Elections Armageddon 2023 -Will Sycophancy Disappoint Fixed-mind, Aspiration & Guanine Change At Last?

Sunset and evening star,

And one clear call for me!

And may there be no moaning of the bar,

When I put out to sea,


But such a tide as moving seems asleep,

Too full for sound and foam,

When that which drew from out the boundless deep

Turns again home.


Twilight and evening bell,

And after that the dark!

And may there be no sadness of farewell,

When I embark;


For tho’ from out our bourne of Time and Place

The flood may bear me far,

I hope to see my Pilot face to face

When I have crost the bar.

While politics is most often than merely referred to as the art of the possible of interest, it also has an emotionally attached spin which is never taken for granted; and that becomes ruinously unthinkable when the incumbent, fighting desperately for his lone political skin and survivability coupled with making his name by seeking a second term as sanctioned by the Constitution of the nation governed. Moreover, what makes the race very toxicity politically, is based on the overcrowdedness of the playing field with determined players, some mostly equipped with the most requisite state-needed democratic substance of leadership, at the peril  of the badly performed incumbent; then don’t think the latter (incumbent) will take anything for granted; he either win with the mass state resources at his disposal or by hope or crook- the bottom line is that all will, and must be done, to be declared winner.

Make no mistake, and don’ be fooled into thinking that the incumbent will robustly go down fighting heavily before becoming the loser; and in the interim don’t think, with hands flatly down will he accept his political defeat with candy, flowers with warm and tender kisses in this overly electrified elections 2023;  being viewed, instead, as Elections Armageddon 2023, wherein the nation shall see the tallest chickens after the real political  rain; therefor, will sycophancy disappoint and dethrone fixed-mind, high aspiration and guanine change at last?

What will energize and make the incumbent so anxious to crave to be the winner in elections 2023, stem from his current discouraging performance report in which the nation and people got the shock of their time and became the victims of their own achievements in the 2017 elections. But while he is struggling to reinvent himself politically, already, the tides are grimly against and the wind fiercely battling his sail as he gets set to sail the roaring political oceans comprised mistrust, frustration, ill-nourished social services  in the embodiment of electricity, clean water jut to tip a little of the many depressing odds.

What are the challenges and the high expectation of the President?

As someone carefully catalogued who the president should be and how does he or she should be self-conducted in the performance of his or her presidential tasks an functions. Accordingly, the role of a president is tenfold. It requires you to be is a legal scholar, a philosopher, a social and developmental economist, a diplomat, an environmentalist; in essence, you must be a well-read, well-rounded individual who is tested and comfortable with making executive decisions.

The president fears nothing but the wrath of the people. The best person for the office is the one who has prepared all his life to occupy this position – exposure matters.

The presidency is not a place for a flunky, especially in the 21st Century! She/he must fully understand the functioning of every government agency and the capabilities of those he appoints to lead and execute his vision, the rules and regulations governing these bodies and especially the Constitution of the Republic. He is the head, the commander-in-chief, on whose directives everything succeeds or fails.

She/he must have an actionable, national vision. It is a position like none other; not just anybody should be given such awesome responsibility especially when it is noticeably clear that she/he does not grasp the full weight and responsibilities of the office.

The presidency is not a joking matter; this is not where you put your friends or those you “love” or the celebrities you have come to admire – people’s lives are dependent on the decisions she/he makes.

This office is entirely reserved for the best and brightest among us, the very people with the aptitude, intellect, preparedness, and eagerness to actualize our national vision – people who can hold their own in the company of world leaders with confidence and the proper readiness to execute. She/he is our face, with an in-depth knowledge of our problems and our national aspirations; whoever we put in this seat will determine how far we go as a nation.

Moreover, the president’s responsibility increases daily – the extent to which that responsibility grows will depend on how well he plans to lead. Gauge the person’s, time-tested preparedness skills. Is this individual willing to set aside his personal ambitions to entirely devote his efforts to the affairs of the state? Is he willing to put the interests of the state far above partisanship and relationships?

Secondly, the team that is chosen to implement the president’s plans must be equally prepared with equal commitment to seeing the plans come to fruition. Is this person a good judge of character? Watch the company he keeps and the caliber of people she/he surrounds himself with. What are his decision-making capabilities? The president must be farsighted enough to understand the consequences of his decisions and the burdens they bring to the country. How developed are his organizational skills? Does he understand the essence of leadership? She/he must plan better than most; look for this in the previous decisions she/he has made. Examine his life choices and the decisions he has made up to date. Do not take anything lighted – this person can make or break a nation.

Consequently, avoid anybody who had a negative affiliation with our just ended civil war even in the smallest capacity; none of those people should be considered for any elected post or any public position for that matter. Passover individuals with tainted characters, criminals, political prostitutes, bootlickers, people who are just in it to make a living, and especially former corrupt officials. This privileged position is about solidifying a legacy – it has nothing to do with earning an income.

Remember, the issue of equitable governance requires commitment to a higher ideal, consistency, and tactfulness; you cannot find these traits in vagrants! Political prostitutes have no vision; no self-control, they move with the tides in whichever direction it flows. Close all doors in front of these parasites.

The presidency is not a post for the indigent; this does not mean you have to be rich to occupy the position. This is a role for the dignified, people who have achieved a high level of socio-economic standing with unblemished character, the educated – not just formally but holistically as well. This person must show he has the discipline to excel at an extremely high level of leadership.

Furthermore, this leader must exude confidence in himself and his abilities, and the role he occupies. He must be a top predator with zero self-doubt but at the same time clothed with the humility required of a selfless commander.

Our captain must believe in the possibilities of Liberia more than anybody else, be able to convincingly articulate and present plausible solutions to Liberia’s pressing issues with relatable understanding. His presentation must be his own – his vision and not somebody else’s. He must be able to clearly present a step-by-step guide on how he will get us to total national revitalization and economic vibrancy. There must be a proven track record that said individual has successfully performed at exceedingly high levels of leadership in the past, not necessarily in government but in the private sector as well. This individual must be a result-producing, well-seasoned leader before coming to the presidency. Secondly, he must subscribe to higher virtuous principles than most with total reverence for the people whom he serves.

The issues of security and full implementation of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Report must not be considered a complete taboo to engage, and unemployment and the building of the nation’s local industries to enhance national economic growth must never be seen as a passive past time task.

Social, political, and judicial (inequalities) issues facing most of our people – How do we give dignity back to our people? How do we rebuild the family unit?

How can we leverage the financial might of Diaspora Liberians to enhance national economic growth?

Education (grades 1-12, plus trade schools being the focus) to lower the high illiteracy rate in the country

National infrastructure and building public institutions – shifting the focus from individualized projects to national projects; electricity, roads, etc. The issue of institutional governance

-Writes GDJ


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