“Don’t Bury Liberia Alive’ -As Prof .Alaric Tokpah Accuses Weah’s Regime Of Misguided Leadership

Mounting political pressure aimed at completely exposing the manner and fashion in which President George M. Weah’s government has dismally failed to live up to the tempo that propelled him and his Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) to power on the back of popular mandate; can no longer be tolerated as all basic political and social goods and services are mostly anti-people and rapidly lack functioning and productive capacity to deliver.

With such massive failure in every sphere of Soccer Legend, President Weah which is deeply-rooted in the administration’s calculated consistency of being inconsistence, has created vast mistrust in the public space; lost of confidence in the governance apparatus, with most of its agencies totally paralyze with grim corruption, reckless impunity and applied patronage doctrine for sycophancy, praise-singers and presiding over the self-styled utopian segment of blind loyalists; all, and collectively have placed the nation in a political quandary.

Amidst such appalling downward and backward trend, the nation is trekking with debilitating frustration pinning the people completely down and out, one person who with  determination, courage and defender of the spirit of nationalism and patriotism, with also the fullest will-power  not only to increase and keep the fire of democratic tenets uncompromisingly burning under the feet of President Weah, with a loud and fearless message that all is not lost;  that Liberia has men and women coupled with inspiring political visions and will-power to form serious coalition(s)  or collaborating forces that   will unseat the  flaws-prone  incumbent at the democratized ballot box in 2023, is Professor Alaric Tokpah.

In his recent news conference, Prof. Togba among several pain stricken national woes unequivocally told President Weah with his team of leadership that has been in opposition for 12 consecutive years before ascending to the helm of state power, not to bury Liberia alive.

According to him, since the leadership of President Weah, the nation has suffered the most and with emphasis on disturbing setbacks in the political and economic realms, coupled with disregard for the rule of law, alarming unemployment, kids kicked out of school because parents are incapacitated to maintain their respective homes and families, let alone foot the astronomical school fees, the inability for the government to attract foreign investments, corruption over rides the tenets of transparency and accountability, uncontrollable rampant rape of women and girls including little babies as small as two months and above, while the health and education sectors are heavily challenged with the judicial system, as admitted by the Chief Justice, Cllr. Francis S. Korkpor that the latter (Judiciary) and some judges were corrupted while amazing things including wanton deaths of citizens, have overwhelmed the leadership, as the nation and people continue to live in perpetual sadness and absolute regret and uncertainty.

It can be recalled, that the faction of the opposition Liberty Party headed by Senator Nyonblee Kangar Lawrence has responded to President George M. Weah’s annual message, saying that the President has failed on his promises to the people.

At the same time, addressing a news conference in Monrovia Tuesday, January 25, factional chairman Senator Stephen J.H. Zargo, noted that President Weah has failed to implement those things he outlined in 2018 as his priorities.

Sen Zargo noted that President Weah promised access to healthcare, to create jobs, stop corruption, restore the independence of the judicial system, protect and improve the lives of Liberians, but after four years, he has failed to deliver on his promises.

Sen. Zargo continues that the President has disappointed Liberians, including those who voted for him in 2017, adding that Mr. Weah’s plan for Bali Island was never mentioned in his address, while his Coastal Highway pronouncement remains an abstract thought, and promise of bringing 6,000 teachers from Nigeria has become wishful thinking.

The Lofa County Lawmaker describes the past four years under the Weah administration as devastating, saying that times are now harder for Liberians as compared to when the President took office.

“Food is unaffordable for average Liberians, adequate healthcare is a dream, crimes against women are on the increase and without proper judicial recourse, while inflation drives more Liberians beyond the poverty line”, the Senator lamented.

According to a local daily, he said that President Weah and supporters are always in a state of denial relative to the wellbeing of Liberians, noting that the 2022 Annual Message delivered by the President is reminiscent of the past that has been with elaborate promises.

The Lofa County Senator recalls that during Liberia’s 174th Independence Celebration when leaders were seeking ways forward for their countries, President Weah was busy releasing songs for Rita Marley, widow of the late Reggae Superstar Bob Marley, and also during the 2021 Christmas Season when many ordinary Liberians could not afford food and other basic needs, the President was in studio making song, telling Liberians “My Christmas on you O-O.”

“Why would the President display his material possessions that an average Liberian can only dream of, requesting Christmas from the very people he has helped to make poor. How could a President mock Liberians who live below the poverty line?” He asks.

Also, the LP factional (former) chair is calling on the government to reduce unnecessary spending and redirect savings to the workforce, saying that government needs to invest in women and the youth.

He also noted that growth in the Agriculture sector is obstructed because of lack of support.

At the same time, the Secretary General of the Alternative National Congress (ANC) Cllr. Aloysius Toe in a regrettably defiance mood, informed President Weah and his leadership not to kill Liberia, and blamed him strongly for the woes chronically confronting the country as evident by some of his appointees including the Solicitor General who according to him, is a complete embarrassment to the people and state.

Cllr. Toe said the nation’s prestige is at its lowest ebb in the international community. He said the people made a grave historical mistake to elect a man (Weah) to be President who could not be elected as Superintendent; and now, the nation and people have found themselves in a serious precarious and embarrassing quagmire.

Meanwhile, Montserrado County Senator Abraham D. Dillon has critically questioned the domestic  and foreign debt portfolios which escalated from US$72 million in the 2020-2021 national budgets to US$84 million in the 2021-2022 national budgets, and  is demanding from the Ministry of Finance, Development Planning’s (MFDP’s) authorities for a comprehensive listing of all legitimate suppliers, including names of businesses, locations, type of services rendered along with other credentials to authenticate their legitimacy to avoid  caving into or honoring what he calls, issuing a blind check  in order to freeze patronizing a bogus scheme, instead, upholding the tenets of transparency and accountability in the payment of domestic and foreign debts, especially when the figure keeps climbing from US$72 million in  previous budget to US$84 million in the current budget.

-Writes GDJ

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