Deputy Speaker Moye leads Parrot’s Electability Survey in Bong County Ahead of Senatorial Faceoff

Authored by Julius T. Jaesen, II

Executive summary

The Parrot Online News over last weekend conducted an electability and governance performance survey in Liberia’s fourth populated county to assess the performance rating of the CDC-led government and to know who is that senatorial aspirant poised to get the mandate of the citizens of the county to be Senator for yet another nine years. The survey unlike before was conducted both in lower and upper Bong County.

The survey considered citizens from the county who registered and voted in the 2017 elections. In lower Bong, we surveyed Totota, Felela and Salala and in upper Bong County, the survey covered electoral district #2 and District #3.

Throughout the survey, we were concerned about the demographic of the 250 respondents that were randomly selected for the survey. We took into consideration the age, education, occupation and sex of the respondents all of whom participated in the elections of 2017. We thought to survey both lower and upper Bong so no candidate will say the survey did not reach their areas or strongholds.

We conducted face-to-face interviews with 250 residents who are residing and voted in the 2017 elections in Bong County. In electoral district 2, we randomly selected 110 participants for the survey and in district 3, we chose 110 participants. To conclude the survey, we visited lower Bong County, particularly Totota, Felela and Salala and selected 10 participants each per area to conclude the survey.

According to what we gathered from the 250 participants, the upcoming election in the county is centred around three candidates but mainly Deputy Speaker Prince Kermue Moye Sr and Senator Henry Yallah. Apart from the two, they named Dr. Mogona S. Flomo Jr. And out of the three major candidates the citizens considered as forerunners in the upcoming election in Bong County, the Parrot uncovered from its survey in the county that Deputy Speaker Prince Kermue Moye, Sr., who is a Representative serving two terms, is the man selected by the overwhelming and broader majority of the people of Bong County to replace Sen. Henry Yallah as Senator for the next nine years in the Liberian Senate.

Of the 250 survey participants, Deputy Speaker Moye won with 180 votes amounting to 72%, while the current Senator, Henry Yallah, who finished second place got 55 votes amounting to 22% and the former Minister of Agriculture under the George Weah-led administration got 15 votes amounting to 6%.

Also on the performance rating of the government headed by George Weah, the result indicates that 2 respondents amounting to 0.8% said that the government’s performance is excellent, 5 respondents amounting to 2% pointed out that the government’s performing is good, while 130 respondents amounting to 92% stated that the government’s performance is very poor and 13 respondents amounting to 5.2% said the government’s performance is poor.

The majority of the respondents the survey covered stated that the government is not doing well to better the lives of its citizens but rather most of Weah’s officials are serving their personal interests. They pointed out that no government within a shorter space of time had ever exploited Liberia like the way the CDC-led administration has so deeply exploited the country.

When the respondents were all asked concerning the government’s commitment to the fight against corruption, they intoned that the government has elected to fight corruption not. They indicted Weah and his officials that just within a year, they’ve accumulated unexplained wealth when the women who laid down their lappers for Weah to walk over linger in despair; their children cannot go to schools anymore because business is not running well like before. They stated that no drugs in the CB Dunbar hospital in the county. They also told Parrot that on policy to address youth unemployment across the country which poses threat to the country’s stability, their government is doing very little to address it.

Citizens in the county frown at George Weah for constantly disrespecting their daughter, Jewel Howard-Taylor and the lack of coordination within the circle of government. However, the 2% of Parrot’s respondents who said the government is doing well pointed to the pavement of community’s roads in Montserrado and other counties as a great achievement of the government.

Parrot has gathered that Sen. Henry Yallah and Deputy Speaker Prince Kermue Moye Sr were all elected in the 2011 legislative election and took their respective seats in the Senate and House of Representatives on the second working Monday in January of 2012. But according to our survey findings, Deputy Speaker Moye has achieved momentous feat in terms of his services and progress in his district and the county at large than Henry Yallah, the current Senator of the county.

