Decency Begins with Doing What Is Right and Righteous?

Except for U.S. President Donald Trump whose Presidency was shambolic and marred by flaws and spectacles or conundrums, all American presidents worked their way to the coveted U.S. Presidency—from down to up…serving in different potential roles. Trump’s Presidency was fraught with faux pas because he knew absolutely nothing about politics and governance or may we say he was a greenhorn to statecraft. Arguably, Trump was a successful corporate mogul before plying his presidential ambition but in politics and governance, he proved to be a neophyte in many instances.

The complexities and convolutions in politics and governance are quite grave and immense because it involves the lives of millions of people and requires meticulous decisions that might be unpopular and condemnable at times, which is why it compels deep experience and maturity to make an effective and efficient president in any country. In most if not all the leading nations across the world, leaders are processed to the highest office, not accentuated or swindled to the highest office in the land. You must learn the act and nuances of politics and governance and you must understudy seniors (people before you) to fully understand this act. You must diligently and honorably navigate through the rank and file to get to the top. It takes more than textbook theories to be an effective and efficient President. This game requires years of rich practical experience.

George Weah’s performance clearly argues the point why a tyro in the act of politics and governance cannot and must not be given the Presidency. We can’t play gamble with the seat of the Presidency. It is not and must not be a “try and error” thing. Leadership is meant or must be preserved for our most experienced, aged, noble, wise, reputable, and credible citizens.

Even as popular as George Weah was, he humbled his egos to Cllr. Winston Tubman within his own CDC. He also summoned the courage to lower his ambition from the Presidency to the Senate where he served on a short span before becoming President out of either grace or luck. Folks, may we not allow our egos and “vaulting ambitions” to blind our eyes to the realities of Life. Life is a stage— you are born, with time you sit up, with time you crawl, with time you stand up, and with time you walk to become a complete human being.

May we learn how to wait for our time. May we do what is right and righteous, for that is decency.

Writes Moncio Robert Kpadeh


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