Drinking The Wrath Of 2023 -Amazing Journey Beclouded With Internal Wrangling; Confidence Crisis Seeps In; As Political Atmosphere Mystically Charged

It is very saddened and politically beyond all iotas of imaginations and reasonable doubts to neglect the most cardinally needed things to do for improved image building, instead, it is outrageous to seek so-called expertise from oversea to rebrand the image through resuscitation of a badly failed leadership; that after 12 years in active opposition camp; performing and going beyond all the democratic stunts to pressure a sitting government for bad governance; and moreover, being  a former senator for some years acquainting  the today’s leader, with  the running and operations by extension, the functions and management of government; this  once opposition leader, now President, has become a grave paradoxical tale politically mismanaging the country with people’s high hopes and aspirations in total disarray.

However, with the people’s over determined quest to see a complete change of leadership through a democratically practiced process at the ballot box; apart from the current leadership, almost all the opposition parties so vowed to democratically remove the  present administration including the very (present) regime that preached Change for Hope, and having succeeded to kick the Unity Party out and replaced by the same Congress for Democratic Change (CDC),;  now, the people’ s shifted hope placed in the four collaborating political parties-Unity (UP), All Liberian (ALP), Liberty (LP) and the Alternative National (ANC) is being threatened by internal wrangling multiples by confidence crisis while the political atmosphere is electrically and mystically charged with people reportedly being killed in strange and unexplained reason(s) with parts extracted, attended by terrifying stories told by escaped victims of the alleged Gbo-yo scenario; it is now becoming too frightening on the amazing journey to 2023.

At the same time, the thorny deceit buries under political credo: Pro-Poor  Regime In absolute disguise, as the popular maxim notes, one does not have to be a rocket scientist to  come to term with the shock and setback the people suffer  discriminately, chronically and immensely under the camouflaged Pro-Poor,  squarely exposes the prophetic agenda of not having the requisite credential to transform the entire country for the betterment of all; instead of, has sent the nation and people far back beyond expectation; and how they (people) are far too heavily sinking in the sea of imposed walking abject poverty and completely being disarmed of all their inalienable and  backed Constitutional rights  coupled with the enshrined  provisions that must be vividly provided in term of due services to the people by the leadership as it is an obligation  to the people which include; security, social, economic, education of  quality and diverse dimensions, justice, touching bases with socio-politico-economic propelled by the freedom to exercise  independent will-power to associate without being coerced  by the  day’s  authority. Now, will 2023 be the  last  message to the incumbent that the tenure is done and must leave the stage of governance?

Sadly crippled Pro-Poor as a political slogan has failed to become a political doctrine for what is outlined in print is completely opposite in practice and reality upon intentionally packaged and fashioned to suit clique-driven-aggrandizement, the phrase ‘Pro-Poor is thoroughly meant in practice, perpetual poverty for the poor and; while it uninterruptedly lavishes luxury and elegance in class and style to sanctify  the lifestyle of the privileged few along with all the sycophants and the henchmen. This is wrong and is the greatest deception beyond all magnitude, and as one renowned Liberian statesman, economist, politician and a failed presidential contender, Dr. Tobga Nah Tipoteh once stated to the People’s Redemption Council (PRC) military junta on its first anniversary (April 12, 1981) that the greatest crime any leader or government can commit, is to lie to its people. And today, the present regime has conned the people by presenting a Pro-Poor political philosophy, and conversely in practice, it’s a different ball game demarcating the political landscape reflecting that while the grass is greener across the fence, the oxen starve inhumanely and pathetically with no remorse of leaders righting the wrong.

The widespread of falsehood professed in the name of the political philosophy is taking the people from the pity of sealed abject poverty injustice, socio-politico-economic marginalization in their own country to a state of maximum beggars, incorporating into the unhindered equity distribution of decentralized services based on the many God’s provided resources coupled with empowerment of the governed in keeping with the dictates of the Constitution. For the sin of political blasphemy by tearing down the worthiness and honest spirit of the Pro-Poor Doctrine at the expense of by far a different agenda obligated uniquely and strictly  to all the president’s men along with the henchmen; the ballot box of 2023; and  if only the wailing electorates for change of this current leadership are still firm to record the massive  political falsehood that had been accorded them over the past years, and award them (leadership and cronies)  the confusion imbued in the  character of tinted the Pro-Poor  agenda, shall drink  the wine of the wrath of  deception, gross disappointment and falsehood.

This is also an unequivocal caveat to those who are strategizing every inch along the path to outweigh other by singing from the malicious hymn sheet clandestinely controlled by some invisible hand and so-called invincible political wayward;, despite reflective semblance of a fractured Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) as it could almost be appearing; the political frustration of the people for dashing their high hope will not forgive the architects of the final collapsing of the CPP that the people see and believe can deliver them across the political Red Sea  if total calm and political harmony return to the political tea  cup wherein peace will reign from top to bottom; but  make no mistake, the wrath of 2023 will vehemently be drunk by you and history shall forever judge all of you very harshly if the odds conclude the significance of the CPP..

So If You Are Wised Then Be Advised.

-Writes GDJ

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