Crushing Under Tyranny

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Upon enduring all the politico-economic and cultural crises frustratingly loaded with scorn, upright disrespect to the highest proportion ; having been unscrupulously railroaded and subjugated to mere beggars from door-to-door for slipping crumbs from the ruling cartel’s tables; who for the past six years been rendered the cut-away-population as nothingness; So true, and indeed, it’s no longer an abstract secret, but an absolute realism, that the long awaited 2023, the time historically proclaimed in the constitution as presidential and legislative elections; the moment exclusively accorded decision is finally at hand.
The politically charged defining moment is here wherein the decision to separate the failed goats from the sheep of consideration to be made by those constitutionally empowered to draw the red line, having been told to still hold on, upon waiting in six miserable and unpleasant years in the non-stop raging turbulence.
The year 2023 is in actual truism dubbed: the year to immensely ‘repay’ the tyrants who mercilessly, heartlessly and disdainfully kept the, besides cronies, buddies, sycophants, bind loyalists and praise-singers including defenders of the cartel with quizzical and questionable thoughts and results; vast population perpetually crushing under tyranny- Yes, indeed, 2023 is the time that the cartel shall pick up its pay-check for what its members have demonstrated as performance on the national platform and impact made domestically and internationally.
Not knowing that after 12 consecutive years in the opposition camp, begging for the people’s mandate to ascend to the helm of state power, wrapped in the holes-prone tissue with an inscription change for hope; six years later today, it is very interesting enough to note and clearly see the cartel has been lumbered with massive incompetence, unconcerned about the sacred tenets of democracy with its corresponding moral virtues and values reflective through good governance coupled with the courtesy to accept their statutory mandate as servants of the people and not their masters, and rule them wantonly, grotesquely and diminishingly.
My Mission
Moreover, with the broom as his symbol as he enters the political arena of 2023 as presidential candidate, a renowned human rights lawyer, Cllr. Tiawon S. Gongloe’s perception of the ruling cartel as disappointing, disturbing and needs o be shown the marching order at the ballot box democratically.
According to Cllr. Gongloe, “People who used to be CDCians have changed; they are regretting supporting the President (Weah). He noted that there is a high level of hunger because the country does not produce its own food, medical facilities lack vital pieces of equipment and medical supplies, while a lot of children are out of school. “That is why I have this broom as a symbol to sweep corruption and other vices out of government. That’s my mission.”
However, five years down the road, with Liberians being not just spectators in their own economy, but have become total beggars in their own country based on government’s inability to attract direct foreign investments into the country which could alleviate the massive suffering and abject poverty now very glaring in every little place one looks, with people wearing pitiful faces and crying out with hands stretched out for a drop of something to bite on, the secret, I at all there’s any, has become pathetically pain-stricken to continue to bear under to psychologically spell that “ the man (president) loves the people and have the country at heart.
This pathetic scenario is obtaining every day in a country graciously endowed with multiple most needed rich mineral and natural resources coupled with rich soil, climate as well as reliable and rain forests and dependable Marine blessings-like the Atlantic Ocean including many water outlets that could generate more revenues it taken care of and handled with pride and care.
Careful attention must be paid on security for the people and state; huge cache of sophisticated arms entered into the country only to be investigated later on how it got here; US$100 million worth of cocaine landed on th soil without the government knowing its origin until a tipped off from the US government including mysterious deaths of some citizens without logical explanations and results from the security are all worrisome an very troubling.
Enough Is Enough
It can be recalled that the Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cumming has diagnosed Liberia’s problem of being in one mode for so long without difference in governance.
ANC’s Leader Cummings who was a staunch member of the disintegrated and seriously handicapped Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) said that Liberia will change under his leadership because the people and the government will not be doing the same thing the old ways and expect a different result.
To realize a different outcome for things done, there must be a change instituted to produce result without doing the same thing and expect different result which does not work that way, adding that garbage in, garbage out.
The Political Leader of ANC made it clear to all that he will lead by example and under his leadership, impunity will be nailed vehemently and will have no room to even squat because if anyone breaks the law or be caught for wrong doing, the law will take its full course no matter who you may be or where you will come from; even if you are related to him, the due process of the law will be applied without fear or favor.
He maintains that the business of running a government will be clearly divorced of cronyism, friendship and love lost, it will be business is business, and not mix business with Christmas or funfair.
Touching on enhancing growth and development, Cummings explained that with the endowment of so many natural and mineral resources in the country, the applied art and craft of a mature, serous, capable and open management will be the order of the day.
