Does Urey Have An Embedded Motive? The CPP Must Keep Its Eyes on Urey

By: Julius T. Jaesen, II

The abrasive or perhaps hawkish deportment repeatedly and brazenly demonstrated by Benoni Urey has left many critical thinking Liberians suspicious about his role and motive in the collaborative effort advanced by the redemptive CPP to build a formidable political force and design a savvy winning strategy aimed at defeating the failing and scandalous Liberian President George Weah and his gang of kleptocrats at the helm of power in the much anticipated 2023 general and presidential polls.

No doubt, It’s a laudable venture to have major opposition political parties at such a critical time in our nation’s history conglomerating to put to immediate stop to George Weah’s utter misrule of the country and to usher in a renewed sense of hope to our people who have been deprived, pauperised and humiliated in the place they call homeland. But notwithstanding, it is of urgency and exigency that as we move to 2023, the CPP leaders must muster the moral courage to critically investigate Urey’s standing within the collaboration and internally braces itself to dismember those who are on an espionage mission and embedded motives to crackdown the collaboration and sellout the people’s hopes to the corrupt, irresponsible, insensitive and disreputable ruling establishment.

Many Liberians from the opposition wing including me have found it very disconcerting and inconvincible, Benoni Urey constant attacks on Alexander Cummings, and political leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), who has expressed his desire to head the CPP’s ticket in 2023. Like Cummings has done, anybody or political leader within the collaboration who is head of any constituent parties is entitled to his/her democratic rights to aspire to lead the CPP’s ticket in the 2023 elections for the office of the presidency. Therefore, Cummings has done no wrong to overtly express that desire to lead the CPP’s ticket. At the end of the day, the democratic process will determine who is best suited to lead the ticket after all have expressed their desires to head the ticket. But the persistent outlandish and incendiary comments often spewed by Urey and agents of his All Liberian Party (ALP) against Cummings is downright counterproductive for the unity and growth of the CPP going forward and if nothing is done to discourage such unwarranted, absurd and uncouth posturing, the good intention of the CPP could be shattered thus render crooked George Weah and his band of thieves an easy second term bid. Thus, the question keeps toying in my head; what is Urey’s motive and what is he up to in the CPP? Is he on a mission to destroy the well-intentioned efforts of the collaboration? Considering his obnoxious rhetorical blustering, I think so and the CPP must now find it expeditiously imperative to keep its eyes on Urey.

For example, why is it that the CPP has gone in a meeting of which all its leaders including the very Urey participated and unanimously agreed to set up a committee to investigate the recent wave of violence that attended the primary in Nimba county, and in less than four hours after said meeting, Urey will issue a blistering press statement in which he threw jabs at Cummings but even more bewildering, is the fact that he accused Taa Wongbe of inciting the violence in Nimba and as well called on the police to investigate him? This shows that Urey is not even regimented or disciplined. It also plainly signals that he is disloyal to the entire CPP arrangement and as such cannot be trusted. It is also a gross disrespect to his colleagues to jointly agreeing on a position and the moment he stepped out of the room he issued a rather toxic statement which brings into question how united and harmonious is the CPP? No one builds an institution with such unruly and discourteous character! Why should Urey find pleasure in selling one of his own to police banditry and the ruling establishment? Why did he choose to sidestep and disregard the CPP internal mechanism set in place to investigate transgressions? Does it not say something about his loyalty to the CPP and the question of institutional discipline?

We saw Urey heading the CPP for almost two years as chairman with no significant and substantive achievement under his leadership. We acknowledged that it was during his Chairmanship that the CPP Collaborative framework was signed by the four political parties but such feat can in no way be credited to Urey, it should be credited to the matured and selfless leadership, eldership, cooperation and genuineness of all the leaders.

Comparatively, today, under the Cummings Chairmanship, the CPP can boast of milestone achievements. Just in a few months of his Chairmanship, we saw the certification of the CPP, which constitutes the four political parties, by the National Elections Commission. Additionally, Cummings as chairman has been traversing the country and widening the support base of the CPP ahead of the December 2020 and October 2023 elections, at the peril of his finances. The rest of the parties have made no major investment in the CPP since the emergence of the CPP. Even more significantly, as Chairman, Cummings has hugely and incredibly projected the CPP as a genuine alternative on which the bruised and disappointed Liberian masses can rely.

Just in three months of his indefatigable Chairmanship, Cummings has exuded the prowess and the winning spirit of the CPP in a big way and such remarkable transformation must be commended by all including Urey who continues to display hatred and aggression to his colleague only because Cummings espouses his desire to lead the ticket, a right all four of the leaders including Urey are fully entitled to consistent with the constitution of Liberia and even the canon of the CPP.

