Dividend Of Applied ‘Raw’ Power Roughly – As Pundits Weigh In On Weah‘s Failure To Refine Power Before Applying It Administratively

While it is openly stated without fear or favor that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely, pundits in their continuation also added that unrefined power becomes dreadful and deadly outrageous when landed in the hands of unforgiving individuals.

Weighing in on what pundits considered President George M. Weah’s failure to firstly refine power before applying it administratively they noted that what the nation and people are experiencing is the dividend of applied ‘raw’ power roughly.

Pundits pointed out that Weah was ideally posted, situated and widely acclaimed to be the leader who could make a vast difference with positive ‘full note’ had he lived deep into all that he said and vowed to do and accomplish in his inaugural address rather he chose the path of self-driven motive coupled with sustained-cronies-imposed-influence which has politically short-cut his innovative sight, and administratively eclipsed whatsoever vision may have been in the making now wallowing on a decay and isolated passive enclave.

Bring the constitution forth, promising and opting to strictly adhere to its value with due respect to all provisions contained therein, pundits said  that something always told them that looking far beyond mere sentiments, Weah’s taste of unrefined state’s power, would signal mountainous obstacles in his leadership style and ability.

Dwelling more on his inaugural address and commitment made, they maintained that it was going to be slippery or tricky, if not seriously difficult to be his own man in the pool of blind praise-singers, cronyism and hardcore sycophants, thereby the un-featured  citizens and the state would not only be the left out  but feel the greatest burnt.

According to them, they were stunned when Weah said, “I have here taken an oath before you, and before the Almighty God, to uphold our constitution and to preside over this Government and this country”, adding, “rest assured, I will not let you down”!

Pundits again explained that little did he (Weah) know that occupying the presidency and presiding over state power was not a ‘dinner party’ and dispensing such power does not work well at all on the basis of pick and choose or for whom he is pleased with, instead all are equal before the law he has promised to uphold and defend in its entirety.

It was not too long when he started to swing his political axe and in keeping with the very constitution he has violated consistently with impunity, the pundits observed; several heads started to roll down the hill by him in line with (Weah’s) constitutional mandate-to hire and fire any official appointed by the Executive Branch which he heads.

In his address he said, “I have spent many years of my life in stadiums, but today is a feeling like no other. I am overwhelmed with the crowd and the energy here today, and I guarantee you, when we finish, there will not be a winning or a losing side. Today, we all wear the jersey of Liberia, and the victory belongs to the people, to peace, and to democracy”.

The tens of thousands of Liberians here today and many more in our communities across the country who are listening gathered together around radios in the palava hut, it is to you we are responsible to deliver the change you deserve, he noted.

Indeed, we must deliver the change that our people need, in order to transform their lives for the better. I promise to do everything in my power to be the agent of positive change. But I cannot do it alone, he conceded.

“First, I call upon the revered institution that host us today and from which the Vice President and I come–The Legislative –our co-equal branch of government, to work with me to create and pass essential laws that are needed to complete the foundation of this nation” Weah requested.

He vowed that together, we owe our citizens clarity on fundamental issues such as the land beneath their feet, freedom of speech, and how national resources and responsibilities are going to shift from this capital to the counties. The people expect better cooperation and more action from their government. We can do better, together.

In his address he observes that today, we Liberians have reached an important milestone in the never-ending journey for freedom, justice, and democracy; a search that has remained central to our history as a nation. Many of those who founded this country left the pain and shame of slavery to establish a society where all would be free and equal. But that vision of freedom, equality, and democracy has not yet been fully realized.

Refreshing his memory Weah said that human longing for true and lasting freedom has revealed itself in many ways since Liberia’s founding. Sometimes the drive has been divisive and confrontational; and too often violent, bloody, and deadly, as it was in the 14 years of civil conflict, when the absence of equality and unity led us down the path of destroying our own country.

He in his address he intoned that it is also a transition from one generation of Liberian leadership to a new generation. It is indeed a confirmation that democracy exists in Liberia, and that, it is here to stay! We have arrived at this transition neither by violence, nor by force of arms. Not a single life was lost in the process.

He also made it clear that blood should never be the price tag for democracy. Rather, this transition was achieved by the free and democratic will of the Liberian people, guaranteed by the rule of law.

This Inaugural gathering also celebrates an important precedent: that we Liberians can, and will, rely on established institutions and the rule of law to resolve our political disagreements. This demonstrates the maturity of our institutions and that we as a people have learned valuable lessons from our brutal history

Weah pointed out that “let not the splendor of these ceremonies, nor the celebration of electoral victory, makes us forget how we arrived at this moment. We have arrived here on the blood, sweat, tears, and suffering of so many of our citizens, too many of whom died, longing for real freedom and equality”.

“Today, we must remember the hundreds of thousands who died, and many more whose lives were up ended and families displaced because we lost sight of the fact that we can only reach a higher state of equality and freedom by treating each other with love and respect –not tearing each other down. Truly taking this lesson to heart will bring the dawn of a new Liberia”, however, pundits’ unambiguous question is why has Weah swiftly detoured from the radar of promises registered during his inaugural, and how soon do people forget.


-Writes GDJ



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