Clumsy Leadership Game -Troubled-Knee-capped Regime Hanging On Shoe String

The late 35th President John Fitzgerald Kennedy of the United States of America (USA) in many of his more powerful and politically-nerve-moving speeches delivered, also registered a revolutionary posture in one when he said, “those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make peaceful revolution inevitable”.

Equally so, it is intellectually undeniable that the word revolution similarly stands for change; it is a change that totally sways away from the order of the day it has come to replace and move forward progressively with no expectation of compromising with the decadent, let alone caving in the least with vested appetite in clinging onto the spoils of the old order.

At the same time, the late great revolutionary, Field Marshall General Fidel Castro made no mistake, and was honestly up to the revolutionary task, when he proclaimed that the duty of the revolutionary is to make the revolution. Now, it is so strange to see self-styled revolutionaries masquerading in the political ‘supermarkets’, vehemently milking their countries under the rubrics of revolution, when in fact it is glaringly known that a revolution knows no compromise and will not be allowed to be yoked into cowardice. No, that’s not revolution.

On the home front, many came to political prominence under the banner of change, without first of all knowing what change is, the meaning of change, the methods used in change and the result of change. A revolutionary must time after time be cognizant to always be guided by a specific sociological expression that, “without time, there can be no change and without change, time has no meaning.”              

Today, we are being politically dubbed with fake tranquilizer under the canopy of change; and not just change, but change for hope; and having spent over 12 years in the opposition community, and obtaining the most needed political muscles to make things happen and change for the better; unfortunately, all that is forthcoming is the worse for the people who stuck and stayed with the once rising star, and while disrespecting their very value of existence, the canons of the land and   the persistence and consistency dimming of all the glowing revolutionary paths has become a standing  culture; indeed, the people have to realize that under the  change for hope, they who are living on hope are truly and dishonestly dying fasting.

There is no longer a sign of a revolution or change in the spirit of uniqueness, oh no, all gone with the wind; it has disgracefully let the society down and among the miserably failed change presenters, it’s a dog-eats-dog before the cat’s face as the country takes a rapid nose-dive in the orbit of regret and complete backwardness without second thought. Yes indeed, these are the who came with the blazing torch of change for hope, and as some keep saying that the change came with no hope in sight-very preposterous to say the least.

President George M. Weah has unleashed a clumsy leadership game that has won him a psychological and political defeat which can no longer save the soul and kudos of his political popularity. The writing on the wall clearly reflects the need of revolution of value; and it is foolhardy to note that the government that spent more time and resources in encouraging political hatred and  widespread economic strangulation is headed for a revolutionary slip and is approaching spiritual short-circuit.

-Writes GDJ   



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