Citizens our survey covered pointed out clearly to Parrot that since the ascendancy of Senator Yallah in 2012, he can’t boast of any significant achievement made in the Senate and the county as a whole. They indicated to us that Hon. Yallah has only served his interest in the Senate than the people of the county who elected him. But as for Deputy Speaker Moye, 72% of the survey respondents accentuated that since his election in the house, he has played and continues to play a significant role in influencing public policies and other legislations for the good of the county and country in general.

In 2012 and up to late 2016, Deputy Speaker Moye served as Co-chair on the house’s Committee on Ways, Means and Finance, and in the latter year of 2016 and up to 2018 January, he served as Chairman on Ways, Means and Finance under which, the county benefited.

Again, respondents believe that both Senator Yallah and Deputy Speaker Moye cannot be compared – noting that Moye contested in a competitive election in the House for the Deputy Speaker position and won with a huge margin, his colleague, former Deputy Speaker Hans Barchue, making him the fourth person in terms of higher authority in the republic. Aside from their both roles in the Legislature, respondents argued that Rep. Moye is more of an asset to the county while Sen. Yallah is excess baggage. They intimated that Rep. Moye owns a large rubber farm that creates jobs for a good number of citizens of Bong County. It was also proven that Rep. Moye has the largest rice farm in the county with several people gainfully employed by him on the farm.

According to what Parrot gathered, the locally produced rice from Deputy Speaker Moye’s farm is sold for an affordable price. This, the citizens of Bong see as creating jobs to empower struggling citizens of the county by making them get their daily bread. The citizens stated that in the lawmaker’s district, he owns a very large palm farm where the people of the county are jobbing for their daily survival. They believe that it is under his regime that district number two received clinic and good roads. Rep. Moye collaborated with Hon. Robert of district 4 and constructed a bridge to ease the burden of citizens commuting from one end to the other.

Also, we uncovered that Deputy Speaker Moye constructed the most modern and technical high school called the Sumo Moye Memorial Institute in Gbarnga City on the Lofa road in district number 3 where Rep. Melvin Cole serves as a lawmaker. The school is both vocational and academic with trained and qualified teachers.

No joke, 72% of our respondents notified Parrot that it was Rep. Moye who initiated the mid-wives appreciation program. They believe it is Rep. Moye who gave life to traditional midwives in the county.

Our respondents concluded that it is because of the developmental initiatives of Prince Moye that the good people of Bong County overwhelmingly have decided to carry him as the next Senator of the county. They opined that most counties in the country are now resolute and resolved to carry their best sons and daughters to the Senate, and Bong is of no exception. So as such, they cannot afford to lose a lawmaker they call Prince Developmental Moye in the upcoming election.

We have found out that over 47 petition programs had been held so far in Bong County in favour of Prince Moye to ensure his ascendancy to the Senate. When Parrot asked our respondents why the Deputy Speaker who opposed the election of Rep. Melvin Cole as Senator of Bong will today want to leapfrog from being a Representative to Senator, they eloquently demystified that line of reasoning others are using to deny Moye. According to our respondents, Melvin Cole was elected in 2017 as Representative and took a seat on the second working Monday in January 2018, and two weeks later when Her Excellency, Jewel Howard-Taylor, ascended as Vice President of the republic, Rep. Melvin Cole immediately started to nurse the ambition to fill the vacancy the VP’s ascendancy created in Bong County when he has not achieved one of his promises made to the people of electoral district 3 who elected him for a six year-term. For them, the timing on the part of Rep. Cole in less than 5 months after his election as Representative was not strategic – because he has not proven himself worthy of their mandate to take him from being a lawmaker of a district to Senator of their county. But as for Deputy Speaker Moye, they intimated clearly that he has been tested as Representative for almost nine years and has proven worthy of their support to take on a new role to serve the entire county.

For Henry Yallah, the majority of the respondents believe that he has not represented the people of Bong County in the Senate. They said he has been part of every bad and corrupt deeds in the Senate. Citizens pointed out that he allegedly received money from the executive branch of government to remove his honour, former Justice Kabineh Ja’neh. But contrary to the odds against him, some believe he has done some great jobs including the establishment of an electoral foundation for young people to attendd school. But generally, the majority of the respondents said that Senator Yallah has failed the county.

