Deputy Finance Minister, Dr. Wolokollie Turns Table On Detractors & Skeptics -Says, The Reality Is Vividly Glaring To Shy Away From

Deputy Finance Minister, Att, Dr. Samora Wolokollie has robustly debunked ill-nourished criticisms and condemnations attributed to the economy under the leadership of President George M. Weah as unrealisticly covered under the rubric of flaws designed by elements totally bend on spewing wanton  and disgruntle vain imagination to discredit the profound progress made by Dr. Weah’s government.

Defending the profound and maximum progress including the fantastic achievements made so far by the current administration in a relative short period to the complete ignorance of those who were at the helm of state power, and are now venting out their misguided anger, the well-versed financial technocrat, Dr. Wolokollie sternly reminded those out there struggling to keep undermining the government to be mindful of the massive performance that led the economy into a nose-dive poster era during leadership.

In a debate with a ‘whitewasher’ ’of the previous government headed by Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf the Deputy Finance Minister for Fiscal Affairs was straight to the reality that indeed, it is glaring that the Weah-led government inherited a brook economy of which the current government has to grapple with by turning the corner in the most positive form and manner.

He explained that looking back on the numerous achievements that this government has under its belt, it is praiseworthy. Dr. Wolokollie pointed out that despite the weak, low level and baseless argument that the government has nothing to show regarding direct foreign investment, Att. Wolokollie reminded the skeptics and doom makers that   the revenue capacity of the regime has immensely improved, the nation is now proud to state that for the first time since its founding, that the highest budget amounting to over US700 million is being  known on the books, over 5000 new construction businesses are being established while government has created more jobs, coupled with stable environment.

Touching on the present hullaballoo concerning the publication of an infamous book on the First Lady of Liberia, Dr. Wolokollie, who upholds the respect, pride and dignity of women in its entirety, described the First Lady, Clar Weah as a unique woman; and despite the demeaning and derogatory graphics published on her, she did not in the slightest manner and form, permit the latter to tear her apart.

Dr. Wolokollie rather noted that instead, the First Lady told her husband that when he (Weah) decided to go into politics, these things she said, were expected, adding, “I believe in you George”. According to her, it’s not about me, people are only trying to get at her husband.

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