Ellen Bruised Quasi-Legacy -Unrepentance Political Sins Committed Have Scared Your Image (Part 2)

If Liberians do not stand up firmly now against the political damage the badly bruised quasi-legacy of former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is inflicting on the political dispensation of this country, she and her son who are solely relying on cash violence to impose their will, and equally so, have their way achieved at the peril of the society, then history shall always remember and equate the people of this country in fully sharing in the twenty years Rip Van Winkle slept on the mountain, specifically, through a great revolution.

The vicious blueprint coupled with the nefarious game plans of Ellen to politically breakdown and consistently  deprive Ambassador Joseph N. Boakai, Unity Party’s (UP) Standard Bearer from succeeding in becoming president, is inimical to the political culture of Liberia as the citizens sit back motionlessly, without radically thwarting the so-called spell of living by the dictate of someone’s (Ellen’s) shadow while Ellen and her son Robert Sirleaf continue to decapitate  the independence of the country’s body politic at the whims and caprice of Ellen, whose perpetual determination  is to not only remain significant as a political force to reckon  with in the political dispensation, but to absolutely control and command the political process, and being the only exclusive unique individual to be the kings’ maker without question; is rapidly presenting Liberians as a node on the wall and devoted puppets to the entire wishes of Ellen and her son, Robert totally based on wicked deception and cash influence at the expense of mortgaging their value system and the future of the children .

While SPOON TALK hinted Wednesday night, September 15, 2021 that the politically-troubled Liberty Party is  planning to allegedly suspend its Senator Darius Dillon based on internal tussle; it is also being alleged that Ellen and her son are heavily scheming and spending to stall the capacity  and ability of the political leader Nyonblee Lawrence from playing any pivotal role in the selection of Dr. Boakai as head of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) and also ensuring not to throw their, the duo (Ellen and Robert) weights behind the ruling CDC as was done in the previous presidential election which brought the CDC to power.

Make no mistake and don’t be fooled into thinking that Ellen has ended her two terms no, rather Ellen through her political maneuverings, chicanery, treacherous and clandestine operations under the cover of darkness, is running her third term, and is doing what she does best, basically rooted in deep seated fear of being drag to court to account for the evil and grave political sins committed by her administration; predicated on that fear that is in no hurry of going away any time soon, as there are, to her, still men like Dr. Boakai who are adequately determined that no such political sins and evil deals by outrightly ostracizing credible character from realizing their fullest potential  as  committed, will go untouched; therefore she (Ellen) is now fighting vigorously to maintain her fourth term in the 2023 presidential election using, as usual, surrogates as fronters while she operates the show in the background; and to accomplish that victory, the Standard Bearer of the Unity Party, Dr. Boakai must be completely blocked using every means and resources to keep him in the cold while picking another political stooge to win the day who will ten serve to her will and pleasure.

If the Liberian people do not shine their political eyes to save their country from the shackles of Ellen-driven scourge, and permit this woman to grossly direct the narrative of the political barometer of this country; then the question is: while fourth term, does Liberia not have strong-minded, and radical, with robust zests men and women who can bring Ellen and her bruised quasi-legacy to court to account for the ills, .odds and wrongdoings carried out during her active administration which lasted for 12 uninterrupted years instead of being just mere yes sir men and women?

Again, Liberians are being asked if former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is above all laws and power in the country, knowing her track political records deeply entrenched in massive corruption nastily desecrated with the “insider dealer” syndrome where she presides over the political glories as the cover to quietly commandeer and establish unnoticed politico- economic empire.

To mirror this question, Liberians have been firstly told that while it is a resounding reality that evil knows where evil sleeps, the only cure for evil is to confront evil with what it does and stands for; and why it suffocates others to bow to its unscrupulous shady activities and clandestine maneuvers; and the worse antidote is, to tear down the established dynasty profoundly aware that they that sow evil shall surely reap evil as their precious laurels.

This is why, without regret, the evil that one does is bound to desperately hunt the doer no matter what she or he hides behind. The political choice and will-power to have Ellen and her son Robert A. Sirlaef to answer questions bordered on criminality regarding their stewardship both in government and the NATIONAL Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) RESPECTIVELY.

If Liberia will have to change its failed track and advance on the most progressive and promising path of sincere and meaningful growth and development; Ellen with so many things to conceal, must, with her son, Robert Allen Sirleaf, who miserably flunked disgracefully to win a senatorial seat for Monsterrado County, with all the political might and abundance of shady resources clawed by his mother, upon  depleting  the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) and walked away with US$30 million dollars of the public’s money with no remorse, is indigenous to the Liberians people and must be made to give account in the Economic Crime Court.

