Did Over 250k Die For Fun?

As the government sits back busying itself with toxic activities and believing that it owes the people no performance report; and as a matter of fact the people in whom power is inherent as enshrined in the Constitution are complaining about the wailing bones of Liberians most of whom are grieving in mass and shadowed graves with locations unknown today and seeing how things are really falling apart; and the leadership is not moved the least to turn the corner; then it is  dreadfully ridiculous that the administration should without second thought, desist from proclaiming of doing the people a favor by being around and they must unquestionably dance to the rhythms being played because that’s just what they deserved for entrusting state’s power, authority, honor and glory to it, and all those it will favor to wallow in ill-gotten wealth; plunder the national resources and  continue to excessively use the state’s coffers as mere petit cash-box with total impunity.

For this regime, upon cunningly faking ‘Pro-Poor’ as a quasi-alibi and a catch-phrase fractionally polished with out-dated political aroma with no intelligent and creative people-centered programs and principles imbued with a clear-cut directions; is on the stage of time reversing the little good things this nation has already and proudly accumulated from other failed past administrations; fertilizing to the zenith, abject poverty, grossly imposed massive hardship; as unemployment alarmingly break through the ceiling; while decentralized social services and economic upliftment and prosperity  are  speedily and vehemently on a nose-dive mode; and not anyone there in the inner circle to raise at least a voice that the leadership and all of its henchmen are pathetically running the nation aground, and there is an urgent need to apply the political brake and take stock of unfolding developments and trending events.

This is an open secret that before the ascendency of the now fake ‘Pro-Poor’ Agenda; a ‘national mirror’ stained with the weeping blood of over 250,000 people who died in the useless civil upheaval, but also for some salient reasons which should serve as a historical memorial which should never find their ways anymore in our governance system; for such was loaded with segregation, discrimination, marginalization, divide-and-rule, even divide-and-conquer and massive corruption as a password for the system; injustice and many other imposed odds that rendered the unbearable ‘shock-absorbers’ to stand up for their rights in a very tall and fierce bloodbath that lasted for 14 years; wherein apart from the soiling of over 250,000, destructions at  the highest magnitude including so many factors of productions were badly ruined as casualties.

And if any serious minded administration takes the helm of state power and cannot look through that blood-stained-national-mirror and sober up that 250,000 people did not die for fun, would be devise a new  course of administrative actions, would change its mind and fun-fare goals, and provide the kind of leadership that will enable the people to live with the keen mind and expectation of studying war anymore, instead press ahead with the guidance of the provided leadership, breaking new grounds of productivities, progressiveness, innovations and profound achievements with maximum relief of joy for all without pic k-and choose. Instead, what we are seeing obtaining here is so sad and deeply heartbreaking that the leadership has barricaded itself in the orbit of cronyism, sycophancy, total-blind-loyalty and the halleluiah from morning-to-night glee club; when the time is so reap for the leadership to erect a solid and envious beacon of legacy that all including generations to come would respect and emulate its glowing deeds.

Today, take a look all around here the once glorious land of liberty is craving under the yoke of leadership deficit as every day, the people are frustratingly entertained from one pain-stricken problem to another with no logical and honest political will power to progressively and meaningfully change the narrative for the betterment of all citizens without second thoughts of linkages.

As many callers on today’s phone-in-radio stations talk shows on several radio in Monrovia concerning the impasse between the health workers the government which negotiations started since last year sealed with a Memorandum Of Understanding is being stabbed in the back as health workers have begun a go-slow action, thereby leaving the poor people to be strapped in the cold with no alternative. Government being very uneasiness with the radical position adopted by the health workers has threatened to dismiss any worker who will fall out of line; when the very government officials do not attend the JFK, Redemption and Jackson F. Doe Hospitals when fall sick rather are flown out of the country immediately to seek medical treatments to the painful disadvantage of the poor people who cannot avoid the luxury of being flown out of here. The callers with voices choked with anger and sadness asked President George M. Weah if he would allow his sons, Champ and Timothy to attend the terrifying  and no pertinent equipment and most needed drugs let alone the conditions of the hospitals named above a seek medication or do surgery there? Every day it is either about Samuel D. Tweah or Cllr. N. Ndubusi Nwabudike, are they Weah’s soft spot?

According to Cllr. Benedict Sannoh, there is a need for the government to strengthen electoral integrity so that elections are not perceived but can be used as an instrument to punish corrupt individuals by removing them from elective office through the ballot box, adding that it is not just enough to take corrupt officials to court to be prosecuted.

“People who are elected under these circumstances will definitely be corrupt and will not respond to the needs of the people.  This is why we need to strengthen the NEC with the necessary resources so that corrupt officials cannot manipulate the citizens through their votes to ascend to positions of trust in the country.

At the same time, according to the Health Minister, at separate meetings, the government, represented by its relevant authorities, outlined its short, medium and long term plans in addressing the concerns raised by the healthcare workers.

Minister Jallah wondered why the healthcare workers would stage a go-slow action despite plans unveiled to their leaders by the government in the latest meeting they had.

Minister Jallah said one of the meetings was on September 8 with a subsequent meeting on September 10.  “We held the meeting talking with all of them (health workers). You have to look at results in the country’s context. Where is Liberia now? What can they put in to answer some of these questions and what can be put into place now? It’s not going to be a one-time solution for every problem. Some of these issues are age-old issues.”

She, however, assured that solving the problems would take short-term, medium-term and long-term depending on the gravity of each, and all cannot be solved simultaneously, stressing that “If they say they want everything to be solved at once, it puts everybody in a difficult position.”

She added that the government is working with the various groups that are part of the Union to address or resolve both “old age and new age issues.”

She further acknowledged that some of the demands raised by the healthcare workers are based on financial issues and, as such, she will not sit alone to decide whether or not they would be addressed in a timely manner by the government.

-Writes GDJ


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