Embarrassingly Swallowing The Bitter Pill -When Did This Gov’t Know The Glory Of Honesty, Integrity And Sincerity?

Absolute charade, that the government, out of glaringly bruised performances, can now strongly recognize the kudos of, without attached spin  compromise to transparency, accountability, honesty, integrity and sincerity, unlike what the government has dismally demonstrated in the governance system over the years, is now standing before the proud, and widely acclaimed  prestigious ‘mirror’ of integrity reflected through the Emmanuel Tuloe’s saga that is attracting  international attention  with lavished praises proffered by the very government, while graciously presenting accolade, award and cash; re-echoes the traditional Biblical maxim: can anything good come from Nazareth?

For too long, people have been screaming, craving and wailing even on bended knees, that Liberia has a very bad and serious integrity problem which runs from top, middle and down to every facet of the society without a standing caveat to solidify integrity as cardinal culture of our livelihoods; but since the Emmanuel Tuloe-US$50K-episode which thoroughly bordered on absolute integrity, hits the center-stage with almost everyone gravitating to it with emphasis on the government; and then, a simple question pops up: when did the government know the value of integrity and how reflective has it been portrayed in its own performance?

It is often stated that prestige fails when it can no longer resist the force placed on it. However, what the attached inspiring integrity US$50K find has done specifically to the government, is to take a long trip back in line with its governance system coupled with its performances in the public space and see if there is need to unshackle. In any form, manner and fashion, this US$50K borders totally on integrity is bound to make the very government to challenge itself by casting the first stone, conversely, and by extension, based on performance, should disgracefully swallow the bitter pill for falling far too short of required expectations from performance.

For example, as the writing on the wall clearly catalogued the numerous flaws inflicted on the nation and people by this self-styled Pro-Poo government since its ascendency almost four years now; and additionally, this Pro-Poor administration had systematically milked this nation almost to its pale bare bone close to nothingness.

But who invented the chain of unprofessional activities and conduct demonstrated , obviously, by the government with the stormy missing 16 billion Liberian Dollars; the most questionable, grotesque and unorthodox form and fashion in which the US$25 million mop-up exercise intended to be infused in the economy championed by the Minister of  Finance and Development Planning Samuel D. Tweah, was the  performance by dealing with local money exchangers both in and around Monrovia, with some of those (money exchangers)  registered with recorded cell phone numbers rated as nonexistence. Even the money exchangers in Duala were mentioned as beneficiaries of the process wherein the US Dollar was exchanged for Liberian dollars which were in grave shortage on the currency market and the economy at large which created grim misconception in the public space, with nothing concrete and professionally done to right the wrong, thereby demonstrating integrity crunch.

The corrupt method applied in which the COVID-19 sustainable package short landed without reaching out to the most needed targets was a stabbed in the back of integrity; whereas, the indecent and dishonest action adopted to illegally use the deposited money of the international partners of which the government was compelled and demanded to return the money to their account, was also an attack and total encroachment on integrity.

The startling revelation from the ruling party’s chairman, Mulbah Morlu at a called news conference  when he lashed out that the President goes abroad, negotiates for money from foreign partners, and converts same to his personal use; goes to bed with ladies before giving them jobs in government, is tantamount to eclipsing integrity from glowing

The mysterious killing of the auditors and the serious wave of ritual killings all around the nation for unexplained purpose as the government remains tightlipped without speaking to the nation on a national level, featuring the leaked tape conversation between fugitive Ellen Corkrum and Solicitor General, Cllr. Sayma Syrenius Cephus which allegedly implicated the President and others,  including the raging administrative ineptitude at Water and Sewer, National Transport Authority coupled with the unbelievable smashed passport cartel involving the former Director of Passport, Andrew Wonplo at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; along with the unwarranted corrupt saga that recently obtained at the Port of Buchanan with reported link to the National Port Authority, indeed, they are all cancer on the skin of integrity.

-Writes GDJ

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