Dillon Gets 6 Months Slap Nyonblee Next? -As Grand Scheme Unleashed; Time To Determine Pressure Against Pressure And Speed Against Speed; But For Whom Is The Game Being Played?

The long awaited and widely spread political speculation about the unleashing of the grand finale from the highest decision making body of the opposition Liberty Party concerning the silent rage practically tearing apart the fabrics of the establishment, has produced a result with Montserrado County Senator A. Darius Dillon being suspended for six months along with Daniel Sando based on high tone row between the Chairman, Mr. Musa Bility and the suspended vice chairman for political affairs, Sen. Dillon.

However, many political pundits believe that the row which led to Dillon getting six months is deeply rooted, and despite the crusading hints and allegations levied against each other, the political action taken by the highest decision making body of the party, if not carefully revisited in the supreme interest of the survivability of the Liberty Party through mending fences, could not only incapacitate the cohesiveness of the latter, factionalized the hierarchy  and intensified the infight; moreover, further eliminating those perceived to be grave stumbling blocks in the way of another so-called powerful clique, thereby drastically trimming the branches of would-be arch-competitors with no political muscles to flex any longer; would seriously have an adverse toll on the pending primary of the  four collaborating Political Parties named and styled CPP, will equally ruin the core foundation of the existence of the very CPP wherein, the spill-over will finally become the straw that is bound to break the camel’s back or the last 12-inch nail to seal the top of the political coffin of the CPP; thereby setting the cleared stage to the great political relief and pleasure of the incumbent to smoothly and easily accumulate his already fear-choked second term bid..

The turbulence that  has overwhelmed the Liberty Party in particular and then spreads on to the CPP and now conducting itself like battling an unbearable and incurable cancer, was not sent down as a curse rather it was effectuated by human beings diabolically  crafted and engineered to instill perpetual rift and bad-blood within and against some key and influential players, and true to the unleashed clandestine plan, like the relationship between lightning and thunder; always be mindful and on the alert that the thunder will never growl  without the lightning flashing first; the same can be equated with the ongoing row and rift in both Liberty Party,  and by extension, the politically-troubled CPP. The nation, some time ago was entertained with a leaked tape with startling revelation, calling mimes as mastermind and much more powerfully-well-placed authoritative strategists, at which time the grand finale was prematurely hatched as the game plan, many heard and how the game would be played, the named crusading agents to be used as the go-between and in it (leaked tape) became glaring who the beneficiary of the grand finale , but being glorified with authority, the entire episode became hurriedly eclipsed  under the passive canopy of conducted investigation, and those found culpable were punished to save face and carefully guide the process for greater things to come. Now after some times have elapsed, we are hearing about Dillon’s six months suspension from the Liberty Party and right across the fence (CPP) it is hell to tell the captain in the pool of hints incident and allegation about some clandestine operation regarding the alteration of framework document that three of the four collaborating parties did not approve of; and indeed, the CPP is in flame.

Despite the quizzical unfolding development in the Liberty Party,  as the political leader of the Party, Senator Nyonblee Lawrence rejected the suspension of Dillon; a well-informed source that is  very close to the party disclosed that the party’s hierarchy met on Saturday, September 2, 2021 at a local hotel and critically decided not to flatten the party’s future and aspirations, and of the couple of things discussed, the lifting of Dillon’s suspension was never raised nor formed part of the agenda item, although the Chairman, the political leader and Dillon were present, but could not admit that there was a backdoor negotiation held between Bility and Dillon about thwarting the suspension and it remains the biggest question, if Dillon is still under suspension or the suspension will be lifted; while observers are of the conviction that the crux of the entire meeting was to revisit the suspension of Dillon, as others allegedly  declared that Bility scored a big political victory in the process by being vindicated of not altering party’s document as being widely speculated.

Pathetically, the Liberty Party, with peace and ashes be to the bones of the founding father, political leader, first standard bearer, and one of Liberia’s most accomplished lawyers, the late Charlies W. Brumskine; is trekking down a very politically sloppy and slippery route saddled with so much power struggle is worrisome, and pundits pray that it does not symbolize the pitiful saga of the three prided  and united cows and the lone desperate leopard renowned for being vision killer and unity breaker, and this is a simple and  dangerous political mathematical equation of quiet elimination of elements ganged up in the spirit of unionism.