As for Dr. Mogana S. Flomo Jr, very few of our respondents believe that he has contributed outstandingly to the county long before thinking about politics. They claimed that he organised seminars and trained citizens in environmental and health initiative through his private university called CYPRESS International University. They asserted that he has spent over 24 years in the classroom imparting knowledge in the minds of young people of the county. Again, they stated that his private university is the cheapest in the county and perhaps the country, aside from state-owned institutions. Lastly, respondents said it was Dr. Flomo who provided manpower to construct radio Gbarnga.


The electability and governance performance survey was conducted through house-to-house interviews with families in both lower and upper Bong County. Parrot visited electoral districts number 2 and 3 in upper Bong. In lower Bong, we interviewed residents of Totota, Felela and Salala.

Parrot survey was conducted with a total number of 250 residents in Bong County who are all registered voters selected as respondents. In upper Bong County were the two leading candidates come from, we selected 220 respondents – selecting 110 from district number 2 and the same 110 similarly selected from district 3. In lower Bong, we randomly selected 30 respondents – 10 respondents came from Totota, 10 from Felela and 10 respondents selected from Salala.

The survey chose Taro Yamane’s statistical formula to calculate the sample population. We are overly confident that the precision or exactitude of this survey is 95% and 5% error. Therefore, the formula goes:

n= N


Ss=n= sample size

N= Population

e= Level of precision or sampling of error is + or -5%


The 250 interviews were fully transcribed using adobe audition 1.5 and advanced Microsoft equipment that allowed audio transcriptions. The transcriptions were assembled and stored according to different groups of participants.

Demographic of the Respondents

Respondents Distribution by Gender

Table 1.1

Gender Frequency Percentage
Male 135 54%
Female 115 46%
Total 250 100%

The sample population was categorized as indicated in table 1.1. The survey interviewed 135 males which accounted for 54% of the total respondents and 115 females accounting for 46% of the respondents.


1.2 Age Distribution of respondents

Age Distribution Frequency Percentage
21-29 48 19.2%
30-39 89 35.6%
40-49 102 40.8%
50 & Above 11 4.4%
Total 250 100%

Table 1.2 shows the sampled population age distribution of respondents interviewed during the electability and governance performance survey. The 250 respondents the survey gathered data from were divided into age groups as indicated in the above table. 21-29 accounts for 19.2% and 30-39 accounts for 35.6%, 40-49 accounts for 40.8% and 50 and above accounts for 4.4%.

Table 1.3 Frequency Distribution showing the Education of Respondents

Educational status Frequency Percentage
High school diploma 169 67.6%
Less than high school 35 14%
In College 30 12%
College Graduate 16 6.4%
Total 250 100%


The above table indicates that 67.6% of the respondents are high school graduate, 14% also account for less than high school, 12% are in college and 6.4% are college graduate.

Table 1.4 Frequency Distribution Showing Survey Results of Contestants

Names Votes Percentage
Prince Kermue Moye Sr 180 72%
Henry Yallah 55 22%
Dr Mogana S. Flomo Jr 15 6%
Total 250 100%

Table 1.4 shows the results of the survey gathered from 250 respondents about the three major contenders in the upcoming senatorial election in Bong County. The results show that 180 of the 250 respondents amounting to 72% said they will be voting for Deputy Speaker Prince Kermue Moye Sr, while 55 respondents amounting to 22% indicated in the survey that they would re-elect Henry Yallah as Senator and 15 respondents amounting to 6% mentioned that their votes would be cast for. Mogana S. Flomo Jr.

Table 1.5 Frequency Distribution Showing the Performance Rating of the Government

Performance Rating Frequency Percentage
Excellent 2 0.8%
Good 5 2%
Very Poor 230 92%
Poor 13 5.2%
Total 250 100%

Table 1.5 shows the results of the survey gathered from 250 respondents who rated the government led by President George Manneh Weah. The results indicate that 2 respondents amounting to 0.8% said that the government performance is excellent, 5 respondents amounting to 2% pointed that the government’s performing is good, while 130 respondents amounting to 92% stated that the government’s performance is very poor and 13 respondents amounting to 5.2% said the government’s performance is poor.

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