Dillon’s Re-election Will Determine the Fate of the Opposition In 2023 Polls – Stand With Him Now

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

With CDC clamouring for what she calls an effort to reclaim Montserrado, their once stronghold, from Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, and with the dollarisation of our politics in the wake of the arrival of 4 billion new banknotes in the country a few months ago, coupled with mounting speculations about Weah’s instruction to his cabinet officials to use any cash and logistics at their disposal to make Dillon in their words, “a vacation Senator”, there is a compelling need for the opposition to rally financial support and as well summon our technical expertise in order to jealously mind our votes from being gerrymandered by Weah and his failed CDC.

There is no time for those of you in the opposition to overlook the mid-term elections that’ll be held across the country, especially the Montserrado seat. Weah and his CDC have vowed that if they can lose all other counties, they must not lose Montserrado, the melting point of our politics.

The success of either a Boakai-Cummings or a Cummings-Nyonblee ticket in 2023 will obviously rest on winning most of the seats in the December 8, 2020 polls, with emphasis placed on Montserrado. It is now time that Cummings, Boakai, Nyonblee, Urey and all others in the Collaborating Political Party who are affluently well off or situated, to stand with Dillon and all other candidates, especially in vote-rich counties. At this critical juncture, we that believe that our country has rapidly deteriorated and collapsed under Weah and his CDC, the mid-term elections serve as a golden opportunity for us to either stand together or divided, we lend our open approbation to the wholesale looting and final demise of our country.

Our children are depending on you the honest patriots to not let our country go down the dream. The Senate and the House of Representatives require disruptive leaders like Dillon- ones who will disrupt business as usual that has hurt our country for almost two centuries and kept our people in untold suffering. When people enter public service, it is not a golden opportunity given to them to arrogate onto themselves, hyper-inflated allowances, salaries and benefits from the people’s treasury account, and abandon their duty of building schools with equipped facilities, trained and qualified instructors, and investing in our health sector by equipping hospitals across the country so our people can have access to the best medical care. And truly, Senator Dillon is an epitome and prototype of that leader the Liberian Senate needs. He is indeed the light! And those who believe in the light will follow him.

As Christian theists believe, both in the Gospels of Matthews and John, “Light of the World”, was a metaphoric phrase used by Jesus to describe Himself and his apostles who followed Him, and so is, “The Light”, is used to describe Dillon and the wave of change that the Senate, and by extension, the House of Representatives, are smelling as well as those who follow him.

According to John 8:12, while debating with the Jews, Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life”. Domesticating that in our society, Dillon represents the light of Liberia. The light that makes people know how much lawmakers are earning monthly in salaries, allowances and benefits. A light that is disrupting corrupt practices made normal for a century and a half; a light that exposed corruption and distribution of envelopes to lawmakers that have been made normal and legalised practices for 173 years. Like Jesus in John 9:39, metaphorically explained that he came to this world so that the blind may see, I henceforth conclude that so is Dillon who went to the Senate so that all those whose eyes that have been blinded to the rottenness of the Legislature and by extension, our entire governance system, may see and demand genuine reforms.

Our people have lighted lamps all long, but sadly, they mistakenly placed the lamps under the bowls instead of on the stand in the Legislature and the two branches of government. But with Dillon, they unknowingly made the right choice. In Matthew 5:14, Christian theists reminded us, that people don’t light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.

CDC and their apologists are exploiting our country. Our people’s hopes have been dashed and trust betrayed. For them, the future is uncertain. Power to the people has been carelessly thwarted. Our country, for the first time, has turned into a global laughing stock. Weah’s presidency has laid bare Liberia on the peripheral of global governance. CDC’s government presents a diminishing role for Liberia even in regional politics. The country is smelling with bad odour. There’s an urge for fresh air. That fresh air can only come when authority and legitimacy are revoked. But for authority and legitimacy to be revoked, the true and honest patriots in the opposition must rise and stand with “The Light” (Dillon). Our people are resolved that Weah and his toddlers have turned our country into looters’ paradise. All we need to do is to raise resources and direct it to mind our polls. With resources raised, we can recruit the best among us, train them, pay them well and make them our polls watchers. And again, put a system in place that we don’t rely on the National Elections Commission only to tell what the results are.

If you don’t stand with Dillon, the light, and give him your all, you risk losing 2023 polls. The test of your victory as opposition, not just opposition, but genuine, authentic and patriotic opposition, in 2023 is right here. Let’s not lend our support to CDC’s efforts to loot and destroy our country. Weah and his nitwits are bent on relegating Liberia beneath its already ridiculing status. It is only you and I as revolutionary breeds can save this state.

CDC’s strategy beyond the dishing out of the printed new banknotes that have arrived in the country, they are desperately determined to rig Montserrado polls and perhaps, Bassa and a few other counties. Weah has warned them to ensure that it’s achieved – worst they risk losing their jobs.

We must not allow our people to live in anguish, suffering and hunger for 12 years under Weah’s misrule. They deserve better livelihoods! Their hope of a better tomorrow depends on us the few genuine ones in the opposition. If there is no fuel and drugs to run our hospitals across the country, it’ll be because of us as the opposition. If there are no equipped schools in the country after 2023, we will be the cause. Let’s put our egos aside and fight for the soul and spirit of our country.

If we will reclaim Liberia from those dangerous and criminal masterminds, egocentric and egomaniac politicians in the government who are unconscious about the wellbeing of our people and offer our people decent livelihoods, Dillon’s re-election will determine that. Hence, let’s stand with him and all others!


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