Drawing The Battle Between The Ordinary People And The Ruling Elites, Purifying Our Society, Redefining The Trend Of Our Politics, And Re-Parenting Our Decaying Democracy

Authored by: Julius T. Jaesen, II

In a country where there exists alarming greed, patronage, cronyism, state-condoned corruption, mindless sycophancy, bootlicking and injustices, comrade-sisters and brothers whose shoulders the revolutionary struggle to emancipate the masses of our people from the socioeconomic woes of the ruling elites most likely fall prey to their class enemies and are easily disrobed of the moral courage and discipline to stand up against injustices of all forms. The nature or economic structure of the society most times, disables the production of principle-minded sons and daughters, as in the case of Liberia, who stand for genuine and sainted causes order than standing up for their bellies against their integrity. Most of our leaders whether in Liberia and sub Saharan Africa, have all been slavishly conspiring against the oppressed citizenries of our continent and engaging in unholy romance with our class enemies and imperialist elements to rig our continent and deprive Africans of living a just and dignified life. No wonder why our people are playing Diversity Lottery to run away from our African continent by voluntarily surrendering themselves to be enslaved in imperialist countries to survive.

The core of Africa’s underdevelopment is tied to the depth of intellectual bankruptcy of the African political elites to drive African solutions to African problems. All of the times, they look up to colonial financial institutions setup by their imperialist masters for solutions to Africa’s problems. Unfortunately, our political elites, many of whom, do not have authentic vision and policy prescriptions for the transformation of their countries, but yet take consolation in amassing ill-begotten wealth and keeping their citizens in acute poverty and human capital underdevelopment and disdainfully offering rice and T-shirts along with few dollars to the people to have them still voting their African abusers in to public offices repeatedly. This for me, is the sad irony we will have to deal with decisively in our pious efforts to influence a new Africa pregnant with golden opportunities. I am here talking about an Africa where the souls and spirits of our independence fighters can be even prouder of in their martyrdom.

Indisputably, Africa accounts for 60 percent of the world’s natural resources but yet, Africa still remains the least developed continent in the world with the poorest people on earth from all indices of human development. There is poverty and hopelessness everywhere. African children are dying of curable diseases due to the inability of Africa’s ruling elites to leverage on the African resources to build vibrant state-of-the-art health facilities across Africa. Our young people are dying from diarrhea because of no safe drinking water. There is no stable electric power almost everywhere in Africa.

In Liberia, my land of birth, we have not fallen short of self-seeking and shortsighted politicians whose rise to political stardom is to loot state coffers and get rich quick at the expense of the dejected masses of the people. However, it takes a lot of unrelenting valor, moral courage, resilience and abdominal fortitude and tenacity on the part of men and women with foresight and undying patriotism to challenge the bourgeoisie ruling class and stand on the side of the oppressed people of their country.

In the history of humanity, these are the complexities and myriad of contradictions we have to unravel in our attempt to purify our society, redefine the trend of our politics, and re-parent our dying democracy. Young progressive militants and cadres must wake up from their utter silence to lead the revolution and draw the battle between the will of the ordinary people, Weah and his corrupt self-serving bureaucrats. The misrule and gang-raping of the state by Weah and his lieutenant thieves have revealed a shocking depth of bottled-up anger against the political class, radiating everywhere and making everybody volatile and suspicious, unforgiving and detached. The massive defeat of the CDC in 2019 senatorial by-election in her stronghold, Montserrado County, bears evidence to the widespread anger of the masses. It is the horrors of our collective humanity – a societal decadence and debauchery that has eaten deep into the spirit and soul of our country, and which we all have to struggle against or perish together. For us, as young revolutionaries, the former and not the latter is the path we have chosen to resurrect our decaying society from the hands of misfits and greenhorn militants of the Sycamorean Tree. Beginning December 8, 2020 midterm senatorial elections across our country, I implore that we echo our growing displeasure against the bankruptcy of the regime through the power of our vote. Our shocking bottled-up anger and grievances surrounding the mis-governance of our state by Weah and his toddler cabinet must firstly be expressed and demonstrated in these upcoming senatorial elections to send a strong message that we do not condone the careless loot of our country. We strongly believe that public policies emanate from an adverse selection of unqualified self-seeking and unsuitable politicians with lower qualities who ultimately after assuming public offices become the products of voters’ irrational choices. Weah and his newfound thieves who are living in opulence and extravagance, building condominiums through looting state coffers are bent on gerrymandering 2020 and 2023 elections in their favour. Therefore, we ought not to sit supinely and allow this empty skull regime throwback the democratic gains and reinvent fertile grounds for bloodbath. The struggle against Weah and his toddler appointees is a verdict against misrule and widespread corruption and looting which exists in every twist and turn of the failed regime, and will continue to proliferate as long there is breadth in the nostril and reason in the mind.


In Liberia, we have an uphill battle to organize our people in ways that they understand how we can regain the moral health of our democracy from what appears to be a “strange evasion” of our country and its rule of laws by certain elements who lack both the intellectual pedigrees and moral uprightness to lead any transformative agenda in our home soil. All they know is mere sloganeering and empty battle-crying. In less than three years, instead of the CDC-led administration that is headed by an empty head footballing President in George Weah, to lead efforts to curb corruption, waste and abuse, some of the old-aged problems that have long bedeviled our nation, he has elected to pride himself in opulence and constructing luxurious palaces for himself while parents are kicked out of their homes because they can no longer afford to pay their rents in a collapsed economy. Children are put out of school because their parents cannot afford to pay their fees. Sadly, men are losing their intimate relationships because of lack of job opportunities. As not too good, the Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf administration was with all the goodwill, our young people are now convinced than ever before that their existing future rests in Ellen’s era than the Weah-CDC nightmare that has befallen upon the nation. The Pro Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development is no longer a policy of hope but a euphemistic policy to feed on the corpse our nation. It is a battle-cry to loot.

To our fellow compatriots, Liberia, our once sweet “land of liberty”, will continue to remain in the abyss of despair and a failed state until we struggle together to purify our society, redefine the trend of our politics, and re-parent our dying democracy.


About the author

Julius T. Jaesen, II, holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the African Methodist Episcopal University on 34 Camp Johnson Road. He is a licensed grassroots political organizer, message development specialist, researcher on Harvard University Academia.com and Grin.com. He is also a published author. He can be reached on the following:

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