What can Urey Chairmanship be substantively remembered for? We know that without consultation with his colleagues, he shamefully settled to do the corrupt President’s bidding, to distribute buckets and rice on behalf of George Weah in his hometown of Careysburg. What’s the political rationale and benefit to the CPP in settling to donate charity items on behalf of a very corrupt President who the CPP is working to democratically unseat? And the fact that he failed to solicit the views of his colleagues before subjecting the CPP Chairmanship to such embarrassment lingers more questions than answers. Does this not amount to blatant contradiction and backstabbing your colleagues in the CPP? If the CPP does not put the spotlight on Urey and his deadly machination now, he could damage the CPP before 2023. From what we see, Urey could prove to be the stunning dark horse and spoiler within the CPP.

We are equally getting indications that Urey is secretly bedding with George Weah, Samuel Tweah and Nathaniel McGill to savage his business interest evident of the fact that he went to distribute buckets and food items on behalf of Weah. We are reminded that Urey has always been a financier and supporter of the CDC. In 2011, Urey was the campaign manager and financier of the CDC and was at the same time giving money to Ellen under the coffer of darkness to protect his business interest. Nigga Blow, a Liberian musician, was right when he axiomatically stated in his music that “Old fire trunk is not hard to lit, it happened in the past love can still get fresh”.

Who is Urey and what values does he bring to the CPP?

As Urey proceeds in manners that raise scaring suspicion regarding his motives in the CPP, it is imperative that we put him on the scale to determine and decipher what he brings to the CPP and what values will his presence in the CPP shape and accentuate in line with the vision and overarching goals of the CPP. Hard truth be told, Urey and his ALP have absolutely no numerical relevance in Liberian politics. Their numbers in the last presidential election were dismal and disgraceful. Urey doesn’t have any national appeal in politics and his name is not a winning name in Liberian politics. He is viewed as an international criminal and one of the potential vestiges of war crimes criminal Charles Taylor who is currently serving a 50-year maximum prison term in Great Britain.

In terms of character, he is very abrasive and bellicose, and he always carries with his ex-generals. We need to be careful before what is of national alternative of our people is damaged by Urey and his gang of absurdist ex-generals.

The CPP will need to be careful to discover Urey’s motive before it gets too late. I will encourage all the leaders and stakeholders of the CPP that if you find out that Urey’s dealings in the CPP speak to espionage, and a toxic politician, you’ll need to immediately dismember him before it gets late and the movement viewed by our beloved Liberians as a beacon of light is destroyed to the delight of Weah and his cronies.

We must mention that Urey doesn’t have the quality to even be Vice Standard Bearer, as he is said to be desperately lobbying for. We know that the wealth that he is flaunting around here is Taylor’s wealth. Urey is a man who has been placed on UN sanction and asset freeze for corruption at Maritime and guns running in Liberia. He is also blacklisted by the United States of America as one of the dangerous men in Liberian who amassed stolen wealth and is not welcome in the U.S.—meaning he cannot go to the United States. We advise that the CPP be very careful with keeping Urey in her ranks and file especially where he continues to conduct himself in a way that is inimical to the forward march of the noble movement (CPP). Even if you lose Urey and his political party, it will take nothing from the CPP simply because he brings nothing to a well-intentioned effort the nation is looking to as an alternative and prospect after the misrule of Weah. If Urey does not behave himself kick him out, Do not wait until it gets too late!

We respectfully advise and call on Joseph Boakai as an elderly man to use his wisdom to discern the evil-driven hidden motives of Urey to tarnish the CPP. Boakai and others must be told how Urey’s move to distribute rice and buckets in his hometown of Careysburg was a blatant disrespect to them and the CPP. This must signal something to you that Urey is a walking betrayer of the people’s movement and one whose intent is a ploy to dismantle the CPP.

It is rumoured in the corridors of the CPP that his continued brazen outburst against Cummings is in efforts to guarantee the presidential slot for Joe Boakai, but Boakai himself must be careful of the double-standard and two-facedness of Urey. He does not need Urey or anybody to fight the proxy battle for him as he is not in a battle with anybody over who heads the CPP ticket.

The Democratic process will simply determine who heads the CPP ticket, so there is no need for any ‘bloodbath’. We are not forgetful of Urey relationship with Weah. Our people are looking up to you in the CPP to enable a better Liberia after Weah. They don’t envision a CDC’s second term! Our people are standing with you until Weah misrule is ended. Hence, they don’t want you to identify with an international criminal and warlord to place a dent on the CPP and undermine the success of the Movement. It is not a hidden secret that Urey is an evil and dangerous criminal mastermind, and his advent in politics is to savage his business interest while remaining unconscious to the well-being of our citizenry.

CPP, beware! A hint to the wise is quite sufficient. We are watching Urey with eagle eyes.


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