Dr. Daniel E. Cassell Slams Rising Wave Ritualistic Killings, Blasts Government For Doing Nothing To Protect Citizens


Greetings, fellow Liberians, at home and in the diaspora. I extend to you a hand of solidarity, peace, and love.
I’m Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, the Vision-Bearer and Political Leader of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) and Founder of Dr. Cassell’s Humanitarian Foundation.
I like to inform you that I have been alerted to the callous wave of ritualistic killings across our country by evil-minded individuals.
Besides the escalating media reports on the shameless murdering of fellow citizens for ritualistic purposes, I have witnessed videos of individuals recounting horrifying stories of how they narrowly escaped death at the hands of these predatory ritualistic carnivores. I have also heard a lady identified as Ellen Cockrum made striking revelations of ritualistic killings on various radio stations—linking top brass of the George Weah administration to ritualistic practices.
In the face of these impending tragic development, I have not heard President Weah or his government officials say or do anything significant about this wave of carnage, to curb the crippling fear being instilled in the public.
It is disgusting and disgraceful that a government would stumble on its constitutional obligation to protect its citizens and supinely watch evil-minded men slaughter them in cold blood.
I condemn in the highest term, the dreadful killing of our Liberian citizens and call on the government security forces to aggressively hunt down these barbaric killers and bring them to justice.
I extend condolences to the bereaved families of all who have been murdered by these carnivores. If this scene of horror hasn’t claimed the attention of President George Weah and his government, I hope this statement draws their attention and causes them to expeditiously end the slaughtering of our people for ritualistic purposes.
In conclusion, I would like to caution all citizens to be mindful while in the streets and commuting across Monrovia and other parts of our country.
May the saving Grace of the Almighty God protect us all, I thank you!

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