This has also annoyed Senator Prince Y. Johnson when he blasted Ellen and demanded her son-Robert to refund US$30m stolen from NOCAL as was published in the Monday, February 27, 2017 edition of the INSIGHT Newspaper. As the demand began to receive a ground swell support, under the very cover of political power, Ellen stepped in and took responsibility of the stolen US$30m by her son Robert. Taking responsibility of taxpayers’ money stolen by her son without the restitution of the money to the state’s coffers surely speaks volume of the death of transparency and accountability under Ellen’s 12 years administration.

The standing uncompromising question is: has Ellen ever paid the US$30m which belongs to the taxpayers of which she assumed responsibility?  What was her understanding when she declared taking responsibility of the stolen people’s money? In her mind of evil plans ever realize that taking responsibility means restitution of the stolen amount and not to be dismissed on cold sweat? The law must now take its course and Weah, though a spent force, is under serious obligation and severe national and international scrutiny to ensure that Ellen and Robert are prosecuted if Liberia is a country of law and not of men or contact as she did prosecute former interim president Charles Gydue Bryant on corruption during her tinted 12 years of reign.

Something that must be faintly said here and will be detailed in the next edition; Ellen who has once again become a political ‘dump-truck’ for those potential presidential candidates who will not spare members of her dynasty of being prosecuted for corruption; and because of serious harbored fear of falling prey to the wrath of justice, is once again scheming to eclipse such political gurus of which President George M. Weah’s second term hangs in limbo if he does not act very swiftly to prosecute Ellen and Robert.

What does Ellen have to hide so much? With the many ill-gotten wealth amassed over the 12 years which has  successfully earned her sufficient shareholdership in several financial,  and business entities including banks, gold  mining, agricultural , iron ore companies (both active and passive) as well as  booties from political corruption during her stay in power; and is now using the ill-gotten wealth to control political power as she successfully did do in the 2017 elections when the lesser evil that would forgive her and family members from being prosecuted, got the better side of her interest of support and became the winner in 2017.

If this government reneges to prosecute Ellen and Robert to set precedence that no one is above the law and that every crime committed must be punished despite who may be involved, as she did to former interim leader Bryant, then obviously, the regime will definitely be a one-term administration because it will be kicked out democratically with a political force unimaginable. Ellen must also give accounts of all the siphoned hidden wealth while her other son-Charles Sirleaf, former executive of the Central Bank of Liberia must also be dragged to court again, to give open-air account this time, which centers around his difficult-to-understand accumulated  wealth.

Make no mistake, Ellen is actually running away from something and the time to do unto others as you would have them to unto you is now, and not result into business as usual. The same rope that hangs monkey will obviously hang baboon and there should be no if and about it.

Moreover, in the long drill of Ellen’s badly political performance infamously embodied though widespread dishonesty propelled by maximum corruption which must be unearthed so that, while the law uprightly engages her  composed of misdeed; vendetta; insincerity; arch-patron of imposed disaster (war); deep-rooted-jealousy; camouflaged immorality; hatred to the first order; the crux of the current standoff of the certification of Lofa County’s Senator-elect, former Defense Minister Brownie Samukai,  is in acquiescence with his boss Ellen, knowing that Brownie is a political appointee; and during the early heat of the compulsory saving of personnel of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) which was according to report was misapplied; the chief architect (Ellen) of mysterious developments, while in power, intervened assuring the aggrieved solders  that their just money would be paid them has accumulated a political spin that runs far too deep to comprehend he true layer of delay..

Then at the end of her 12 years of leadership saddled with grieve, misery, sorrow and disappointment for all those including politicians who refused and deliberately reject being cowed by her, and the George M. Weah’s  government, being well knowledgeable about the governing process concerning the “doctrine of continuity”; and also being the political protégée of Ellen, (with room to turn out as the Frankenstein when he has nailed her and her son Robert in court); also accepted to underwrite the owed liability, and true to the “doctrine of continuity”, portion of the money was paid; until the political bad blood sets in; yet she has not been touched nor invited to give reason why she should not be tampered with  in the ongoing misapplied entrusted AFL’s Pension Fund.

However, she and her son (Robert) are preoccupy with vicious plans to ensure that Dr. Boakai, her 12 years deputy will not ever become president no matter how much he works and tries; their (mother and son) grand scheme is to completely stall every inch of his advancement; and so the people of Liberia must sternly resist Ellen and Robert who terrifyingly overwhelmed with perpetual fear that’d run them down when they are taken on through relentless challenges and exposal of their hidden deals through the court, then they (mother and son) will be busy fighting legally for their skins and will have not luxury of time to  continue encroaching on the people’s independence to choose whom they are satisfied with, and find with the requisite political ingredients, and moral rectitude;    ready, upon being publicly tested and  experienced to provide the missing respected leadership with clean, clear and open character; r which is  indeed, the UP Standard Bearer, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai.

By: Ted Z Deveto

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