Come Up With A Quick Fix Measure To The Ailing Economy; Your Time Is Running Out – James Debbah Slams Pres. Weah

By Julius T. Jaesen, II

Liberia’s most celebrated soccer star, James Salinsa Debbah, has cautioned Liberian leader, George Manneh Oppong Weah, to come out with quick fix measure to Liberia’s ailing economy. He, however, stressed that time is running out for the Liberian leader, George Weah – as he has gone half into his six-year-term.

“This president has been in the opposition for more than a decade, and one doesn’t need a rocket scientist to tell you that our economy is at an all-time low. We are at a dying financial strain. It is time for he and his supporter or team to come out with a quit fix – the time is running out; time is definitely running out. This man wanted to be president for a very very long time and, fortunately, he has ascended at the echelon of political power. It’s about time he comes and to do something for the Liberian people because their expectation is high”, James Salinsa Debbah added.

James Salinsa Debbah, who is widely believed to be a cousin of Liberia’s president, George Weah, said his call didn’t come as a means of criticizing the president but to help him do a reality check that things are not fine in the country.

Liberia’s most celebrated soccer icon, James Salinsa Debbah, who participated as a Representative candidate in the just ended by-election in electoral district number 9 but lost to the CDC candidate, told Liberians while speaking on a local radio program that he has tried on numerous occasions to reach out to president Weah to advise him on the poor quality of governance but to no avail. He further stressed that president Weah was voted for overwhelmingly by fourteen of Liberia’s fifteen counties in the election that brought him to Liberia’s presidency and so, he will have to deliver because the expectations of the people are high.

However, political pundits who expressed their views to Parrot News about the statement made recently by James Debbah said they are convinced that president Weah is not going to heed to the good advice of his cousin but rather going to proceed in the next half of his six years as business as usual, and may even be more insensitive to the plights of the Liberian people.

According to political pundits, over the last three years, Weah’s administration has been shrouded in fraud, fiscal indiscipline, and widespread corruption, lack of probity and wanton abuse of the rule of law. For political pundits, this alone has impeded investors’ confidence in Liberia and dent the image of the country once more amongst the comity of nations.

Aside from the wave of corruption and fiscal and monetary misconduct of Weah’s administration, incompetence has contributed largely to the government’s poor performance. Weah from the inception was warned against lowering the standard set by his predecessor in public service, but amid the calls on the president, he went on to recruit underachievers, incompetent nitwits and amateur militants of his CDC who have zero work experience and with little education to deliver on the task given to them. It was anticipated by many if not all, that president Weah would have prioritized foreign scholarship opportunities for most of the young people from the CDC who struggled with the party for twelve years than to rather appoint them to top-level positions to experiment on the jobs when they lack the basic skills and competence to get the job done. But again, it seems that Weah and his handlers care very little about whether Liberians cry out against their mishandling of the country’s economy or whether they earn their second term through the democratic process. However, from the look of things, one is convinced that Weah and his handlers have come to power believing that they have suffered for power for quick along and it is their time to loot the country’s treasury. The condominiums built by president Weah in less than a year in his administration buttressed by the rush for primitive accumulation of wealth and property by some of his cabinet officials, to include Tweah and McGill, amidst the rotting of Liberia’s economy, is strong evidence to justify such argument.






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