Falling On The Sword -Time For Revolutionizing Worn-out Loyalty & Static Cultural Kudos A “Poetical” Tribute To Unity Party

Thursday, July 14, 2022

Delivering an all-out damning political failure to be a critical lesson to be thoroughly learned collectively to ensure, and make progressive headway unreflective of the shattering blow being dealt; picking up all the broken pieces, compacting every fragmented weaklings and mending every inch of over-looked strategically leaning and limping fences into wholesome, and transformed fortitude to swallow up the political setback, thereby ushering in, a widely acclaimed political successful and unambiguous victory in the general and presidential elections in 2023 Unity Party (UP) must stand on its legs gallantly for the biggest catch.

But as the political arrow head all set to capturing total win in the Senatorial Lofa by-election, somehow slipped away from Unity Party’s (UP) radar miserably and what were the missing links  that spelled grim and doomsday for UP that made it to badly shoot itself in the leg amidst grave perceptions and conspiracy theory  that upright negligence deeply rooted in  premature complacency alarming dishonesty, imbalanced equation of representation of key and strategic areas (Lower and Upper Lofa Belt), completely defocused politically, absolutely flat-footed in genuinely  doing its ground works thoroughly; resulted into it falling on the sword.

However, while it is soberly truth that there is no medicine for fear, and that fear itself is the evidence of total denial of what one supposes and must be; two factors take the frontline; firstly, was there any form, manner, shape or fashion of harbored fear; did UP realize that he who fails to prepare very well, prepares to fail pathetically in the political arena? Well, besides the perceived worst case scenario, the UP, having also fallen far too deep into a helpless dungeon as reckless economic slave wherein honesty and sincerity in agony thereby, portraying the splemdour of the now grimly bruised leadership and popularity of former vice president and current Standard Bearer of UP, Ambassador, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai has been massively reduced at the closed of the just-ended Senatorial by-election in Lofa County, a politically renowned turf of Dr. Boakai once dubbed: no-go-zone for opponents, political intruders and crusaders, in spite of the Lofains-inspired sympathy for the existed painful saga of pausing Brownie Samukai- which turns out as a rallying cry; has now become a thing of the past, while fleeing from the political hunters on an auspicious day long awaited, amidst  carnival of vigorous planning vs poor planning.

Today, in the pool of shame, unsubstantiated scandal, reluctance and disgrace coupled with being forced to lick the self-inflicted political wound in public while pitifully driving people and state deeper and much deeper into political oblivion -darkness with nothing tangible to showcase except  lack of coherence marred by self-seekers and opportunists who  quietly spew the political poison of incompetence, driven by gross poetical unseriousness enshrined in the wrecked belly of frustration, and despite losing the head  just for a piece of politically ill-nourished and poorly nurtured tail; was, without second thought, beaten with a merciless blow that did not only shatter the harbored and most once feared Boakai’s credo, but above all else, crumbled the core foundation and discouragingly dismantled the attached juicy branches  and limps to sheer nothingness, thus leaving high hopes  and aspirations including great anticipations, in the prison of misery and anguish  while the nation holds its breath in absolute uncertainty as 2023 gradually steps in for both political roll call involving the newly to be promoted, and the retained, with emphasis on the political flunkies; the badly lacerated UP along with the desperately fractured and thoroughly fragmented opposition, is now breathing in political  danger and fear for lack of attractive, strategic and people-centered-nationwide tangibles to display or point to in the political heat of 2023 presidential and general elections. Meanwhile, it was once a concretized practical reality, but now, a myth that makes it vividly preposterous in Lofa that UP has been seen falling on the political sword.

Now, whether it will serve as a glaring lesson or if at all, lesson is there to be learned from the Lofa political fiasco could be a food for thought or point to ponder; but one thing that is politically crystal clear: he who fails to prepare inclusively and collectively, prepares to fail absolutely… hope it does not strike down UP politically for the second time- which is the biggest and the defining moment; as it was with it (UP), as a day in the life of Lofa, where, in the beginning, it was the best of time, but later in the end, it became the worse of time, with UP in Lofa, falling on the political sword.

Lofa, Another Reflection Of Charles Dunbar Burgess King’s Scenario? 

    Let’s take a historical sojourn on amazing pages of the saddest, demeaned and entrenched political corruption that stigmatized the administration of Charles Dunbar Burgess King, born March12, 1875 and died September 4, 1961, was a Liberian politician who served as the 17th president of Liberia from 1920 to 1930.

He was of Americo-Liberian and Sierra Leone Creole descent. He was a member of the True Whig Party, which ruled the country from 1878 until 1980.

