CPP Remains Focused, Steadfast -Says Urey; Despite Tons Of Infiltrations To Dismantle The Opposition Bloc

  It is one thing the ruling political establishment doesn’t want to see, is the continued cohesiveness and function of the four Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) which is also ever determined to make President George M. Weah a one term president.

To achieve such goal thereby making the incumbent’s second term bid an easy ride, several attempts to sow the seeds of discord; create perpetual divide that would in turn weaken the united front of the CPP including all applied efforts to set Alternative National Congress (ANC) Alexander B. Cummings against Unity Party (UP) Standard Bearer, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai regarding who heads the CPP’s ticket, the teleguided cold war tactics now raging inspite of the quest to politically showcase value and worth to take on the incumbent.

But with all the scheming to flatten the CPP and decapitate its ability to make Weah a one term president in 2023, the All Liberian Party’s (ALP’s) Political Leader, Mr. Benoni W. Urey observes that the CPP is a political set ups with different backgrounds and ways of conducting their respective activities uniquely, and coming together with a prime objective, there may exist some disagreements, but we are not in disarray.

Reiterating that the CPP remains focused and steadfast, he (Urey) disclosed that they are in the state of consensus building and the Political Leader of the Liberty Party (LP), Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence has been tasked with the responsibility to conduct the exercise of consensus to find out who heads the CPP’s ticket.

According to Urey, if the consensus exercise fails to yield the expected result, then they will engage the Voter Perspective Survey (VPS) as enshrined in the CPP’s document. According to him, the process is a difficult task considering the four parties with different backgrounds and interests, but we are totally committed to the document of the CPP  and will act cohesively to ensure what we promised the Liberian people is delivered.

In a te-ta-te with the media on Thursday, June 17, 2021 at his Lonestar office in Monrovia where he delved on a wide range of national issues, Mr. Urey repeated his support for former vice president, Dr. Joseph N. Boakai to head the CPP’s ticket, because according to him, Dr. Boakai is well educated, experienced, blessed with demonstrated wisdom and tested in the political arena for over four decades of which 12 years were spent as vice president to former president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and is the man prepared politically to take on Weah and defeat him.

However, he noted that if his candidate does not win to head the ticket, he will support anyone selected on the ticket in keeping with the commitment made and signed in the CPP’s document including the four leaders of the Collaborating Political Parties.

-Writes GDJ

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