the attended political weight; and while they (governors) amass so much spoils from their very bad leadership mirrored by their political chemistry, and as that is not enough to pause and meditate on turning the corner positively; they go swimming in the pool of opportunism and criminality that dampens the aspirations of the sidelined governed, thereby portraying the outlook of the governed in a very shabby shape, the image of the country absolutely faded and regrettably rumpled in the midst of comity of nations.

All along the quizzical and frustrating leadership route, while the respective leaders, top brass and their favorites politically and economically dine sumptuously at the table of opportunism and criminality, indeed, the governed only experienced the sour taste being forced down their throats. They (governors) have all flunked miserably in the process of dispensation of reflecting the value and culture of implementing and upholding the tenets of good governance of their various leaderships.

Riding high and wide on the unchecked booties politically-propelled opportunism and criminality also show the very inadequate believe system reflective of the limitation or purification that could distinguish and impact the attitude positively, and make the latter a good leader, but unfortunately, they have all fallen far too short to level up to such benchmark, thereby leaving the leadership task in Liberia to continue to fall prey to the sway of the storm of leadership ineptitude  Form yesterday up to today no one can cast  the first stone of breaking away from that contaminated crusading virus-bad, poor, incompetence and massive corruption. Oh no, they collectively cannot put foot.

-Writes GDJ

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