The iron ore, forests and other market-attracted resources will be harnessed in a careful manner that people will begin to see the positive impact and dividend of the change by doing things differently and deriving at different results.
As the Standard Bearer of Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings stated that, “the careless and irresponsible attitude of the Liberian Government is being exposed. Under this George Weah-led Government, Liberia continues to be internationally disgraced, shamed and laughed at”.
Giving people justice and ending impunity are not issues over which any responsible government ought to wait to be publicly chastised by its international partners. These are things responsible governments do to cleanse the soul of a nation, and to keep countries secure, stable and peaceful, Cummings noted
We have all seen what it means for our country to breakdown and become lawless. And so, Liberia does not need to wait and be reminded to do the things we need to do to build a more just society that will punish crimes. This is the only way to make our society truly law-abiding.
However, it is hard to stop stealing in government when the people who should be stopping the stealing, and setting the good examples by not stealing, are actually the rogues. It is also hard to punish anyone for crimes, however bad, when the leaders are looking for special favors from the criminals, or are themselves, benefiting from the crimes.
Whether it is done by Presidents or Ministers – whether it is done by a friend, opposition, or relative – stealing from the people is wrong. We cannot continue to pretend that one day, stealing in government will stop by itself. We have to stop it ourselves, because as we continue to see, it is keeping too many of our people poor.
Whether it is done by warlords or presidents, killing involved. Innocent people, mysteriously or in the name of war, is also wrong. To stop it, we must investigate seriously and punish anyone.
Enough is enough!
We must stop the stealing in government. We must stop the looting of our country. We must stop the killing of innocent people. We must end impunity for crimes. We must become a more just and safer society. I feel very strongly about this, and I know that we can do it.
Placing individuals above the law, and not holding each other fully accountable for crimes, are practices that have kept us backward for far too long. This is why I support the establishment of a war crimes court, and a court on economic crimes.
These courts will help us find justice for victims. Hopefully, they will lay painful memories of loved ones, and innocent souls to their deserved eternal rests.
I believe they will also lift the weight off the shoulders of accused persons who believe themselves to be innocent or wrongly accused. A court is not just a place to seek punishment. It is a place to find truth, to award justice, and to set the innocent or wrongly accused, free.
Importantly, these courts will help us heal, be reconciled, and not continue to live in fear of each other. And especially for a court on economic crimes, I believe it ought to not be limited to only the commission of economic crimes during the war but that it must have jurisdictions to deal with past, current and future economic crimes such as stealing from the people, and passing deals that cheat Liberia and Liberians.
Finally, I know establishing these courts will not be easy. There are many questions to be answered. Public opinions and concerns differ. Lawyers tell me there are a lot of things we will need to do.
But I support the establishments of these courts because I believe it is the right thing to do for our country. It will help us to change for the better, and to be more accountable to each other.
I also know that turning a blind eye to crimes in the name of peace will give us no peace. And so, even if it is hard – even if it scares us – we must find the way to do it. We must also find the help we will need to do it. But in the end, we must do it for ourselves, and for our children.
We have to change, if we will become a country that will give justice fairly and blindly to all who seek it. From rape and the acceptance of bribes by judges and other public officials, to crimes against humanity and stealing from the Liberian people, we must be a country that will hold everyone accountable. When we do this, our children and their children will live in a more just, peaceful, prosperous and reconciled society than we have today. We owe this to ourselves and to future generations.
Weah Chides Cummings
Meanwhile, being declared that although it is true that the Weah-led government scored some considerate marks in the health sectors as reported by the United States 2021 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices on Liberia reflections from the industrial sites along with child labor abuse dropped the hope an aspirations of the people of which most people on the frontier of child labor abuse, blamed the government for presiding over an economy that is not people-centered, despite his loud vibration on his inaugural day that Liberians will no longer be spectators to their own economy rather become the custodians; the clear reality is vanity.
The open letter from Weah is loaded with great deal of lesson stretching as far back as civic and the running of government with setting in the senate thereby exposing Cummings’ weakness at the ballot box and the hurdles decapitating his chances due to his ‘bleeding leadership.
Also the open letter provided a tutorial room for Cummings to quickly utilize the path of catch-up since the 2017 portrayed his lowest ebb of performance politically. However, offering free tutorial for Cummings since he mounted the political arena in Liberia has not been a new offering; for so it was with him and the former troubled-sanctioned Solicitor General.
