‘Ellenization’: Liberia’s Renowned Political Turmoil (Part 1)

Following several decades of being struck  and spear- bound under the political chicanery  and turmoil regrettably known as ‘Ellenization’, which over the years, continues to pitifully darken the farsightedness and created tough and smoke-screen as an intimidating  shield against the people from digging deep into the layers of impression of being the untouchable heart and soul of the west or the international community;  thereby implanting absolute fear  in the nation’s  political realm; wherein, the vicious vendetta unleashed over the years, against targets, perceived to be obstacles for the must-have free-hand, diabolically stained, and politically in-human operations of the Ellenization Doctrine, will not stop at anything, but to uncompromisingly ensure that those viewed as super targets  become debased and politically inept.

This character of politicking effectuated by the very vision bearer had overwhelmingly overshadowed the way politics in the embodiment of the Ellenization Doctrine is done, that if it is not me or my picked choice (vision bearer’s) then no other person will be; and whosoever the doctrine favors, must with the fullest questionable financial support and moral backing, will ascribe to the highest political seat in the land. This is how politics has been conducted in the country for a part of the 27-year rule of the late President William V.S. Tubman’s administration, the inception of the dethroned late President Williams R. Tolbert to include Samuel K. Doe and imprisoned Charles Ghankay Taylor to the once supported current leadership nightmare the entire country is being pinned down with.

This doctrine has been the apex of the fear that many Liberians condoned, and that for those who devised different avenues to seeking political glory, out of such fear harbored, that the vision bearer of the doctrine is so internationalized, credible with a huge palace fill with global contacts that can change one’s day into night if one dares to challenge the vision bearer, and out of that fear, are fiercely confronted with stiff resistance usually driven by several maneuverings to stall such prospective; despite being the prophetess and thriving agent  who has railroaded the political process, and derailing the desire of others vying to make their names in history coupled with bulldozing every avenues including striking down potential elements by bringing war on them or blocking their chances from moving forward, and stuff their political forward march with an overdose of political trauma  that will hunt them for years in the political arena that will always render  their political quest in a stalemate, the political activities and performance are the today’s marron of sorrow and disdainful regret in the society.

The unforgiving nature profoundly felt in the political dispensation over the years has badly affected many of whom the Ellenization Doctrine deems unfavorable to conduct political business with, and being very timid politically that the huge international contacts possessed by the vision bearer of the Doctrine, a lot of people naively took cover under their skins and venture not to defy the vision bearer for the wrath of the massive international  contacts might descend upon them, and the best way out is to play save by either joining the band wagon in motion loaded with all sorts of vicious and shady activities totally contrary to the principles of democracy, all because the will of the vision bearer is vehemently opposed or totally challenged to the core predicated on exercising the great will-power to refuse to fall in line as one of the YES SIR followers

But it just doesn’t stop there, for showing the strength of courage and self-determination, there is always a price attached that must be paid ranging from all-out neutralization in all public spaces to other entrenched political punishments. So it was with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) upon  being slapped with a 30-year ban from occupying any public office, the vision bearer did not rest until the credibility of the TRC became very blur and politically questionable while its fate today, remains debatable.. When rebel leader of the NPFL, Major Charles Ghankay Taylor flatly refused to turn authority of governance to the vision bearer in spite of the many financial support and every ounce of needed contribution made to erase the regime of Samuel K. Doe from power, the result for rejecting to relinquish power to the vision bearer, Taylor was conspicuously turned over to the international war crime court for trial based on crimes against humanity committed in Sierra Leone by his fighters which today has earned Taylor 50 years imprisonment in a London prison. Coming close to the end of her political tenure after serving for 12 consecutive (two term as sanctioned by the Liberian Constitution) years, vision bearer’s most concern for life became political protection that would shield the family and the questionable immense wealth amassed; from any form, kind, manner and style of trial for the wrong things done under the 12 years leadership provided.

This made the vision bearer to navigate the territories of several political institutions; after landing at the Liberty Party, despite some undisclosed contribution made to guarantee political safety, but soon find out smartly that the late founder and political leader of Liberty Party had his own unique agenda on how to uncompromisingly deal with audit arrested former government officials and all those linked to the civil war in the country, the vision bearer quickly jumped before ever being pushed. There and then the latter ended up with the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) that offered all the vision bearer’s political heart desire. Thereafter, CDC got the most support both financially and otherwise knowing what would become of the people in years to come under the imposed leadership.

Looking back years later, amidst the loudest noise from the people about the imposed leadership style involving excessive disarming of the citizens of all rights and opportunity to excel in their own country spearheaded by untold suffering, entrenched abject poverty and absolute regret for being considered as second class citizens in their own country; and despite being told in camera by closed associates abroad and personal confidantes on the home front, that the game plan is near its dead end, and the best way out is to realign with the 12 years political traveling companion; the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) is the latest grab for divide and rule strategy, and while successfully weakening the CPP, at the same time, knowing that politics is the interest of the possible, has now eyed a component in the CPP that could be favorable, and work with to maintain the desire as protection against  the pressure wraps in fear of being turn over to give account of 12 years of governance. Why the favorite son known for fund raising for such activities, as was done in the past, is set to still perform the task, pundits have noted that this time, the dourine is now tremendously sliding uncertainly on slippery slopes.

In the meantime, besides series of meetings to connect and to bring about the atmosphere of peaceful harmony between the former boss and her former deputy, where peace would prevail and the bitter row becomes the matter of the inactive past; however, Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s perpetual and acidic hate for her former vice president Joseph N. Boakai not becoming president of Liberia has surpassed the boiling point, shattered the steel walls of unbelievable imagination and most sober-minded individuals are wondering actually what went so  wrong and why the fence cannot be mended for a better forward march to mirror the shining example and cooperation shown between former US President Barack Obama and his former vice president, now  President Joe Biden which took honest collaboration, maximum cooperation and collective efforts through hard work, basically on the part of Obama, to have Biden elected as President of the United States of America.

The former vice president and Standard Bearer of the Unity Party (UP), Dr. Joseph N. Boakai, despite the reported shaky development in the CPP about the framework methodology in electing a standard bearer for ticket of the CPP, has earlier made it known that vice president position is not his calling, because after serving for 12 years as vice president, he now wants to become the president of Liberia.

By: Ted Z.  Deveto

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