King was Attorney General from 1904 until 1912, and Secretary of State of Liberia from 1912 until he was elected president in 1919. In this capacity, he attended the 1919 Paris Peace Conference and the accompanying First Pan-African Congress. Though a moderate supporter of reform, he continued to support the patronage machine and corrupt dominance of the True Whig Party.

President King’s administration was marked with scandal. His economic agenda and development plan constantly fell short of expectations; although literacy rates increased steadily in regards to wider access to public education he failed to prevent Liberia from political unrest further hindering economic growth.

In 1927, he won the presidential election with over 15 times more votes than there were electors, causing concern for a rigged and corrupt election.

King was stiffly challenged in the presidential election of 1927 by Thomas Faulkner. According to an official statement, King received 234,000 votes; however, Liberia only had 15,000 registered voters at the time. Thus, King earned the dubious achievement of being listed in the Guinness Book of Records for the most fraudulent election reported in history.

His presidency was marked by extreme corruption, nepotism for the hiring of officials rather than by skill, and a lack of transparency regarding the decisions his administration was making regarding the welfare of the people

             Crimes And Wrong Doing Without Punitive Action

Riding high and wide on the unchecked booties politically-propelled opportunism and criminality also show the very inadequate believe system reflective of the limitation or purification that could distinguish and impact the attitude positively, and make the latter a good leader, but unfortunately, they have all fallen far too short to level up to such benchmark, thereby leaving the leadership task in Liberia to continue to fall prey to the sway of the storm of leadership ineptitude  from yesterday up to today, no one can cast  the first stone of breaking away from that contaminated crusading virus-bad, poor, incompetence and massive corruption. Oh no, they collectively cannot put foot.

              ANC Cummings’ Saga Of Reservation On Gov’t

The political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Mr. Alexander B. Cummings has been one of the political opponents who without fear, continues to keep the feet of George M. Weah’s over the fire for painting the wrong, weak, corruption-driven and impunity-prone image rooted in the current system thereby can be seen of being in no hurry of positively transforming the curve. Cummings in that vein  stated that, “the careless and irresponsible attitude of the Liberian Government is being exposed. Under this George Weah-led Government, Liberia continues to be internationally disgraced, shamed and laughed at”.

Giving people justice and ending impunity are not issues over which any responsible government ought to wait to be publicly chastised by its international partners. These are things responsible governments do to cleanse the soul of a nation, and to keep countries secure, stable and peaceful, Cummings noted

We have all seen what it means for our country to breakdown and become lawless. And so, Liberia does not need to wait and be reminded to do the things we need to do to build a more just society that will punish crimes. This is the only way to make our society truly law-abiding.

However, it is hard to stop stealing in government when the people who should be stopping the stealing, and setting the good examples by not stealing, are actually the rogues. It is also hard to punish anyone for crimes, however bad, when the leaders are looking for special favors from the criminals, or are themselves, benefiting from the crimes.

Whether it is done by Presidents or Ministers – whether it is done by a friend, opposition, or relative – stealing from the people is wrong. We cannot continue to pretend that one day, stealing in government will stop by itself. We have to stop it ourselves, because as we continue to see, it is keeping too many of our people poor.

Whether it is done by warlords or presidents, killing involved. Innocent people, mysteriously or in the name of war, are also wrong. To stop it, we must investigate seriously and punish anyone,

We must stop the stealing in government. We must stop the looting of our country. We must stop the killing of innocent people. We must end impunity for crimes. We must become a more just and safer society. I feel very strongly about this, and I know that we can do it.

Placing individuals above the law, and not holding each other fully accountable for crimes, are practices that have kept us backward for far too long. This is why I support the establishment of a war crimes court, and a court on economic crimes.

These courts will help us find justice for victims. Hopefully, they will lay painful memories of loved ones, and innocent souls to their deserved eternal rests.

Now, with the multiple infested blames and counter-blames game of the grand finale in Lofa senatorial by-election wherein UP ended falling on the political sword, the euphoria which immediately went into wide goose-chase signaled to me the motto inscribed on the commercial vehicle owned and driven by my late father which read: MISFOTUNE IS NOT THE END OF A MAN; local interpretation means the downfall of a man is not the end of his life. So shall it be with UP; and since all that were needed to be done to capture victory and were done, are now vivid on the radar free-of-charge, and as the great 2023 steps in to separate the political sheep from the failed goats, all UP has to do is to seriously work assiduously on the available factors it just faintly breezed over with total, and inclusive devotion powered by collective commitment with all hands on deck. Despite falling on the political sword in Lofa, the greatest picture is written on the door of 2023- indeed, that’s the defining moment.

-Writes GDJ


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