Empty Schools, Empty Future -Glowing Unbending Outburst Of Human Tragedy

The financial crunch grimly roasting alive parents, guardians and sponsors’ incapacitated status  to keep the children in schools is so dangerously threatening and confrontational that while over 75% of the school going children are seen either languishing or loitering in the various communities mostly in the Capital-Monrovia, and not in school because the parents and other factors of assistance are unable to foot the school’s bills; and despite some schools’ authorities are offering the kids to enroll and payment can be done in January; another form of “sell-pay”; the parents remain deeply worried, and are still asking them (schools’ authorities), when January comes, how will they ever find or raise the money; and why then being indebted to the schools’ authorities, the nation is glaringly witnessing the posture of empty schools (classrooms) as the nation gets squeezed into an orbit of being confronted with an empty future, if the trend is not quickly arrested and the corner turns around for the positive reflection.

Already, deafening noises cracking almost all the walls in the various communities nationwide, point to the vexing state of condition obtaining in the country when reputable bread winners are totally knocked out of jobs and cannot keep the plates on the table; children are out of schools as empty classrooms are paraded with the children, based on financial depression weighing profoundly on the parents and other sponsors, dare not put foot, and to the displeasure of the schools’ authorities whose sole purpose of their establishments is to make money, are equally feeling the financial friction because most of the schools are running classrooms far from being parked as has been the case when the economy was useful, meaningful, productive and responsive to the many needs of the disappointingly frustrated people; either that they could find jobs, find something meaningful  and productive to do or engage the private sector; from where the children had to be in schools without pressure or entrenched conditionalities, as the classrooms were absolutely occupied and the plates were obviously, and always on the tables. That was the rainfall- graced-driven-economy predicated on good governance of the management of the resources, and all the created opportunities provided by the system for the people to excel.

Conversely, in today’s Liberia, it is unquestionably a red-hot-hell-fire to tell the captain which has pathetically transformed a sizeable segment or a very larger chunk of the population into complete mendicants with lost pride, disfigured dignity and disrespected and trampled-underfoot honor, all add up to send a dire signal of how rough, tough and very difficult things are with so many people catching real raw hell in their own country under the leadership once so admired, and has now flatly let them down completely without second thought. With denial of education of the young and growing population to be equipped  and called future leaders; will be quite  impossible to govern in the future; this at last brings us to current existence of empty schools (classrooms) which could fertilize empty future, as it is always being referred to as garbage in, garbage out.

When the successors to the helm of the nation’s future leadership are uneducated literally, ill-baked rudimentarily; denied the concrete and solid substance of continued academic association with peers including assigned projects participations along with so many prospects and aspects inculcated in grooming a fortified and well-rounded individuals to preparedly embrace futuristic challenges as leaders, are melted way down the line, all because of financial depression, they could not enter the made-empty schools and occupy the empty classrooms, since their parents and sponsors could not afford same; therein, the nation is bound to be confronted with an empty future, and in keeping with the maxim, that he who fails to prepare, obviously prepares to fail.

Now the academic plight of so many of the nation’s students hangs in the balance under this Pro-Poor regime that only performs out of formalities, political sentiment and perpetual campaign stunts. Pitifully, for the 2021-2022, the academic year, the suppressed and disturbed rejected generation of students are caught between the rock and the high place and cannot be in school because parents and sponsors, are joblessly impotent and income-ruined.

The government that only, and meanly, seasonally, prioritizes the significance of broad-based education for the people freed of impressionistic objective or as a means of scoring political capital, is equated to, and no different from a blind man who  chooses to travel alone, and only at the darkest hours of the night, when even there is nothing responsive in sight.

The country has reached a national emergency to see so many pupils nationwide unable to go to, or be in school all because the parents and sponsors cannot afford the fees based on the damning financial frustration piercing their every inch of hustle as a result of the irresponsiveness of the ailing and inept economy; and while the children of the elites and privileged few are loaded in all the most expensive and first class schools at home and abroad, while their generation mates continue to cry  with the loudest voice, as they can be seen drowning in the river of tears, wherein, those with the  huge surpluses continue to cruise around with no, to say the least, attention to immediately addressing their painful state of abandoned condition,  and wondered why they can’t be in school preparing for the leadership challenges as their compatriots are doing, and having maximum fun  in enjoying and realizing the beauty of preparedness for future tasks.

The unbearable pain, imposed frustration, crushing depression of bread winners to fence for themselves, and by extension, to foot the bills of their children’s school fees for this 2021-2022 academic calendar, shall forever remain grim on the darkest and most disappointing pages in the history of this leadership. Meanwhile, despite the motive-driven constructed roads and other erected infrastructures which are welcoming since they will reflect the coloring of the landscape, what this country needs very urgently to keep everyone in complete check, no matter the positions, status, fames, clout and achievements, is a clear and well-defined rooted national system that all must uncompromisingly respect, uphold, defend and abide by perpetually, while totally attended by grave punishments in keeping with the rule of law. But for now, let the “heatens” rage and imagine vain things, not getting to comprehend, that to be distinguished is an honor, and to be great is to be misunderstood. If you’re wise, then be advice.

A Hint!

-Writes GDJ


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