The strategy is how to get at and eliminate then one by one without any form of leakage in the process.  To begin, the dangerous and desperate isolated leopard started to advance hate message among them (three cows) on a solo basis. Interestingly for the leopard, they were proud and united cows with different colors which makes any hate message to break down the fragile union. They were black, brown and white cows, a color scenario handsomely exploited with dividend by the cunning leopard.

To achieve the fruit of the grand finale, a scene was created. The three cows according to the narrative formed their own dwelling area where they live together and minding each other’s back to avoid any outside propelled-tragedy. This leopard was bitterly against the strength and power of unity reflected in cohesiveness-that really bothered him to the core because with such in active motion, the existence of any form of infiltration was just impossible, because they were moving on together in unionism and collectively.  Interestingly, while the leopard was camped in its own corner with the highest hope of dismantling the cows’ unique unionism, it soon discovered that between it and the three cows just down the hill, was a little body of water where the cows go to fetch water regularly by term, and

this has been closely monitored by the interloper.

Set to apply the mathematical equation of elimination, the leopard moved to the waterside and climbed a little tree hanging over the water awaiting who’ll be coming to fetch water. In line with his (leopard’s) game plan of divide and conquer; through the method , climbed the tree hanging over the water, and before looking up the avenue of elimination, saw the black cow at the waterside dipping the bucket to collect the water, unfortunately, there and then, the black cow  saw the image of the leopard over the water. Saddled in deep fear, the leopard jumped down from the tree, getting closer to the black cow, it said don’t worry, if I wanted to kill you, it’d have happened ever since rather I just want to tell you this; the brown and white cows say you are not their type and have planned to eliminate you sooner than later. However, if you agree, we can found our own union and live happily to the exclusion of brown and white cows. If it meets your approval, then we can meet here tomorrow and begin our independent union of togetherness. Without any harm inflicted, black cow lifted the bucket of water, arrived and angrily dashed the bucket down unruly and became to tell the two cows their secret plan against it. In shock, brown and white cows denied harboring such plan against black cow or any of them. Disgustingly, black cow unceremoniously left early the next day to meet up with the appointment and upon arrival, there leopard was loaded with venom, collected black cow and eliminated him, After some time of thinking about black cow, brown cow came down the waterside to collect some water, the same tactic was applied and brown cow arrived with the water being bitter, very furious and vexingly told white cow that it won’t be there and be treated like black cow. The next morning brown was present at the site, leopard came from behind brown cow and eliminated it. Now, leopard in a very relaxed and comfortable mood, noted that there was no more need to scheme and hurt its head because to get white cow, after all, it leaves with whenever he (leopard) gets hungry and white cow would be a nice meal when it heart decides, and without any sweat, will be no more.

The illustration about the crumbling of the three cows’ cohesiveness and sealed bond of unity which became shattered by the anti-unity leopard, should always serve as a warning shot to the unity of any organization, be it political, religious, social and other fraternities , to be mindful of planted elements whose supreme quest is to  either function as insiders’ operatives of gloom and doom for and against such institutions to appease individuals’ will or to play the role of being  complete dangerous and diabolical disaster masters for incomprehensible reasons.

It can be recalled that a local media outlet reported that the National Chairman of Opposition Liberty Party (LP), Musa Hassan Bility has begun reconciling members of the party after some were disenchanted.

Of late, some members of the opposition Liberty Party, a constituent member of the Collaborating Political Party (CPP) that include Alternative National Congress (ANC) Unity Party (UP) All Liberian Party (ALP) registered their differences regarding the procedures through which the leadership was proceeding within the CPP including its internal operations.

The angry members organized themselves into ‘Concern Liberty Party’ members with a leadership and offices as a means of running a parlor political activities in the CPP ahead of the 2023 General and Presidential elections.

Speaking recently on Spoon Talk Show, the Liberty Party National Chairman committed himself to sustain peace and unity as key component of his vision and aspiration of running the party, despite being allegedly accused of siding with ANC’s political leader Alexander B. Cummings to win the CPP’s nomination to head the latter’s ticket, something the accused Chairman has denied..

He refuted reports that his leadership has taken away vehicles that were assigned to officials of the party due to some political stands by those officials, relating to the selection of the standard bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties.

According to him, the vehicles were taken for rebranding and to legitimize those vehicles as the party’s property and not in the name of individuals.

He said following the rebranding process, the party vehicles will be turned over to those leaders and will be used for the party’s operations.

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