Fearlessly Trying Justice on the Altar of Justice (The Supreme Court) — Archie Ponpon Truly Has a Place In The Pantheon of Global Heroes

No doubt, Archie Ponpon’s self-immolation (setting himself ablaze) is a landmark display of courage and brevity ever exhibited on the pristine soil of Liberia. Unquestionably, an unprecedented resentment against brazen injustice cruelly perpetrated by an institution that should rather be dispensing justice to the poor, abused, harmed, oppressed, powerless, and all persons in need of justice. We quite know that the vicious writ served on Archie was a barbaric and malicious attempt by a rotten and debauched judiciary system meant to harass, intimidate and humiliate him as retribution for daringly protesting against a system that owes its employees several months of just salaries and benefits in utter violation of their labor rights. It is blatant labor abuse and sadistic not to pay struggling poor workers for several months in these times of extreme economic difficulties. How do you expect them and their impoverished families to survive?

What is even disconcerting, despicable, ridiculous, disingenuous and a naked act of savagery is for Chief Justice Francis Korkpor to viciously go after Archie and other employees of the Supreme Court merely because the stand of against downright injustice, deprivation, and inhumanity. What a travesty and infamy that has already been engraved in the pages of history and a specter that will torment Justice Korkpor for the rest of his remaining years on earth. This is purely Wickedness in high places, the Holy Bible reminds us to beware of. Great God of Justice where are thou? May your thundering wrath roar and roll against those who woefully perpetrate injustice and bedevilment against your defenseless children.

We celebrate Archie Ponpon a revolutionary of distinction for resisting injustice in such a historic fashion. We thank him for stalwartly standing up for all Civil Servants who continue to be subjected to grinding labor abuse and other forms of brazen humiliation by the current indisputable, irresponsible, insensitive, and unsympathetic ruling clique. With will and courage, we absolutely stand in solidarity with Archie and send him our prayers for recovery. We celebrate his extraordinary courage and brevity, and surely history will absolve him in a surreal way.

Finally, we are making an emergency humanitarian call to the international community to include the U.S. Embassy near our Capital (Monrovia), European Union, ECOWAS, African Union, and Faith-based groups to come to the aid of Archie. His condition is dire and requires advanced medical attention. His father has gone public painfully pleading for help to save his son’s life. We are deeply worried that Archie could die or become tragically deformed if he’s not hurriedly rushed out of Liberia for advanced medical treatment. From the look of things, the JFK Hospital where he is currently being attended to doesn’t have the sophistication to attend to a man whose skin is virtually melting and his eyes stitch closed due to the blaze of the high content of hydrocarbon that is contained in gasoline. Archie’s condition is VERY BAD and could degenerate to WORST over the next few days if he is not moved into advanced hospitalization.

May the God of Justice and grace intervene to save Archie’s life. Truly this is the winter of our discontent. Blood in our eyes! Up with Archie, Down with injustice and the wicked people committing such menace.

Fellow countrymen, It not Uhuru yet!

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