Weah indicated in his open letter to Cummings that it is also disappointing to note your reference to a vote by the Liberian Senate to change elections magistrates, and your call on me to “veto this decision by the Liberian Senate” is out of focus. As a former Senator, let me take this opportunity to school you in the workings of the Senate, the Legislature in general, and its relationship with the Executive in the passage of laws.
A vote by the Senate on any bill does not come to the desk of the President. A vote by the Senate requires concurrence by the House of Representatives before it is submitted to the Office of the President for his signature or veto, noted Weah.

In this instant case, he said, this bill did not emanate from the Executive Branch, nor does it have its support.
The continuous fear-mongering by you and others in the opposition, seeking to prematurely cast aspersions on the sanctity of our electoral process, in the face of the excellent track record of the number of free, transparent and fair elections which have been held since my incumbency; many won by candidates of the very opposition, is duplicitous and dishonest.
Demolishing Cummings further, Weah in his open letter expressed that “let me remind you and other members of Liberia’s traditional elitist political class that, in spite of the political, economic, and humanitarian carnage you have caused for over a century and still feel an uncanny entitlement to the Office I now occupy: I assumed leadership through a peaceful, democratic, free, and fair process in which the PEOPLE OF LIBERIA gave me an overwhelming mandate – an election that you participated in and received a dismal seven (7%) percent vote of rejection”.
In the event of demarcating character and it imbued substance as compared to others including Cummings’, Weah expresses that’ “I am a man of peace, a man of integrity. I paid my dues to my country for decades, long before I was given the mandate of leadership by the Liberian people. This was done at great personal risk, particularly during the war years. I doubt you were anywhere around to fully understand what this truly means.
Where Were You?
Annihilating Cummings’ ‘bleeding’ leadership, the open letter observes that at the most crucial and very critical time in the status of the security and the very safety of the people were sliding rapidly down the hill; while Liberians were stretching out their hands for most needed help and rescue to save their skin; “where were you who claimed so much success in the corporate kingdom”?
Rather the incumbent emphasizes that “I left the comforts of Monte Carlo, the comforts of Paris, the comforts of Milan, and the comforts of New York to help my people who were in distress due to war. Many days, I flew from Paris to Budumburam in Ghana, from Monaco to Conakry in Guinea and from Paris to Abidjan and Danane in La Cote d’Ivoire, to lend a helping hand to assist my people who were in dire straits in refugee camps”.
According to him, he suspended his career to join UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador – free of charge and at great personal cost – to support the international efforts to end the war and help disarm child soldiers. The records are there, but none are as blind as those who do not wish to see. Where were you then, Mr. Cummings, did you leave your perched tower in Atlanta to lift a finger to help our people who were dying?
“I know that by this response I have inadvertently accorded you the attention you have long sought in order to revive a dead political stature for which you issue weekly press releases and statements which make unsubstantiated claims. However, I owe it to the People of Liberia, the general public, and to people the world over, to correct these completely erroneous characterizations that you and your clique continue to spew out”.
Delving on fearless impartiality he narrated that the Congress for Democratic Change, now the Coalition for Democratic Change, has a history of utilizing its internal mechanisms to chastise leaders who violate the laws of the Party – including expulsion from the Party of even its chairpersons. Can we say that about your Party? Perhaps you should speak to the founding Chairman from who you bought your little party. He will tell you about the strong ethos of zero tolerance for improper behavior within the CDC.
Being vividly opened he pointed out that “let me say, for the record, that Representative Solomon George, and all opinion leaders in the Coalition for Democratic Change, are fully cognizant of my publicly held position on the maintenance of the country’s hard-earned peace and the rule of law. His recent statement was out of order. It was no surprise therefore that he wasted no time in setting the record straight about what he truly intended to convey.
Capitalizing on deceitfulness Weah observes that the insincerity on your (Cummings’) part becomes so palpable when you are up in arms, pandering to the public gallery because of his comments, when you would not garner the same courage to reign in an agitator of a lawmaker within the ranks of your own party who constantly threatens violence and denigrates women. He in fact took guns to a protest rally in which you participated. But not a word was heard from you. How hypocritical!
This double standard, he stresses, removes any moral authority to offer advice on what “RIGHTFUL” path the country ought to take. “I have no history of violence. My rise from Monrovia’s slums is publicly documented. It was through hard work, respect, dedication, and commitment that I clawed my way out of poverty, but I have never forgotten my roots; so there is a reason why your attempts to conflate who Liberians and the world actually know me to be have not gained much traction.
-Writes GDJ

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