Cowards’ Paradise -Where The Country Is At The Mercy Of Foreigners

Liberia has been mirrored as a cowards’ paradise that is at the mercy of foreigners who used the once glorious land of liberty that while rated the place of diplomacy and the champion of independence for several countries in and out of the homeland; pathetically, it lies in the ruin of total leadership neglect despite being the oldest independent republic on the continent of Africa obtaining its historical significance on July 26, 1847.

Glorified with endowment of vast rich and most needed mineral and natural resources, fertile soil, envious climate Great rainforests, promising costal shores and along with some historically attractive tourists’ resorts coupled with wide-life scenario; with a decent little manageable population; it has form time immemorial found great pleasure of having foreigners to yoke and milk the land and just look on for either handouts or ten percent from foreigners for those professing to be serving the people’s interest in government.

Having worked so assiduously to immensely be among nations that gave independence to so many countries in Africa and other parts of the world, here we are as a country of 173 years inspite of being so resource-blessed, are shamefully unable to feed ourselves beginning with rice our staple, moreover grow what we eat. We either stand in the food line or beg foreigners to boil our pots why our laws are so fantastic on papers, but totally, and uselessly worthless in application and implementation for the betterment of the poverty-stranded citizens besides the ten percent receiving elite.

This glorious land of liberty which was once ours, is now the shopping center, gold mine, diamond creek and farms for foreigners who upon badly implemented legislations by rotten characters, posing as nation’s torchbearers, have transformed the mental concepts of the now poverty-stranded citizens in the land of so many and much more to sustain individual growth development positively, and propel their livelihood to a noble height.

Such concepts of loving the foreigners more than ourselves, no matter the attended danger and damage have made us to have no sense of belonging nor the appetite of patriotism and nationalism; so true, such kudos is not only strange to us, but no room for accommodation to say the least. It is only best for us when it is made in foreign lands, and for should be made here must be radically condemned and robustly rejected, so we are perpetual slaves to all that foreigners own and bring into our country- For sure such for us are the very best to crave for.

Our labor laws are good, placed at the mercy of the foreigners to subjugate our poverty-stranded people as all concession agreements are implemented to service the supreme interests of the foreigners while the country and people continue to wail in the wilderness in search of a person dubbed as people-centered-leader to mount the stage and change things around for the better-but guess what, a leader after been hanging in the wind of opposition for so long, came with his team players, they sat, and without hesitation, established a way of life that remains a torn of discomfort to the side and a unbearable pain in the neck. For real, they came, they saw and they are deeply rooted on the spree of conquering massive wealth, valuable establishments, precious foundations and marvelous items of admiration; and as the grass continues to grow much greener in their various fences, the people continue to stave on bended knees. But who are they at last… those who came with the change for hope? Now it is obvious that those who live on hope indeed are dying fasting.

Here is the most disturbing irony. As the foreigners yoked the ten percent earners who as the runners of government do not even know what and how much the foreigners and their self-styled companies are taking out of the country; while it is true that we also have a good constitution, rest assure we have got time and again terrible masquerading heartless hustlers as leaders.

Liberia is falling, the part time hand pumps, pit latrine, 25kg. bag of rice, pieces of zinc and few dollars providers are well back and on the highway with their old, worn out and outdated slogan: vote for me and I’ll set you free with chicken in the pot every Sunday. Disgracefully the imposed to be poverty-stranded people who have the right and authority to save Liberia from falling, are not soberly thinking about changing their plights and see themselves free at last and proudly better off that before. They too are prepared to fall first again for the “Kafu” parading all over the place for re-election without stocking taken of what did they benefit from the previous election, and as they slip in their  votes, re-invent the struggling masters, take it or leave it, Liberia will indeed badly limped and  close to actually falling.

Pity that the people will let Liberia down by  voting in the gang of flunkies and little begin to cry a river of tears of not being listen to or taken serious, while the votes hustlers sing his best and favorite solo having you sold your  votes go your way and leave me alone let me reload. But will we serve them a surprise of shock of their time by boldly disturbing the Never To Return slip and stop being referred to as cowards’ paradise? We’ll see and surely understand if the difference will be made on December 8, 2020.

-Writes GDJ                                            

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