Cries Of Despair & Hopeless Expressions

The  harbored notion that Liberia is cursed and cannot change for the better by extension among the best nations on earth, has found an uncomfortable entertainment in the convinced  realistic calculation of an accomplished Liberian, despite the inflicted woes imposed on the people and country by the  current leadership that vowed politically to instill positive change and credible hope.

Without slicing his words at least, on equal opportunities for all qualified Liberians, the political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings told graduates of the United Methodist University (UMU) this week in Monrovia that “all across our country, we have many Junior Boys and Teta Girls – many children with dreams that now appear to be fading fast. They, too”, he stressed, “like all of you, deserve a better chance. I hear the cries of despair and hopeless expressions that our country may be cursed, and that we simply cannot change. I understand the frustrations”.

However, Cummings who is also one of the staunch leaders of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP)- an opposition bloc noted, “I refuse to believe that our nation is cursed or that we are just doomed to fail. Yes, we must change the direction of our country”.

According to him, to do this, “first, we must agree to change the discredited impression that leadership does not matter  – because it does. Competence matters. Education matters. Values and principles matter. These important attributes do not just matter for individuals, they do for every nation”.


And so, it is that burning desire to do more for all of our people that have called me to politics. The truth is that through politics, and especially responsible, accountable and selfless service at the highest levels of a government, the real possibility exists to do more for all of our people, the Political Leader discloses.

Strengthening the veins of courage, determination and their aspirations, Cummings pointed out to the graduates saying, “to all of you, I say that I know it is hard. But may we never give up on ourselves and on our country, nor let ourselves stop trying, despite the many bad examples from those who have the duty to set good examples – may we never stop doing the right things for ourselves, our communities, and for our country”.

He added, each day, “I find a new reason to hope for our country. I find it in the sparks in the eyes of you who graduate today. I find it in the expressions of people so far removed from Monrovia, in the distant counties all across the country, some cut off by the lack of roads, and yet, are looking to a new day, and the possibilities of a new future”.

The keynote Speake continues, “I find it in a young man who is trying to do business the right way despite all of the temptations from the government to harass and corrupt him. I find it in motorcyclists who are trying to do the best that they can to make ends meet”.

“I find it in school teachers who despite low salaries will not miss a day, and in students who without the suitable conditions for quality learning still give their best efforts”, he observes.

I find it across rural dwellings where our women, despite still being locked out and treated as less than equals to men, still carry the burdens of providing for their families. I find it in women daring to claim their rightful places around the national table of decision making.

Mr. Cummings indicated “I find it in doctors and nurses who can make so much more elsewhere, but show such love and dedication to remain here working under less than ideal conditions and in under-equipped and underfunded hospitals and clinics”.

He also said “I find it in our civil servants who despite being “harmonized” wake up every working day to get to work. I find it in the gallantry of our service men and women who are willing to sacrifice their lives and limbs for the country we love”.

The CPP’s official noted that yes, Liberia will overcome; good will prevail; and Liberia will be better for all Liberians. May God continue to bless you, and our nation, as we travel together along the challenging road that lies ahead, he concluded.

-Writes GDJ

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