Disgraceful & Shameful; As Executive Members of the Veteran Bureau were Beaten Severely at the Home of the President by AFL Personnel

Liberia: October 7, 2020: On the 54th birthday anniversary of the president of the republic of Liberia, Amb. George Manneh, there was classic show of drama of altercation between some executive members of the Veteran Bureau of Doe Community and AFL personnel assigned at the home of the president in the Rehab community. Members of the Veteran Bureau who had gone early morning at the home of the president to celebrate his birthday and to also thank him for what they described as massive road construction in the country was met with serious resistant from AFL personnel assigned the at the entrance point leading to the residence of president Weah.

The Veteran Bureau of Doe Community over the last three years has been the leading institution in the country that has been calling and appearing on various radio talk-shows communicating government policies and programs – thus aiding the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism by making their works easy in areas where the people cannot access good news on the government’s progress across the country.

It can be recalled that given the role the Veteran Bureau continues to play, they have been attacked by anti-government propagandists and opposition leaders as surrogate conveyors of the failed policies of the Weah’s government. But notwithstanding, those young men never wavered in their unflinching support to the government, whether they get scratch cards and compensation to call on talkshows or not. But on last week Thursday, October 1, 2020, members of the Veteran Bureau were prevented and flogged at the entrance point by AFL battalion assigned at the residence of the president in Rehab community.

When members of the Veteran Bureau of Doe Community were prevented at the entrance point of the president’s residence form entering, they positioned their point man or focused person with a banner bearing the photo of the president with words of praises for what he has accomplished. While their representative was stationed at the entrance of the road leading to the president’s house, the commander of the five AFL personnel assigned to the home of the president decided to interrogate a member of the Veteran Bureau who was holding the banner as to their mission at the home of the president.

According to our reporter who was on the scene, in the process of interrogating one of the members of the Bureau who was holding the banner, the rest of the Bureau’s members who were a little distance far from their point man rushed on the scene to enquire what was their member who had the banner in his hands was he being interrogated by the AFL commander. In the process, the commander asked that they should leave the scene immediately but the members of the bureau refused leaving the scene. With no delay, the commander instructed his soldiers to have members of the bureau dislodged from the scene. Immediately, the AFL soldiers started to beat on members of the Bureau and dragged them in the tank outside of the president’s house.

Our reporter told Parrot News that members of the government’s propaganda arm, the Veteran Bureau, was beaten severely and treated like slaves reminiscent of slavery days in Americas and Europe where our African brothers and sisters were badly treated by slave masters on the plantation. Some of the members of the Bureau who were beaten and sustained severe injuries and are hospitalized include the Chairman of the institution, Abayomi Tarplah Santi, Steven Moore and others to be identified.

When the Parrot News placed a call to the leadership of the Veteran Bureau to comment on the beating of their members by AFL personnel assigned at the home of the president, they declined commenting on the mal-torturing of their members. Interesting, the Parrot has gathered that the reason for the decision to decline commenting is conditioned on the embarrassing nature of the saga and how shamefully they were treated by the very same government they have defended over the years.


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