Existing Not Living -Fmr. VP Boakai Describes Liberians Under Weah’s Regime


In a mind disturbing and very pathetic mood, Unity Party Standard Bearer, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai has described the terrifying manner and form coupled with the hardship and hell that Liberians are catching in their own country under the George M. Weah’s government; and despite the nation being endowed with variety of vast natural and mineral resources including fertile soil and a suitable and praiseworthy climate; yet due to bad leadership, the people are only existing and not living

Dr. Boakai with 12 consecutive years as former vice president coupled with over 40 years of public service wherein he was tested, and came out with a clean slate noted that his leadership will seriously invest and fully explore every facet of the agriculture sector, education, health and then the rest will follow.

He told the SKY FM radio phone-in-talk show on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 in Monrovia that there is an urgent need to turn things around in order to bring maximum relief to the people, nd he is set to do just that when given the opportunity to provide the rightful leadership that will bring them positive hope respect in their own home land.

Touching on what pundits see as bad blood between him and his former boss, Dr. Boakai narrated that the both of them have been friends for years and far bac k before they started to serve as president and vice president respectively; and that she did not support him in his president bid was her personal quest, but as far as he is concerned, he has nothing against Ellen.

It can be recalled that when Ellen was asked by journalists would be her contribution toward he vice president after expressing his desire to contest in the 2017 presidential election, she responded that Dr. Boakai will have to work very hard as she did and earn h (presidency) just how she did to earn her 12-year administration. Even at that, pundits observed that unlike the close bond between former US president Obama who was very instrumental in ensuring that his vice president succeed in the 2020 presidential election; such  spirit of oneness  and support financially and morally were never available from her (Ellen) for Dr. Boakai to their utmost shock and dismay.

At the end, Dr. Boakai came second to the incumbent who upon receiving massive financial and moral supports from Ellen openly at his inaugural ceremony, vowed and [promised to protect Ellen and her family; declaration which left many political observers and analysts pondering and deeply wondering why the newly inaugurated leadership would commit its political soul to defending a regime and leadership that should and must be thoroughly engaged on many hiccups during her tenure in order to have his (incumbent)  operations properly set on even keel.

At the same time former VP. Boakai has decried the current governance system under the Weah’s administration as lacks government credibility.

According to him, the CDC-led government is rolling back every progress made under the UP’s leadership.

Citing some instances, he said the economy is in a doldrums and there is lawlessness everywhere because the government has failed to provide the needed leadership.

Dr. Boakai said unlike the UP’s government, CDC’s government continues to be snubbed by the United States and other potential investors owing to the bad governance system. He also scolded the current Liberian Government delegation in the United States, that instead of meeting officials, ‘they are meeting drivers’.

“During those days, when we travelled, we brought results, we brought good news. Let us see what they will bring”, he added.

-Write GDJ


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