I saw some trash on JNB over the weekend, written by someone who has failed to study the Liberian political scene.

LIBERIANS have risen above rice,cash and knee jerk projects for votes, we are learning the hard way.Some knew it was coming but decided to sell their birth rights just for a bowl of beans soup.

Remember the Bible story of how one of the brothers decided to forego his blessings because of a bowl of soup?

You cannot undo that decision,but will live with you forever, you and your children, time is our enemy. Your votes has caused irreparable damage to LIBERIA.

Some of you made a very stupid decision, perhaps by now your children would have graduated from College, or travelled and resettled and benefiting from cash flowing back home, but you chose to elect the party of your choice .Well you Just have to live with  the consequences of your decision.

I know those who decided not to sell their rights for a bowl of soup are going through it, but not equivalent to those who purposely,willing, intentionally,without any remorse of conscience plunged this nation into the bottomless pit.

We will get out, and after getting out there is another chance come 2023,don’t misbehave and be stubborn eventhough you know the truth.

Let’s put the right people in place.

The right decision is right before your eyes and there are more than twenty reasons why some political parties must never come near power again,I don’t have the strength to waste on telling you who to avoid come 2023.

Going forward, one question you must ask yourself,AM I BETTER OFF THAN THREE YEARS AGO?

Some recalcitrant  and irresponsible but diehard Economic rogue respondent will be sarcastic and answer in the affirmative, but they are doing it out of shame and embarrassment.

Even the Former Iraqi information minister was surrounded by marines and coalition forces  and in the midst of Abrams Main Battle tanks was still misleading the world as to how they will make a hell for the Americans.

In the end Saddam was found in the hole with dirty dishes and useless cash.

Beware the war and Economic Crimes Court will still come, nothing can stop it.

A quarter million lives of our citizens cannot be swept under the carpet,play any game you want.

Lest I forget, all parties in the CPP are well experienced and knows each other’s strength, so donot try to throw a monkey wrench in their midst, we know the game.My word to some of my Media colleagues, do not become an accomplice in the crime to further damage Liberia donot damage the future of this nation for whatsoever reason.

LIBERIANS are watching you!

By Atty. George Saah


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