Dying Future

By Julius T. Jaesen, II coyies2004@gmail.com

Liberia is in a perilous time.

The future of today’s kids and generation unborn is shattered.

There seems to be no guarantee of a better tomorrow.

Our country is a land where dreams are misguided, disruptive and unfulfilled.

Children are crying for a better future but given doom instead.

Liberia seems to be a land existing but not living.

A land which was once filled with milk and honey but now looted and milked by its politicians.


For the kids and youth, life is messy.

Liberia has slouch into its uncertain future.

Youth are dying without realisation of their dreams.

Greed, egotism and corruption have stunted the nation’s growth and development.


Our nation is failing to educate its children who are the pride of a better tomorrow.

They have been robbed of the right to be here and have a sense of the future.

Their governors have made them stunted and malnourished.

Their growth and progress have been blogged.

And yet for a century, we have produced no antidotes for the uncertainty of their future.

Even in their infancy, we have made them breadwinners for the adults.

They cannot go to school any longer.

They have been given cold water and plastic bags to sell doing school hours.

Their future is dying.

But the politicians don’t care.


Their doom lies not in the inability of their fathers and mothers to give them the best future.

But their doom lies in the inability of the state to put their parents in a better position to give them the future they desire.


Their mothers and fathers go to work but the state cannot pay them for months.

Doctors and nurses have all abandoned the hospital because of no just compensation.

Patients are dying unattended to.

The nation has built hospitals but there are no doctors, no nurses and no drugs.

Even the educated have taken recourse in fantasies of the future.

The children are crying for a better tomorrow.

But their governors have eaten their tomorrow.

And so their future is dying.




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