Did Bishop Brown Somersault? -Clarifies That He Did Not Call On Prelates To Reject Presidential Appointments

Quite frankly, the political history of this nation, despite the traditional red line which demarcates the function of the operations of the church and state, despite a shared constituent (people) between the two powers with emphasis on dealing and commitment to the wellbeing of the very people; with one being purely spiritual and the other squarely political; and in spite the overall Commanding Authority is the Most High, the Creator and Provider for all humankind; those who as a calling embrace the vocation of God must satisfactorily submit all their time, devotion and uncompromising service to the sacred work of God and believing that with God, all things are possible and that nothing one does for God faithfully will go unnoticed rather be rewarded profoundly.

However, the political history is  loaded with some renewed people fully nurtured and at the frontline of the church providing spiritual guidance and leading the floods in the path of spiritual righteousness which is much more cardinal in the service of earthly people and cognizant of the divine calling, have elected to subordinate their celestial calling for presidential appointments. Some, instead of all due commitment and absolute courtesy to the church, have chosen to become president, vice president and other high profile political fore-runners; despite being mindful of the unique and distinct duty to the people through the church based on the Divine Constitution, have submitted themselves to the whims and caprices of mere men with just earthly political authority.

While it is emphatically clear that God is not going broke or could soon be going broke to perform His grace and love for His created to adequately sustain their earthly needs and wants, and that no problems earth has that He cannot solve; that where there is no vision (the vision givers beginning with the Pope, Archbishop, Bishop, Reverend, Pastor etc…) and be not fooled, for God is not mocked; certainly concrete indeed, that the heaven and earth shall pass away, but My (God’s) words shall not pass away, Surely, for them who subjugated their sacred vocation or political glory are bound to experience downplaying the calling of God for the aggrandizement of political power, fame, shall see and feel the difference in horning and staying with God’s calling and man given political appointment(s).

So true, when a renowned an well-grounded man of God and a bishop and overseer took on a politically-driven presidential appointment specifically as head of the Roberts International Airfield (RIA) and was later sacked by a pastor, it became a puzzling song in the city, mockingly how can a pastor sack a bishop? Well, the answer is anyone’s first guess

In the midst of the crusading song dubbed: pastor sacked bishop for administrative reason; comically pulling out the politically-prone authority encapsulated in the power of the president backed by the Constitution that all those appointed by the president, serve at his will and pleasure, meaning that you can be fired any time he so decides without answering why, the sacked bishop now knows that the pastor, who is first the president of the country and then a pastor in his own believe and practice, was duty-bound to sack the bishop as director of RIA, whereas, conversely, had he been in his church and carrying out work of God  and not taking on presidential appointment of which many are clamoring for political influence and presidential appointment, an apparent reference to the sacked bishop’s saga, Bishop Brown soon denied ever saying so. However, Bishop Brown noted that what he meant is that whosever is appointed by the president should know and accept that he or she can be fired any time by the president without asking why and contrarily, the  nation would not have had a comical story of pastor sacks bishop.

In the same vein, when the President of the Liberia Council of Churches (LCC) Bishop Kortu Brown of the Water In  The Desert, who was quoted by a local daily that all prelates should reject presidential appointments on  Monday, August 2, 2021 told a local radio station when asked to explain what he meant that  all prelates should reject presidential appointment, denies and clarifies that he did not say it that way rather he was reminding prelates to know that when they accept such presidential offer, they should expect to be dismiss anytime by the president at will without being (victim) consulted.

Moreover, pundits believed that Bishop Brown may have summersaulted either due to some quiet pressure from the political corridor, or may have sensed something and decided to play safe by pre-emptively releasing the second statement as clarification.

It has been seen time and again when clerics have opted political appointments in government in past governments and current; while the president is being confronted to have both religious leaders from the Christian and Muslim settings represented on his executive team.

-Writes GDJ  


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