Disgustingly Disgraceful Predatory Ritual Foragers

The alarming echo in the Grebo Vernacular in Maryland County that states Popo-whle-o… which is a town crier’s call for all dwellers in a town or village, meanly able-body men to brace themselves with some unpleasant happening obtaining in the terrain, is once again being sounded for the nation, government and people to be on the alert, mainly in the wake of the impending general and presidential elections in 2023.

Already, amazing stories are filling the air as the human parts industry and its operational chief executive officers are scheming fantastically to load their shelves for the most attractive big sale for the season (elections) long craved for, wherein the human parts industry as precious commodity become most needed by those urgently and desperately jogging for elective positions in the public domains. Even though the private sector is not excluded in any manner, form and style.

Equally, the precious commodity is not only resigned to those hustling in the political realm, but also needed by others to perform sacrifice as an antidote to quell any obstacle with the propensity of disgracing and damaging their hooked characters, and to bury flatly without ever being thought of regarding troubles potentially ripe to rain havoc on their bothered characters well besieged to face grave punishment for unscrupulous actions and activities performed.

The uniqueness of this human parts industry is deeply rooted in the secret cult of Gboyoism with the southeastern segment of the country being the arrowhead for the human parts industry; then others counties later rushed in heavily and bought their full commanding shares, thereafter, it has now become a very perpetual underground popular venture with all counties holding tight to their shared investment at the expense of human parts that are used for ritual purposes.

This wave of terror and the wanton killings of Liberians in such a mysterious way and manner has also c claimed the unwavering attention and concerns of the political leader of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), Dr. Daniel E, Cassell who without missing his words spoke straight and directly to power.

Addressing the just-ended anniversary of the Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA) Dr, Cassell registered that it is disgusting and disgraceful that a government would stumble on its constitutional obligation to protect its citizens and supinely watch evil-minded men slaughter them in cold blood.
“I condemn in the highest term, the dreadful killing of our Liberian citizens and call on the government security forces to aggressively hunt down these barbaric killers and bring them to justice”, PLP’s Leader added.

The PLP’s leader stated that he has been alerted to the callous wave of ritualistic killings across our country by evil-minded individuals.
Besides the escalating media reports on the shameless murdering of fellow citizens for ritualistic purposes,

Dr.  Cassell also noted that he has witnessed videos of individuals recounting horrifying stories of how they narrowly escaped death at the hands of these predatory ritualistic carnivores.

 Referencing a lady identified as Ellen Cockrum who made the pain-striking revelations of ritualistic killings on various radio stations—linking top brass of the George Weah administration to ritualistic practices is very troubling.
In the face of these impending tragic development, “I have not heard President Weah or his government officials say or do anything significant about this wave of carnage, to curb the crippling fear being instilled in the public”.
The PARROT NEWS joins Dr. Cassell in extending profound condolences to the bereaved families of all who have been murdered by these carnivores.  According to PLP’s political Leader, if this scene of horror hasn’t claimed the attention of President George Weah and his government, I hope this statement draws their attention and causes them to expeditiously end the slaughtering of our people for ritualistic purposes.

To this end, “I would like to caution all citizens to be mindful while in the streets and commuting across Monrovia and other parts of our country”, Cassell intoned.

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