Ellen Draws Satanic ‘Political’ Exclusionary Line -Dictating Liberian Political Dispensation Strictly Hers; No-Go-Zone For Those Not Favored; Why Are Liberians Complacent? (Part 3)

Ellen’s perpetual political iniquity controlled by deep-seated fear of being grimly exposed someday soon at the unglorified finished line politically, when every citizen, self-styled supporters and beneficiaries of her ill-directed aggressive, dramatic, and shrilling the kudos of declared condemned movers and shakers in the political theater is now fast burning out; and her once comfort ivory tower hosting her and the attending persuasion exercised and influence negatively exerted over the years; shall sooner than later, be guest of the court of competent jurisdiction for exoneration or plunged  deeply in the pool of criminality.

Despite developing tough muscles chronically from  several camouflaged political ambushes set for many perceived foes with emphasis on your 12 years deputy, and now Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, Dr. Joseph N. Baokai; the very party that awarded you with two terms -12 uninterrupted years, and instead of building concrete foundation for the advancement and continuation of the political legacy  through his success, you have determinedly  and clandestinely out of fear-prone, unleashed a damning cold war against him; wherein, you’ve vowed to keep him out of circulation politically at all cause and cost as long as the presidency is concerned,  but for what reason, just because he is a realist and will not bend to the song of your dictation rather be his own man and function independently…and that Ellen… you don’t ever want to see.

As Ellen’s flaunted political exclusionary line drawn particularly at this time against Ambassador Boakai’s political potentiality, has regimentally created a mindset spreading atmosphere of conflict of disenchantment and disagreements as fantastic integral part of instilling internal volatile militancy squarely barracking the anxiety, and gravely torturing on silent rage; the constitutional right of Dr. Boakai to head the highest public office in the country; is gradually ruining the politico-fulcrum   and democratic credentials of the nation. Are Liberians keenly looking and pretending to not see the imposed denial syndrome unleashed by fear-captured Ellen?

Did Ellen’s administration prove to be so puritanical that it should keep inspiring the forward march of the country and people politically? Is this the old political mat we as a nation and people need so desperately to ply our new political mat of adventurism on?   Are we in a very short supply of men, women and youths of mental discipline and farsightedness coupled with innovative and most useful brains to transform our political posture, invent and sustain our infrastructural developments and growth, and not substituting such heavenly provided gifts with the ruined governance relic of the old damaged and enormously corrupt in every dimension of leadership, with three out of sixty eight concession agreements signed met international best practice while the 65 agreement were scored as complete bogus.

Here is a badly failed self-styled politician who, in total cover-up for absolute fear based on all her political wrongdoings, is buying time to mute the minds of the people of Liberia from dragging her leadership to court to account for the 12 years of her governance system rather jumping political ropes from party to another party, at the same time, sowing the seeds of discord and contamination in the wake of keeping any potential character with full grown bolls to expose and take on her hidden performances concisely placed in the shivering closet of entire nervous-driven fear which continues to vigorously hunt her every inch along the way.

Why are Liberians so satisfied to see this goddess of infamous politics conditioned their collective desire to liberate themselves from the cage of total control, command and ruler-ship in disguise? Why have they been made so helpless to challenge, and bring this woman to court as she had done unto others, based on bad governance; whose imprint on the nation’s political landscape is so ludicrous and damningly regrettable to treasure? What is seen now on the political playing field is the people have raisin a dangerously poisonous political Cobra and are now too scare to exercise independent will-power because to be above any attempt to drag the dangerous political Cobra to court and answer to how and why things went very wrong and still remaining the profoundest challenge for the citizens to pursue regarding her leadership up to present, can’t be a case study any more just to say the least.

Liberians must immediately liberate themselves from the so-called imposed impressionistic   spell purportedly cast on them by Ellen that continue to frighten and yoke them into submission to her international contacts and connections, and quit being victim of their own independent achievement by being the sole custodians of power as enshrines in the constitution; and to this end Liberians are being challenged to wake up and act decisively before history judges them harshly tomorrow.

By: Ted Z Deveto

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