Dangerously ‘Conning’ -Quizzical & Troubling Motive; Printing Of LD48.733bn. On The Heed Of Elections; Amidst Grave Registered Suspicion Of Political Overtone

Government is best that governors the least. One of the things that the great American writer, Henry David Throeau was also and clearly alluding to was that a government that openly with sincerity, listens keenly to the plights of the people and works assiduously with unhindered honesty to live up to such expectation and task, will own the ear of the greater population, and always have the heart of the people unswervingly.

To earn this, it takes the demonstration of fairness on the part of the government if it is to enjoy the solid confidence from the people it must show understanding and exhibit all out respect for the needs and aspirations of the governed instead of engaging into ‘dangerous conning’ maneuvers that portrayed scandal, only committed and exclusively busy with seeking self-interests disregard and restless conduct towards their (people’s) wellbeing, while abusing their rights to have a saying in things and issues that affect them locally and nationally.

Indeed, it is too saddened when the servant accrued so much power over the masters and despite being at the mercy of the very masters; would elect to force down the throats its dubious wills and unrefined useless behaviors as though the servant has become another Frankenstein, does not work that way in the kind of democracy we are practicing in Liberia.

The maxim that it is on old mat that we plait new one is so very expedience in the governing sphere because what it is stressing here is total transparency and accountability in the dispensation of entrusted authority and obligation. When the government fails to adhere to transparency and accountability; when it has no cogent records to substantiate how the previous authority and national resources were utilized especially when no impact felt rather all being confronted with is the worse…at that juncture, is it not feasible that the people inquire how was the first batch of resources spent; where are the records to justified the needs for new set of resources to alleviate the hardship and wanton suffering mostly with the local currency? Ehn… are they wrong to seek the avenue of accountability through transparency regarding entrusted money?

But very interesting, this government  does not politically  consult with an open democratic mind, heart and soul rather has a track record of rushing to print additional money (without any reliable documentation to show thereafter) meanly on the heed of elections they craved so badly to win as in the case of the LD4bn printed that became allegoric to the market but bountifully loaded in the personal custody of the elite; the denomination was all in LD500 bill which became visible whenever a CDC’s candidate was out campaigning in the various communities, while the commercial banks were staved off it. When the questions were asked why the mutilated banknotes collected from on the market to be replaced by the newly printed ones were still plentiful on the very market, thereby creating running stress and tensions between buyers and traders who have developed the practice of rejecting the torn and shabby banknotes; and to receive same, the vendors world over price the commodities to the displeasure of the consumers, therein sparking serious confusion resulting into the exchanged of accusation and castigations with the consumers accusing the vendors of exploitation while the vendors slammed the consumers of not forced to buy from them.

This has happened under the close look of the opposition without checkmating such dervish practice by the government that is systematically unconcerned about honor, disgrace coupled with checks-and-balances in the conduct of its entire transactions with emphasis on financial dealings both locally and nationally. Today, it has concluded the deal to print and additional LD48.733 billion once again in the elections’ orbit of 2023 into three stages; not being very carefully critical about the attended political ramifications;  firstly it is has a nature of quizzical and troubling motive; secondly, the printing of LD48.733bn. on the heed of elections and not later especially after the race is too questionable and thirdly; amidst grave registered suspicion of Political overtone cannot easily be swept under the rug as business as usual.

It has been said time after time that the nation’s problems is the Legislature, and the people’s suffering as a results of bad legislations in bead with the Executive is deeply rooted in the ability of the Legislature to talk tough and truth to the authority of the Executive rather anything from the Executive joyously meet the approval of the YS SIR Legislators.


At the same time, FrontpageAfrica published that Plenary of the House of Representatives has finally approved the Central Bank of Liberia’s request to print a new family of banknotes in the tone of L$48.7 billion to completely replace the ones that are currently in use within three years, beginning 2021.

The House made the decision on Thursday, in its 19th day sitting following the passage of a resolution through a unanimous vote in plenary based on a motion filed by Rep. Acarous Moses Gray (District #8, Montserrado County).

In the legislative piece named and style ‘Resolution 001-2021’, the House mandated the CBL to print 20, 50, 100 and 500 denominations, omitting the L$5 and L$10 bank notes.

Excerpt of the Resolution: “Now, therefore, in accordance with the above, the National Legislature, comprising of the House of Representatives and the Senate, hereby authorizes the Central Bank of Liberia to print new family of currency in the amount of Forty-eight Billion Seven Hundred Thirty-four Million as requested and subject to the following conditions…”

The CBL, which is clothed with the authority to administer the monetary regime of Liberia, through its Board of Governors headed by Executive Governor J. Aloysius Tarlue had sought approval from the Legislature to print a new families of banknotes, and minting of coins in the amount of L$48.7 billion (L$48,734,000,000) at a printing cost of US$45.5 million (US$45,522,000). The CBL also requested that the new family should include 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 banknotes, while the Five and Ten dollars denominations should be minted in coins.

However, the House, in the resolution, nullified the L$1,000 banknotes and said that the denomination of bank notes to be printed shall only be 20, 50, 100 and 500. The House, however did not mention anything about the five and ten dollars denominations.

Because of the omission of L$1,000 notes, the House called on the CBL to reduce the printing but did not give a specific amount.

It can be recalled that, the government has quite frankly been reminded of the time that will come and demand transparency and accountability while still or out of power.

Major stakeholders have been sternly reminded not to break down Liberia’s young democratic system because it would be foolhardy if they continue to play with the Liberian people and think that the people (Liberians) will not get their day, adding, “ask William R. Tolbert, ask Samuel K. Doe and ask Charles Ghankay Taylor”, sounded a (former) lawmaker.

Former Margibi County’s Senator Oscar Cooper in a JOY FM’s interview on a phone-in talk show on Monday, March 30, 2020 stated that while the nation and people no longer need the horrifying and bloody days of the past, the National Elections Commission (NEC) must be fair, credible and transparent, and not entrusted with people who are too close to the President and transforming NEC into a pro-Congress for Democratic Change’s (CDC) establishment.

“I am not going to eat crab with shame and it must be made clear to Senator J. Milton Teahjay that he is dealing with men in the senate and the process he’s championing was not right and NEC is exclusively responsible to conduct elections in the country and cannot and must not be entrusted with foreigner, despite his close tie with the President rather with credible Liberian”, (former) Senator Cooper lamented.

According to (former) Senator Cooper, to ensure trust and confidence and erase all harbored doubts, qualms or suspicion, former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in appointing members to NEC,  wherein Cllr. Jerome G. Korkoya emerged as Chairman, asked Mr. George M. Weah of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and Cllr.(late) Charles W. Brunskine of the Liberty Party to submit names to be forwarded for vetting for appointment to serve on the National Elections Commission upon senate’s confirmation, which projects the spirit of open inclusion of Liberians taking ownership of the system and development that is strictly theirs.

-Writes GDJ

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