Ellen’s Trojan Horse To Liberia

In her very gangsteristic and deeply cultured in vendetta and chicanery vividly reflective of her political DNA coupled with the most cruel track records in persistently undermining and investing in gruesome ventures that have derailed others’ profound political visions and aspirations, and by extension, inspiring, inflicting and instituting an Armageddon on a nation that has never seen any destructions at a massive proportion of so many lives, properties including all basic factors of production, only because her quest of her flight to be president kept being interruptedly delayed; the now former president of Liberia, madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, after 12 years of globally acclaimed sojourn with the greatest attachment as Africa’s first female president, in her departure from the political stage had rewarded the people with a Trojan Horse.

Upon cunningly establishing, and having had her will and way in the Liberian body-politic, and being cognizant of the hard facts of reality that what is done in the dark shall surely come to light, and knowing very well enough that while no sin goes unpunished, the evil that one does shall without second thought live after the doer.

Therefore, but pathetically having ruffled outstanding political feathers in her own political domain that made her two-term president and with such unresolved deep-seated rift; the sense of personal and family’s security originating from service and performance by her and the government which must uncompromisingly be accounted for, the so-called Maradona or Messi for Liberian politics seeking a soft spot for refuge landed at the current establishment now at the helm of state power whose governance performance and activities are dishearteningly disdainful on the national radar.

Today, she’s no longer on the stage of time by virtue of active politics, but the volume and massive financial support accorded that political entity during the campaign of the 2017 race for the presidency indeed took with it a motive: to save the skins of herself, first and foremost from any political backlash or reprisal, then family along with cronies has given the Liberian people a Trojan Horse. Whether it’s a crust or punishment the nation the people will have to solve for X.

Ellen’s Trojan Horse to Liberia is the embodiment of President George M. Weah who like his predecessor has fallen flat on his face in the ever tempting arena of corruption, bad governance system, cronyism, gross violator of the constitution without second thought, just to nib a few. Now in his time, and being his own man, he’s said so much ranging from be judged not from the eloquence of his speeches, but by the quality of the decisions he will make in the supreme interest of the state, people and national growth and development.

Moreover, one prophecy shall ever remain green is when he (Weah) said that “I know one day Liberians will get tired with me so I want to leave a big mark before that time”. However, pundits are already asking if Liberians are now trekking the sooner than later route in keeping with such prophecy. This he said when he spoke with a group of young people in Monrovia some time ago. Weah created the looming cloud of speculations now gradually taking form and shape of grim, doom and grave suspicions, and always remember when the law is ignored, obviously stakeholders’ failure to uphold such can open a can of worms that could undermine unfolding overnight self-driven projects. That is why it is stated that beware when the Greek (like Ellen) gave gift so true it’s another Trojan and that’s what Liberians have got from Ellen

Despite the traditional concept of government’s officials, sycophants and praise-singers rushing to defend Weah with every vigilance to fish him out of self-created quandary which is always ill-timed and totally laughable as long as Weah continues to cold shoulder such reflection of incompetence, then make no mistake the nation and people are in a long haul, but with Liberia still blessed at lease with courageously committed and dedicated sons and daughters the corner will and must be turned positively through civility and democratic tenets.

-Writes GDJ.

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